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#WSWbloghop- Meet Shreya Sharan Pawar- An inspiring journey of hard-work that truly represent “Woman supporting Women”!

Interview with Shreya Sharan Pawar
Interview with Shreya Sharan Pawar

This December, I am super excited to be a part of #Womensupportingwomen blog hop initiative hosted by Urvashi and Akansha. I am so glad that hosts have made this blog hop so exciting and fun by including various games, quiz, and masterclasses.  

As the theme is so intriguing, I got multiple ideas to write and share my post for blog hop but finally, I had decided to share something that truly support the theme “Women supporting Women”.  

I am sure you all would be agreeing that during last few years, Instagram has emerge as one the most promising social media platform that offers an excellent opportunity for many women (including bloggers, small business owners, solo homepreneurs) to showcase their talent and make a name-fame and money for themselves.  

But sometimes, this journey become so lonely. And many start-up businesses and solo entrepreneurs did not get enough idea about how to get started or how to keep themselves up in the game? 

Though I am not into business or entrepreneur niche but being a blogger, I understand this challenging situation so well. I know that sometimes we all need some extra support and guidance that help us move ahead and give us enough knowledge and strength to overcome these challenges.  

In year 2018, I got a chance to get connected with one of the such inspiring personality on Instagram who is doing great work in supporting small business owners and solo womenprenuers. She has an incredible journey of starting off as a solo entrepreneur and now she has established herself as a well-known “Online marketing coach”. ‘ 

I am talking about Shreya Sharan Pawar from, who is doing an amazing job of supporting women with her multiple ventures.  

Shreya is an army wife, entrepreneur, online marketing strategist and a coach for creative women entrepreneurs and freelancers in India. She has a mission of supporting solo womenprenures by her best possible efforts.  

In her own words, “I am on a mission to help 100,000 solo womenpreneurs build an online business and live a life of abundance”. 

For accomplishing her mission, she offers free live webinar, free branding masterclass, organize “Meet the womenpreneur monthly photo challenge”. Along with these, she also runs an online Womenpreneur academy with courses on topics social media marketing, branding and graphic designing.  

Her journey and work truly represent the magical power of “Women supporting women”.  

So, for this theme, I had decided to approached her and interview her for sharing her inspiring journey of being a solo entrepreneur to online marketing coach.  

Shreya has accepted my invite wholeheartedly and I am so happy to welcome her on my blog.  

I am so thankful to her for taking out time from her busy schedule and accept my interview invite.  

Interview with Shreya Sharan Pawar!

Interview with Shreya Sharan Pawar
interview with Shreya Sharan pawar

Q. 1 Tell me something about your journey from being a solo entrepreneur to being a successful online marketing coach? How did it all start and reach this beautiful destination? 

A.1 I started my first venture – Burst of Happyness( – a niche brand of vegan, handmade bath & body products in 2012 and started my business coaching vertical 2 years ago ( 

For the business woman in me, what best description would be that I am an accidental entrepreneur. 

I come from a family of people from the service background and was the first entrepreneur in my family so basically, I am a “self-taught” entrepreneur and learnt everything through trial and error. 

The first few years of being a solo entrepreneur were very difficult and I wanted to give up many, many times. Thankfully, I found mentors who guided and advised me and help me grow. That’s when I decided, that I will give back to the community once I get my own stuff sorted and my biz on track!!! So, I learnt… I implemented… I made mistakes…. I corrected them… I relearnt….and now I want to teach others who have big dreams in their heart but lack the know how! 

Q. 2 What is womenpreneur academy? Please give some insight how it works? And help women in their professional and business growth?   

A.2 The Womenpreneur Academy is an online school for womenpreneurs who would like to convert their passion into a business but don’t know the nitty-gritty of social media marketing, branding, graphic designing and all the other aspects of growing your business on the internet! 

The academy has a collection of courses to help newbie as well as intermediate business owners learn the next steps to take in their business. 

These courses are self-study courses which women can do at their own pace and convenience followed by weekly live Q&A sessions for doubts, ideation and guidance. 

All the courses are a distillation of my learning and hands-on experience of running my own business for 8 years as a solopreneur. 

The Womenpreneur Academy is my effort to help my fellow womenpreneurs and build a community which learns together, supports each other and is not restricted by geographic boundaries! 

Q.3 What is the main purpose behind running the monthly photo challenge “Meet the womenpreneur”? How can one participate and get benefit from this exciting initiative?  

A.3 The common question I get from small businesses owners is – “What should I post to social media to grow my business” 

That is what prompted me to start this photo challenge in which I share post ideas for one whole week and participants have to put up a post / video based on it. 

The aim is to help womenpreneurs build their Instagram page, get more engagement and connect with other like-minded women and grow as a community. 

All the prompts that I give are meant to help womenpreneurs show to real “person” behind the brand and connect with their followers 

And to make it fun, we have prizes too! to participate, watch out for my next announcement on my Instagram page for the December challenge. 

Q. 4 What is your secret mantra for a happy personal and professional life? 

A.4 I believe that to be happy, both your professional life & family life have to be in sync and also self-care is a must for us because we women tend to stretch ourselves too thin!  

A good practice would be to enforce some boundaries for your own self – like no working at night, regulating the time spent on social media etc. 

Engaging yourself in some creative pursuits also go a long way in reducing stress! 

Q. 5 What is one strong piece of advice that you want to give small business owners/budding entrepreneurs that will help them to grow and be successful in their journey? 

A.5 Don’t start a business just for the sake of earning money…. Start something because you genuinely want to be a change maker…you want to solve a problem…. Build a heart centred business which is focussed on making a difference in the lives of your customers… 

This zig Zaglar quotes sums up what being an entrepreneur is about: 

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” 

Always design and develop your products based on the requirements of your customers When you do this, the money will follow!  here is a small glimpse of her work!

Social media marketing success formula
Social media marketing success formula
Branding blueprint
Branding blueprint

So, this interview was an inspiring and motivating experience for me. Hope you will also like it.  

I am a part of the women supporting women community #WSWBlogHop and I truly believe that we should support, empower each other and grow together. 

#WSW blog hop

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