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#Queensofbloggiwood- Meet Priyanka Joshi – An incredible journey of stay strong & Raising mental health awareness!

Interview with Priyanka joshi

Hi everyone! 

Thank you so much for your love and appreciation for series #Queensofbloggiwood. I am so glad that you are finding the interviews inspiring and learning a lot from these accomplished women.  

So, next in series, I am again excited to share interview with another wonderful and one of my favorite bloggers (and poetess) from our blogging industry.  

I am talking about one of the finest mental health awareness blogger, author, podcaster Priyanka Joshi. 

 I am sure there is no need to make a formal introduction but for those who are new to blogging industry, Priyanka is Listed under the top 75 mental health bloggers. She is a Founder of Sanity Daily and has a mission to spread mental health awareness and help her readers prioritize their mental health. Also, she is a SHEROES champion, Amazon approved Influencer, social media influencer, poetess, and mother to a 7-year-old. 

She is awarded with “Humanitarians of the year 2020” award. 

She has started some amazing mental health Initiatives like Humanity Ki Chain, Letter of Compassion and Voices and she is featured among the top bloggers on multiple platforms. Her blogging journey has been featured by YourStory, SHEROES, EatMyNews, TalksoPedia, WomenWithGifts, and YouthKiAwaaz.  

Along with these, she is also a certified NLP and Mindfulness practitioner. She conducts webinars and sessions on stress management with Institutes and Women groups.  she is author of “26 Days and 26 Ways for a happier you” and” Ardhaviram”. Impressively, she has won many awards for her work. Slowly, she is embarking on her entrepreneur journey. 

 She manages 3 blogs, a YouTube channel, and a Podcast dedicated to spreading mental health awareness. 

Personally, I got a chance to get connected with her during #BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2019, and I really got impressed with her incredible journey of fighting with depression and now, raising mental health awareness with constant motivation and firm determination. The best thing that I like about Priyanka is that, despite with being highly accomplished, “She is so humble and down to earth”. I really admire her passion for her mission and want to say a big thanks for taking out time from her busy schedule and share her incredible journey with me and my readers.  

Interview with Priyanka Joshi from Sanitydaily.com 

Interview with Priyanka joshi

Q.1 What was the biggest struggle that you have faced in your blogging/entrepreneur journey? And how had you overcome this?  

A.1 I started writing in 2016 end and I created a personal blog, more of an open diary-blog named ” Virtual Siyahi. Totally unaware of the blogging world, I use to post just on a blog post in a month. I am an MBA in finance and have cleared 4 groups of CFA, with 6 years of corporate experience, I was totally bowled over how to proceed further. 

But since the beginning I was very clear about what I want to do, I wanted to use my power of the pen to spread positivity and mental health awareness. The more I wrote, the more people started connecting with me and I realized I need to stay consistent with my blog and I use to write almost daily and I still do.  

Today I have 3 blog sites with over 700 blogposts under my credit. Besides this, I have a Podcast and a YouTube channel. So, the biggest challenge was making myself heard amidst the crowd. And I think being patient and consistent helped me a lot. I dedicated a desk for writing, decorated with all the positive things, and decided daily working hours. I took blogging as a job that I have to do in order to live a purpose full life and it helped me. 

Later in 2019, I created a professional blog. I did a few certification courses in SEO and SEM from Digital Vidya. I use to watch videos of popular bloggers to educate myself and I am still learning. I try to create useful content sticking to my niche, from MBA to an amateur blogger, to a top-listed mental health blogger now I conduct webinars and sessions to spread mental health awareness among teens, corporates, and institutions.  

All this happened because I believed in my idea and never sat on it. I work selflessly to achieve my set goals. 

Q, 2. Who is the most influential person in your life? And why?  

My dad had been my biggest support, although he didn’t understand what I do. Sometimes he gets too confused to see a new me but he believes in me and motivated me to follow the path I have chosen for myself. His encouragement and motivation are indomitable and he is my biggest strength.  

Q. 3 What is the exciting and most tiring part of your blogging/ entrepreneur journey?  

A.3 The most exciting part is the thrill of making your own identity by creating something of your own and the biggest tiring part is to explain to people what you do. Since I was from a corporate background and an MBA, my friends and many family members still cannot digest this new career path I have chosen for myself. They just see me as someone showing off at social media or wasting my degree and caliber in being a poet or Lekhak.  

Initially, it used to bother me, but my mission and the vision board is way broader than their criticism and with time you become used to such judgments, isn’t it? I will continue to do what I am doing because it will lead me to where I want to go. 

Q.4 What is one strong piece of advice that you want to give to aspiring bloggers/entrepreneurs like me to go ahead in this challenging journey?  

