Three Breakfast recipes kids can make themselves!

Welcome back to third week of #Cookingwithkids series. 

I am so excited to share this week’s recipes and this week has a theme of “Healthy breakfast that kids can make by themselves”. 

As we all know, breakfast is most important meal of the day and a great way to give the body the refueling it needs. It has been proved scientifically that kids who eat healthy breakfast have better mood and energy and are more likely to participate in physical activities. Additionally, Breakfast also help in keep kid’s weight in check. 

Common struggle that parents faced regarding breakfast  

  •  Kids always want new varieties and different options. They get bored easily with routine breakfast. Daily serving of oats or cereal may make them bored and they may refuse to eat breakfast. 
  • Second, they tend to have a more liking for junk foods and may ask for cookies, or other unhealthy foods to eat for breakfast. 
  • Third, morning is most busy time of day, and during this time handling food tantrums of kids seems little annoying. 

I am sure you all had faced these kinds of situations once or more with your kids. and feeding your kids a healthy breakfast may become a big parenting struggle, for many parents.  

So, in this post I am trying to helping you all and sharing three super healthy, tasty and easy breakfast recipes. All these recipes are easy and kids can make themselves. 

My girls had a great time while learning these amazing breakfast recipes. And now, they are excited to make these for themselves, by their own. 

So, let’s get started with the recipes. 

Cereal or granola parfait 

Cereal parfait

This one is one of the most amazing, easy and visually appealing recipes. You can make so many creative versions of this easy recipe. The best part is that, you can prepare it ahead (last night) for next day. 


  • Cereal or granola 1 cup or as needed 
  • Chopped fruits of your choice 1 cup or as needed – we had taken strawberry and raspberry 
  • Greek yogurt (you can choose any flavor which you like) 
  • Nuts, chocolate chips or any toppings as per your liking 


  • First take out a glass (try to have a fancy one, because kids love to eat visually appealing items more) 
  • Take Greek yogurt and make a layer of this on the bottom of the glass. Shake the glass little to spread this evenly. We had selected strawberry and orange flavored yogurt.  
  • Next, take cereal or granola and make another layer with this. 
  • You can adjust the thickness of layer as per your choice. 
  • Now, take chopped fruits of your choice and make another layer with this. We had taken chopped strawberry and raspberry. You can take any fruits of your choice. 
  • Next, repeat the process again and make another layers by adding same ingredients again one by one. 
  • Lastly, use any toppings of your choice and add that on the top. We had added chocolate chips.  
  • Add sliced fruit for garnish it and serve this to your kids as a healthy breakfast. 

Layering the different healthy ingredients is one of the most fun and creative activity. And my girls had loads of fun while doing this. 

Fruity toast 

Fruity toast

This one is another healthy and tasty breakfast recipe and with little guidance, kids can make this on their own. This recipe, again allow us to try become creative and we can create so many versions of it, by adding different spreads, fruits or nuts. 

For making this, you will need: 


  • Bread (you can use white, brown or multigrain bread, as per your preference)- 2 
  • Fruits of your choice (banana, apple, strawberry, kiwi) – 1 cup 
  • Spread of your choice (like cheese spread, peanut butter, Nutella or any jam) as needed 
  • Nuts or seeds of your choice (like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and for dry fruits almond, cashew, or walnut) -as needed 
  • Herbs, honey for drizzling (optional) 


  • First take the bread and roast it on a pan or in a toaster and prepare a toast. 
  • Next, use to spread of your choice and spread it evenly on bread. We had taken Nutella for one toast and strawberry jam for another toast. 
  • Now, arrange fruits as per your choice. we had used strawberry. 
  • Next, add nuts and seeds of your choice. 
  • And lastly drizzle some honey or you may add any herbs of your choice for final touch. 
  • Your tasty and healthy fruity toast is ready to enjoy. 

This one is again a simple and interesting recipe. And even small kids can make it, with parental guidance. 

Overnight oats 

Overnight oats

Honestly, I had heard a lot about this healthy oat recipe since long but never had a chance to tried it for myself or for my family. So, this week when girls are learning healthy breakfast recipes, I had thought to give this recipe a try.  

This is again an easy recipe that allow you to be creative and you can try different amazing options as per your choice and availability of ingredients. 


  • Oats 1 cup (take old fashioned oats) 
  • Fruits of your choice 
  • Nuts and seeds of your choice 
  • Milk 1 cup or as needed (you can use almond milk as well for this recipe) 
  • Toppings of your choice 
  • Honey, maple syrup, brown sugar or coconut sugar as needed 


  • First take out oats in a bowl or mason jar and add milk in it. 
  • Add sweetener of your choice (honey, sugar or maple syrup) as needed 
  • Mixed it lightly. Put this bowl or jar in refrigerator for overnight. If you making this during day, you can put it for 6 hours in refrigerator.  
  • In morning, take out the bowl and mixed everything well. Next, add fruits, nuts and seeds of your choice. 
  • Add topping of your choice and serve cold.  

This taste so good and highly nutritious too. 

Here are some suggestions for creating some interesting options of overnight oats. 

So, this is all for now. 

My girls had a great time while learning these three healthy breakfast recipes. 

watch the video by my girls for step by step tutorial.


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