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#Queensofbloggiwood- Meet Ekta Chawla- An inspiring journey of starting small & reaching high!

Interview with Ekta Chawla
Interview with Ekta Chawla

Hi Everyone! 

Wishing you all a merry Christmas in advance. Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday.  

Last week was super hectic for me and I had participated in two amazing blog hops, (speakeasy and women supporting women) and feeling good that I had completed my participation successfully. With women supporting women blog hop, I had also taken a masterclass theme “Salad recipes and weight loss”, this was something that I had tried first time. I am so glad that I would be able to complete it with a satisfactory feeling.  will share more about the class and content in upcoming post, stay tuned! 

Read the #Speakeasy blog challenge post  here and #WSW blog hop post here.  

Now, it is time to continue with my already running series on blog, #queensofbloggiwood.  

Here is another post for #Queensofbloggi-wood series.  

And In this post, I am so excited to interviewed Ekta Chawla from confusedparent.in.  

Ekta is founder-CEO and owner of India’s top parenting community “Confused parent.in”.  

Ekta’s professional qualification is MBA Finance & Marketing. Her interests are Badminton & Dancing. She is a mommy of one cute girl named “Muskaan”.  

Ekta has established “Confusedparent.in” in 2016 as she believes micro families mushrooming all over the country, have minimum support from family & friends. 

Now, ConfusedParent is one of India’s fastest growing parenting communities of over 3 Lac expecting & young parents. ConfusedParent is growing 100% every year by adopting the information-driven approach. 

Confusedparent team help you discover the best for you & your child & simplify your parenting journey – Best Maternity Hospitals, IVF Doctors, Playschools, Schools, Baby Photographers in various cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune & more.  

Additionally, Confsuedparent.in helps in connect you with experts and other parents to make your parenting journey easier. Here, you can Share your story, your journey, ask a question and connect with experts and doctors to get parenting tips on getting pregnant, pregnancy, newborn healthcare, early child education, toddler development, food & nutrition and the best in your city. 

 As a glorious achievement, confusedparent.in recognized as top 20 Parenting Bloggers as listed by BabyGogo and Top 10 as listed by Influencer & The Child Magazine. 

Personally, I am following “Confusedparent.in” community since last 4-5 years. And I have to say that this is one of the best parenting platforms in India for getting excellent parent advice. The researched based, authentic content always impressed me and help me in getting expert advice on various parenting related issues.  

I am so happy to welcome Ekta on my blog. And so thankful to her for taking out time from her busy schedule and share her inspiring journey with me and my readers.  

Interview with Ekta Chawla Founder- CEO of Confusedparent.in 

Interview with Ekta Chawla
Interview with Ekta Chawla

Q. 1 What was the biggest struggle that you have faced in your blogging/entrepreneur journey? And how had you overcome this? (This question is the main purpose of the series. So, I humbly request you to please answer this one with some detailing.) 

A.1 The biggest challenge in this marathon journey has been being patient for the results and continuing to put in the effort. A platform like Confused Parent is not going to overnight reach millions of parents. It’s been a journey of starting small with a few blogs, then expanding and starting on other platforms like Instagram. When one puts in effort, we expect to see immediate results. But results can take time and sometimes some efforts yield no positive results at all. So, staying motivated in this journey and continuing to set goals and work to them is a big challenge in a bootstrapped initiative. 

I have looked to overcome this by periodically stepping back and looking at what I want to achieve and breaking them into 3 to 6 months goals. Sometimes I have hit the goals and sometimes not. When I don’t achieve the goals, I reflect on what’s the key missing initiative and address it in the subsequent period. 

Q. 2 Who is the most influential person in your life? And why?  

A.2 My dad and mom have been the biggest influence in my life. Having seen them work hard and at the same time, ensure quality time for their children – that’s something which continues to inspire me to be a better parent. Besides, my husband has been my mentor & the strongest pillar in my journey. 

Q. 3 What is my exciting and most tiring part of your blogging/ entrepreneur journey?  

A.3 Most exciting: Definitely getting a positive comment or review where a parent has found the content useful and helped them in a small way in their parenting journey 

Tiring part: Phew – quite a few. Top one would be continuing to create content at scale, while ensuring quality and impact. 

Q. 4 What is one strong piece of advice that you want to give you aspiring bloggers/entrepreneurs like me to go ahead in this challenging journey?  

A.4 Be ready for at least a 1–2-year journey to see your initiative bearing fruit. The initial period in particular is challenging as one tries to find their audience and scale their traction. Post year 1, things do become clearer. 

Key takeaway from Ekta’s journey 

Ekta’s journey has taught me that “Don’t expect success overnight in your blogging/entrepreneur journey. Set smart & short goals, work on them consistency, evaluate yourself in timely manner. And work on your weakened area. With gradual and consistent efforts, you would be able to achieve what you want in life.” 

So, this is all for now. Hope you liked this interview post. What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

(Before ending this post, want to share something more with you all. Last week, I got featured on “Women’s web. And my post was selected as “Featured post”. The post is all about “Mommy burn out”. I had shared “5 effective tips to deal with mommy burn-out in this post. Read the post here, if subject interests you) 


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