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Hand Embroidery for kids : Origin, History & Amazing Benefits for kids!

Hand embroidery for kids
Hand embroidery for kids

Hi everyone! 

Super excited to share this week’s post. the post is really special and close to my heart. after a gap of almost 1 year, my girls are back on blog and we three are excited to share this year’s summer special creative learning journey with you all.  

Though this year’s summer vacation was not much exciting due to pandemic stress but we had tried our best to learn something new and spend some quality time together as a family.  

Just like every year, when I had asked girls, “What they want to learn from me, during this summer vacation”? they had made me pleasantly surprised by their choice. they said, “They want to learn hand embroidery and crochet”.  

After knowing their choices, I felt a sense of happiness that they had chosen some amazing traditional art form activities to learn and explore.  

During this year’s summer vacation, Angel (my elder one) has learnt Crochet and Pranjal (little one) has learnt the hand embroidery. Pranjal is just 9 and she has completed her basic hand embroidery course (15 stitches) last week with help of me and YouTube tutorials.  

I am feeling so happy and satisfied with her learning and now I am excited to share this learning journey with you all.  

In this post, I am talking about what is hand embroidery and its history and origin? what are benefits of learning hand embroidery for kids? what basic supplies you need to get started? read the post to know more! 

What is Hand embroidery (Origin & brief history) 

As per Wikipedia. “Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as pearls, beads, quills, and sequins”.  

 The art of hand embroidery is practiced all across the world in ancient times. Archeological finds confirm the presence of fossilized remains of hand stitched and decorative clothing in around the time 30,000 BC.  

Here are some interesting points about history and origin of Hand embroidery: 

  • Embroidery work in China have been dated to the Warring States period (in between 5th-3rd century). 
  • Sweden is another country where earliest finds of embroidery have been found dated to a period called “Viking Age” (around the 9th and 10th centuries)  
  • Ancient Greek mythology has credited the Goddess Athena with passing down the art of embroidery along with art of weaving.  
  • Embroidery was also an important part of Medieval Islamic world and was considered as a sign of high social status in Muslim societies.  

Benefits of learning Embroidery for kids 

Here are some amazing benefits of learning hand embroidery for kids.  

Creative engagement for kids (helps in reducing screen time) 

I will start with the most important and beneficial aspect of learning embroidery. I am sure you all would be agree that during this stressful time of pandemic, “Increased (and sometime) unlimited screen time is one of the major parenting stress for most of the parents. Kids are bound to use gadgets for longer hours due to various outdoor activity restrictions. 

As a caring parent, we are also exhausted with this restricted lifestyle routine but unfortunately, we did not have much option to change the whole scenario. In this stressful situation, “Exploring and learning traditional art form activities” can be a best option to keep the kids away from various gadgets (phones, iPad) and reduce their screen time.  

It helps in developing fine motor skills and improve eye-hand coordination 

Developing proper fine motor skills are one of the important part of childhood and many young kids struggles with that. Practicing Embroidery helps a lot in improving fine motor skills in kids. It requires a gentle and precise hand-eye movement and with regular practice, kids improve their fine motor skills and develop a proper eye-hand coordination movement.  

Kids develop a sense of patience while learning embroidery 

Usually, Kids have a shorter attention span and lack of patience . they did not want to wait for things that they want. Learning embroidery help them to develop a sense of patience and they realize the importance of following a proper process patiently to accomplish a creative project.  

It builds self-confidence and enhances creativity 

Definitely when kids create something beautiful on their own, it builds a sense of confidence in them. This creative process also helps in enhancing creativity and imagination power in kids. 

Fun way to reduce stress and practice mindfulness 

Scientific research has confirmed that embroidery offers therapeutic benefits too. In this stress full time, when young kids are also facing various kind of mental health issues, embroidery can help a lot in reducing stress level and can be used as an easy way to practice mindfulness.  

Basic supplies for embroidery 

Basic supplies for hand embroidery
Basic supplies for hand embroidery

Embroidery is an eco-friendly and in-expensive hobby. It needs few basic things to get started.  

