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#QueensofBloggiwood- Meet “Anupama Dalmia”- An Inspiring journey of faith, hard-work and determination!

Interview with Anupama Dalmia
Interview with Anupama Dalmia

Super excited to share first interview post for series “Queens of bloggi-wood”. 

With this first post, I am nervously excited to welcome multiple award-winning blogger, entrepreneur, author, mentor, social media influencer and choreographer Anupama Dalmia.  

Though I am sure there is no need to make a formal introduction but I would love to catch a glimpse of Anupama’s wonderful journey for those who are new to blogging world.  

Anupama is a blogger, author, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and mommy of a little girl who is the epicenter of her world. She is a MBA in system and finance and a B.E. degree holder in computer engineering. After having a wonder journey in corporate sector for longer years, she has decided to call it quit and make up her mind to follow her passion as carrier.  

She has written close to 150 posts till date on parenting, social issues, personal stories, travel and health. Her blogs have a presence on leading platforms of India like Momspresso, Women’s Web and Youth ki Aawaz.  

She has also written one book (Aarohi) and have been a contributing author to two anthologies (muffled moans and poems from 30 best poets). 

Along with blogging, she has started her entrepreneur journey with “Beyond the box” (a venture that focuses on inculcating critical thinking and developing creative writing skills in kids). She is also the founder and choreographer at “Rhythms & Beats” which is a dance enterprise where she conducts dance workshop, choregraph for events and conduct public events.  

She is also the co-founder and website designer at “Tingle your Taste Buds” (which is a cookery website where she shares cooking tips and recipes with her mother which can bring out the chef in food lovers across the globe).  

She is a winner of Karmaveer Chakra Award (silver) and global fellowship, Nari Samman Puraskar 2020, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award 2020, Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award 2020, Best Blogger of the year 2020 (popular choice), Promising Entrepreneur of the year 2020, Best community for kids and young adults’ runner up award, Influencer of the year award 2019, and winner of Orange Flower Award 2017 and 2018.  

I am sure this intro and award list is already expressing the reason, why she is a “Queen of Bloggiwood”. 

Personally, I am following her blogging/entrepreneur journey since last 3-4 years. And she never ceases to amaze me with her amazing energy and incredible passion for her work.  she is a powerhouse of talent and always inspires me to do work hard with firm determination.  

Recently, when I had approached her for this interview series, despite having hectic schedule, she has accepted my invite.  I am so thankful to her for taking out time and share her journey with me and my readers. 

 Now, I am excited to share more about her journey with you all with this post. Read the post to know more. 

Interview with Anupama Dalmia

Interview with Anupama Dalmia
Interview with Anupama Dalmia

Q. 1 What was the biggest struggle that you have faced in your blogging/entrepreneur journey? And how had you overcome this? (This question is the main purpose of the series. So, I humbly request you to please answer this one with some detailing.)  

A. 1 Every journey has its own share of struggles. I have been blessed to have got a great support system in my family and friends, but there were a few challenges that came my way, more so because I have been into multiple lines of work. The first challenge was the decision I took itself. Resigning from a plush corporate job to pursue an alternate career path from scratch was not easy. I had no one to reach out to that time for help or advice or guidance, and everything that I learnt was by trial and error, as well as my own hard work. I had no idea about the “how’s and “why’s of blogging, and I spent a lot of time on self-learning. The next major struggle was time management, which is a struggle even today to be honest. 

 But over the years, I have learnt to overcome it somewhat. I realized that there are some things we do because we want to do them and then, there are things we do because society expects it out of us. The conditioning is ingrained. I overcame this by shedding unwarranted guilts and acknowledging the fact that I do not have to be a supermom to be a good mother. Putting mothers on a pedestal just adds more burden of unfair expectations on them. Motherhood is an important responsibility but we also have a responsibility towards self. Our aspirations and our love for our kids are not mutually exclusive, and internalizing this fact helped me a great deal to overcome every hurdle in my journey.  

Also, I think we need to get over the fear of missing out and look inwards to understand what we truly are and desire. Our goals should be driven intrinsically and not based on what others are doing or achieving. This helps in efficient time management as prioritization becomes easier and clearer.  In a nutshell, focus, hard-work and a goal-oriented attitude have been the key factors in facing all the challenges I faced as a writer, influencer and entrepreneur.  

Q. 2 Who is the most influential person in your life? And why?   

A.2 I believe in taking inspiration from everyone. I strongly feel that we can learn something from every person and there is always a takeaway from every journey and every story. Having said that, my mother is the most influential person in my life. She is not just a wonderful mother but is also a beautiful, strong and positive person. I call her the woman with nerves of steel and a heart of gold. Someday, if I become even 50% of what she is, I will consider that as a huge achievement.  

Q. 3 What is my exciting and most tiring part of your blogging/ entrepreneur journey?  

A. 3 The most exciting part is the impact that I have been able to create on people through my work. Be it dancing, writing or mentoring, the feedback that I have been able to touch a life positively gives me a great high. Especially the work I do with children is most exciting for me because it makes me a part of the growth of the next generation.  

There is nothing tiring specifically. It is just that because I do a lot of things, it does get hectic and tiring at times. I then try to slow down a bit to get my vigor back. But, at the end of it all, doing something meaningful is worth the exhaustion.  

Q. 4 What is one strong piece of advice that you want to give you aspiring bloggers/entrepreneurs like me to go ahead in this challenging journey? 

A.4 Not one but I will share three most important learnings from my journey which I feel every aspiring blogger/entrepreneur should keep in mind: 

  •  Never become complacent and never stop learning. Be happy about achievements, but keep moving on with a focus on “what next” to enable growth.  
  •  With numerous opportunities available online, one may tend to feel lost. Take your time to explore and understand. Think of why you want to pursue the chosen path and align your efforts/approach to this vision.  
  • Use social media wisely to expand reach and engagement. This is a convenient, inexpensive and powerful tool to build a brand and connect with the right audience.  

Key takeaway from Anupama’s Journey 

Anupama’s inspiring journey has taught me that “We can achieve anything in life, if we work hard with constant motivation and firm determination. Having a strong focus and goal-oriented attitude is key to overcome your challenges and become successful in life.” 

I hope you liked this first interview post. What are your takeaway points from Anupama’s journey? Please share with me! 


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