A.4 With my experience, I would say that forming a niche helps, building content around something you personally love to do helps you to put your best in it. Secondly, consistency with unique content is the king in the blogging world. Here are a few things I would like to say: 

1.) Try to understand your audience, what they want to see, read, or learn, then create content to meet their needs help to form a better connection with readers. 

2.) Understanding the audience’s intent takes time and requires deep research, so invest some time in trending topics within your niche. Learn SEO, create your own infographics/images using Canva or other software, maintain a content sheet/calendar to keep a tab on your published work. 

3.) Regularly update your blog and promote it on social media channels.  

I had learnt a lot from Priyanka’s incredible journey of stay strong and working on her mission of raising mental health awareness with amazing passion and firm determination. What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘#BlogaberryDazzle’ hosted by Cindy and Noor Anand Chawla, and happily SPONSORED BY RRE Studios and SHOWCASE Events.

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  • Alpana Deo

    Priyanka is a wonderful soul. I am proud to know her as a friend and co-blogger. Her journey has been incredible and we have so much to learn form her.

    • TripleAmommy

      Really nice to know a bit more about prianka through your blog. I got familiarised with her and her work in 2020 through the a2z challenge and it has been a pleasure knowing her. It is so great to see how her consistency has paid off and her large body of work is really impressive.

    • Varsh

      It takes courage to leave a settled professional life and venture into something new and unknown. Priyanka’s work and writing around mental health is commendable and deserved every bit of the applause it is getting. She’s a true inspiration!

  • Metamorphosis

    I have heard one of the session where Priyanka was sharing her experience and importance of mental health. And I totally loved it. She is an inspiration . I too talk about mental health as an EQ Coach and would love to connect with her.

  • Vasumathi

    An inspiring intro Surbhi. Have been reading some of Priyanka’s posts and find them very relatable. While I dont consider myself an expert, I also propagate awareness about mental health. This is something that people still dont talk about or easily recognize in India. I feel my background in counselling and psychology helps with understanding these issues. Nice tips by her for budding bloggers.

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Priyanka is an inspiration and I always look up to her. Great to know her personally and proud of how she is spreading so much positivity and helping other with mental health problems

    • Dr.Amrita Basu

      Its inspiring to read about Priyanka’s journey.I admire her efforts to share the message of good mental health through her work.

  • Archana

    Priyanka is an incredible inspiring soul. I love reading her articles in hind and english both. Every time I find myself amazed with her writing skill. I must say although so many people write but only few of the writer’s are able to imprint the mark on their readers mind Priyanka’s pen has this power. Another superhit round up of interview Surbhi.

  • Ritu

    One of my favorite mental health bloggers. Priyanka is indeed an inspiration. I can totally relate to charting out one’s path and people questioning if we are wasting our education. Enjoyed your series and thank you for introducing the lovely ladies, Surbhi.

  • Neha Sharma

    Loved reading this interview with Priyanka. She is one of my favorite bloggers and I truly admire her work. Her journey as a mental health blogger has been truly incredible and she’s a big inspiration for many people out there. I wish her luck in all her future endeavors.

  • mummatalks

    The interview with Priyanka Nair is superb and its wonderful that she is using the power of pen to spread awareness on depression and also using her voice to help others. She is a true motivation.

  • Ruchie

    I am loving this series of yours, great to know more about Priyanka, I am happy to know that her father inspire her to follow her dream. Such great tips Priyanka for bloggers!!

  • MeenalSonal Mathur

    Virtual Shyahi is what connects me to Priyanka, her poetry hits the right chord with the readers. Yes friends and family are surprised by taking Blogging as a field, even we are asked these questions many times. Good to know more about Priyanka through this post.

  • Srishti Rajeev

    Priyanka is a very humble person, her writing is straight forward and to the point, she is here with a purpose and an achievement is not having a corporate job or being qualified, It is how good you put to use your education, she is doing a wonderful job, I follow her from virtual siyahi and loved the name. She is creative and a very kind person. I was happy reading her interview.

  • Amritha Srinath

    Wow, Priyanka is such an inspiration. Reading about her journey is a reinforcement that if one wills and puts the desired efforts, they can surely succeed. Her blogs on mental health are so helpful and empowering. Thank you Surbhi for sharing interviews and details about such inspirational women.

  • Bhawna Shah

    Priyanka is an influential person in the blogging word. She is doing a great work through her words. Her answers shows that how much she is organized and dedicated towards hr blogging.

  • momtasticworld

    Loved reading this and quite an inspiration for all of us in the blogging world. Thank you for sharing your struggles and win with us, Priyanka 🙂

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