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Being a holistic therapist (and a science student), I love to research and analyze wide varieties of health, parenting, and natural living topic. Just few days ago, while reading, I came across a scientific report from WHO. 

According to this recent report from WHO, about 24% of global diseases is caused by environmental exposure. The report further estimates that more than 33% of diseases in children under the age of 5 is caused by environmental exposures. 

Of course, this statistic is shocking and disappointing. And enough to put a strong pressure on us to do something from our side as a responsible citizen, to save our environment. in fact, CDC recommended the same. As per their guideline, “Incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle is very important, in simple words we need to become more aware about our food choice, products and energy use. These are small changes that could make a major difference. 

I know adopting a “Green and sustainable lifestyle” is a major term that requires a constant effort and dedication. But as a little step, we can take some steps that will help in making our life healthier and happier and will save our environment too. 

I am a big DIY activities lover and love to create various DIYs for different aspects of life. using natural DIYs (for home, cleaning, food, and health) are one of the best and easy way reduce the use of harsh chemicals. There are wide varieties of natural DIYs that we can use to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

So, to put a small contribution from my side, I had decided to create some natural DIYs for my household. And to make this process fun and exciting, I had kept the same theme for my upcoming blog series. 

The name of this new series is “Amazing natural DIYs”. What is the series all about? Read on to know more! 

First series

Amazing Natural DIYs 

Living a healthy life is dream of most of us. We all want to learn and adopt the quick and easy resources that helps in living a healthier and happier life. With this series, I am sharing some easy and interesting DIYs projects, with a hope that it will help you making things naturally and enjoying the benefits too.  

Here are some of the topics that I will cover in the series. 

  • Herbal recipes 
  • DIYs with herbs and spices 
  • DIYs with easily available at home ingredients 
  • Easy skin and hair care DIYs 
  • And much more! 

I am sure this series will help you in exploring the power of natural ingredients. And you will learn some easy ways to use natural ingredients in our day to day life. 

Along with this DIY series, I am starting one more informative series on blog, in this month. The name of series is “Blogging tips and tricks that actually works”.  

Here is more information about this series. 

Second series 

Blogging tips and tricks that actually works 

I know, this one is little surprising element. This is something that I am trying and exploring first time. 

Though health, parenting and lifestyle is my primary niche and I love to share different topics related to these niches through my blog posts. 

But as a creative person, we all feel some “creative urges” and want to write something different and unique, along with our expertise. 

The same thing has happened with me. Since, last few days, I was trying to exploring some different topics to write and share for my next blog posts. 

When I had looked back and analyzed my last 5 years of journey, I had found “Blogging and writing” had been most integral part of my life. 

It was 5 years ago, when I had started my writing carrier as a content writer and written regularly for various prestigious parenting and health platforms (cure,, and elephant all across the web. 

After 3 years, I had started my own blog and start sharing my areas of expertise and parenting journey through my blog posts. During these 5 years of amazing journey of blogging and writing journey, I had learnt a lot. This has been an incredible journey of learning and exploring something new, each day. 

And now, I want to share takeaway of this learning experience with all of you. 

Though I am not an expert but I know some valuable blogging tips and tricks that actually works. 

So, with this new series, I will share those tips and tricks that has worked for me. 

In this series, I will cover some of interesting blogging topics like content creation, guest blogging, blogging basics, influencer marketing and so on. 

This series is a little effort from my side to help blogging community and make their blogging journey smooth and fruitful.  

So, this is all for now. 

I am working hard to create content for both series. Hoping you like it. 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.  

Stay safe, stay healthy.  

Thanks a lot, to all of you for giving so much love and appreciation to our previous series, #Cookingwithkids . I am so glad you liked my girls videos a lot. Your appreciation means a lot to me. 

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