For getting started, you will need: 

  • Fabric: For beginners, cotton is the best choice of fabric. It is easy to handle and needle can puncture easily through the cotton fabric thread.  
  • Embroidery hoop: Using embroidery hoop helps a lot in keeping your fabric on place and help in maintain an even pressure while you stitch. Hoops are available in various sizes. You can choose any size as per your project requirement but for beginners 6 inch is best size to get started.  
  • Threads (also called embroidery floss)– Though there are varieties of embroidery floss are available in market (like silk, rayon), but for beginners, 6 strand cotton floss (DMC is most famous brand) is best to get started.  
  • Needles: There is no rigid rule regarding selection of needles for embroidery. For beginners, it is best to used medium sized eye needles, it helps in easy stitching and reducing eye tension. Additionally, you can buy a package of embroidery needles and can try different needles to get an idea what will work best for you? 
  • Scissors: Any scissors can be used to cut the thread end and trim the fabric around your hoop. Try to use scissors with small blades and wide comfortable handles for easy handling.  
  • Fabric marking pens or pencils: They are used for making patterns or tracing the design for embroidery purpose.  

Additional supplies 

Thread storage box
Thread storage box

Here is list of some additional supplies that can be used to make your learning process more organized.  

  • Floss organizer (floss organizer case or floss bobbins) 
  • Needle storage box 
  • Needle minder or needle book 
  • Tracing and carbon paper for printing design 
  • Smart storage box to keep all the supplies handy and organized 

So, this is all for now.  

In next post, I will share 5 basic embroidery stiches with easy video tutorials. Stay tuned! 

Have you tried embroidery before? What was your experience? Please share with me. 

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    • Imagemakeover

      I love embroidery… Reading your post made me nostalgic. I have made so many stuffs including stares and bed sheets but now with such a hectic life I have forgotten that I posses that skill too. Will resume it soon.

  • Roma

    Absolutely right dearie, I used to love doing them as a kid and now that you reminded us shall surely check up with sonny if he will like to explore the basics

    • Moumita Jana

      Hei Surbhi, you said about something I really love.. embroidery is one of my productivity activities…it’s help me to stay in present and keep away from screen..I do it along with painting, singing and gardening..for kids offcourse a superb idea…love the way you informed about the history…

  • freemindtree

    Yes I agree knitting is actually an art form that requires a lot of patience. I used to do it in my summer vacation as cross-stitches and my mom who is an expert in it introduced it to me. Weaving your choice of pattern gives immense satisfaction and I didn’t know it was started in China.

  • Gleefulblogger

    Hand embroidery is a wonderful hobby, I have learned it in the childhood from my granny. I made a couple of designs too which mom got laminated for her room’s wall. This is a lovely way to get creative, glad your girls are enjoying this.

    • jhilmildsaha

      I am absolutely ignorant about thread and needlework. However I want my daughter to learn it. Hand embroidery looks beautiful and can prove to be a cool and productive hobby.

  • mummatalks

    Wow I didn’t know much about the history of embroidery and thought it was only prominent in Indian history. It’s a beauty art in itself. My mom use to do bit of it when I was small.

  • bytetrails

    Hand embroidery is a wonderful hobby. I too learnt it in my school. U have given good reasons to take up this life skill.

  • rakhiparsai11984

    Embroidery indeed has a lot of benefits for kids and even as a child I had learnt basics of embroidery. I am planning to enroll my daughter for embroidery classes. They help in so many developmental aspects of a childs personality.

    • Diya

      Wow this is so amazing post and well writing article. I know about Hand Embroidery for kids and Origin, History & Amazing Benefits for kids. Kids is interesting and enjoying. This is important kids. Thanks for sharing

  • Varsh

    I remember getting introduced to embroidery by my Mom. It is indeed a great way to improve concentration and can keep you busy for hours. I must try this with my girl. Will help brush up my skills too!

  • MeenalSonal

    Embroidery surely develops motor skills and also help child to embrace patience too. This post has all the details of embroidery and I am glad many parents will find an art that was lost.

  • Anjali

    Yes!!!! I agree knitting is an art form that requires a lot of patience. I used to love when it was taught in our school days. Thanks, that you will post it on youtube also✌

  • energeticreads

    Now this is something really unique. Learning embroidery have so many benefits. I wasn’t aware about them, but they are some really amazing points that encourage one to take this, especially kids.

  • jhilmildsaha

    It is important to teach kids certain creative things. Hand embroidery is an excellent option. It was great to learn about it’s origin.

  • TripleAmommy

    I remember learning embroidery as a kid and found it quite relaxing. A friend loves doing that and so does my mother in law. I keep getting tempted to do it sometimes too.

  • Jeannine

    Interesting! Would love to teach my girls how to do embroidery and maybe pick up a new hobby for myself as well.Will surely look into this and make a project before Christmas!haha

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