How To make Coconut milk and Banana Smoothie (Video by little Chefs)

Cooking with kids is always fun. and it always feels great to teach them, something healthy and tasty recipe. this week, I had made coconut milk and banana smoothie with my girls and their friends. learn how to make this.
Actually, Since last few days, I was hearing a lot about the benefits of coconut milk and got curious to use this in some easy and exciting recipe.
Do you know, coconut milk is highly nutritious and contains lots of minerals and vitamins. It is also high on iron and easy to digest. It could be a great substitute for cow’s milk.
So this week, with my girls and their gang, we had made coconut milk and banana smoothie.
A recipe is very simple.
1. Take coconut milk ( we had used unsweetened silk coconut milk), 1 banana, add 4-5 pitted dates,
2. Mixed 1/2 cup oats to make it more nutritious.
3. Blend all the things properly and your coconut milk banana smoothie is ready to serve.
Kids had loads of fun while making this and learnt a healthy recipe too…
The full video is on YouTube too.
Did you had tried any other recipe with coconut milk? Please share!


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