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#SpeakeasywithRuchiNDips- 8 Beautiful memories of “Not so beautiful year 2020”!

Beautiful memories of 2020
Beautiful memories of 2020

Super excited to be a part of #Speakeasy blogging challenge once again. Thank you Ruchie and Deepika for this awesome initiative.  I always had a great time while reading and writing for this blog challenge.  

Honestly, first when I had seen the theme of this time’s #Speakeasy challenge (Adieu 20202), I was little skeptical about it. As we all know, “2020 = Covid-19 pandemic” is a well known equation. Unfortunately, 2020 has been a tragic year for all of us. This pandemic has shaken up whole world and affect all important aspects of our life so badly.  

  Since more than 6 months, we are struggling to get back our normal lives.  sadly, this pandemic has created a long list of problems (ranging from poor economy to unemployment) worldwide.  

Covid-19 had also put a strong impact on blogging and writing industry.  

During this time, “Covid-19 pandemic and related topics” had been most popular among writers and bloggers. I believe, a lot is already been said/talked about Covid-19.  

Somehow, I felt that for this post, I do not want to write anything exclusively on Covid-19 pandemic.  

I had sensed that I want to write something more positive that brings smile not only on my face but also give a positive vibe to others as well.  

After thinking for a while, I had analyzed that despite being stressful, there are many good things has happened with me (in year 2020). So, with this post, I want to re-call those beautiful memories of not so beautiful year 2020. Read the post to know more! 

Beautiful memories of “Not so beautiful year 2020” 

Beautiful memories of 2020
Beautiful memories of 2020


Exploration journey of “California” (most beautiful state of USA) 

We come back to USA after long wait of 8 months (visa issue) again in august 2019. This time, we are in Pleasanton (California). California is one of the most beautiful state of USA. So, in the beginning of year 2020, we had just started our exploration journey of this beautiful state. We had visited few nearby famous traveling spots like Mystery spot. Kids were enjoying their new school and routine. All and all, a good time we had spent during these months.  

Mystery spot
Mystery spot


Learning of important life lessons from “Covid- 19 pandemic” 

As we all know, March was the month when “Coronavirus” has entered in our life. And affected it so badly. Despite having high stressful time, this month has taught us so many valuable life lessons. We had realized that we have a habit of taking many things/blessings for granted. This stressful situation had made us realized that life is precious and be grateful for what we have. We had also learnt that we are stronger that we think, and we had adopted new life and new routine without falling apart.  

Also, this month had taught us that keeping “Patience” and develop an attitude of “Acceptance” are only key to deal with any adverse situation.  


April- may 

Successful participation in BlogchatterA2Z and publication of second e-book “Healthy eating for busy moms” & Angel’s graduation ceremony!

Along with dealing the pressure of covid-19 pandemic, this month I had decided to participate in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. Though it was not an easy decision for me but I had completed my participation successfully and published my second e book too. My e book “healthy eating for busy moms” got great response and appreciation from readers. I am glad that this participation has kept me busy and helps in reducing pandemic anxiety.  

Download book here, if you find it interesting  

healthy eating for busy moms
healthy eating for busy moms

In May, my elder one has completed her “Elementary schooling”. Though she has missed her “Traditional graduation ceremony”, but still we went to school and had great time in enjoying parade and virtual “Graduation ceremony”.  

Angel's graduation ceremony
Angel’s elementary school “Graduation ceremony”

June-July – august 

Summer vacation with cooking fun 

Though this was time of “Summer vacation” but unfortunately, we all were bounded with so many restrictions (no swimming, water part visit and other outdoor fun). Despite these restrictions, we had tried to keep ourselves busy in learning something new.  

 This summer, girls had decided to learn cooking. We had tried many exciting recipes and girls had great time while learning “The art of cooking”.  

Check out our  “Cooking with kids”  series. I am sure you will like it. 


Trip to “17-mile drive” (after long 6 months) 

During September, the things got better. And we had started going out gradually. After a long wait of 6 months, this time we had planned our first weekend gateway as “17-mile drive”. 17-mile drive is 3 hours car drive away from Pleasanton. The place is so amazing and has an incredible natural beauty. Though we all do routine travel all the time but after long gap of 6 months, this time this mini travel felt like a “Lifetime treat”. We had load of fun and relaxation from routine stress.  

17 mile drive


Diwali, Halloween and first e-guide publication 

October was again a busy month. Diwali, Halloween and Alexa had kept me super busy and creatively engaged during this month. I had completed my third Alexa participation successfully.  my series “Blogging for beginners” got excellent response and I had published my first e-guide too. All and all a good month with festivity and creative accomplishment.  

Download the guide here 

Blogging for beginners e-guide


Welcome “New member in the family” 

This month is happiest month of year 2020 for me.  this month we had welcomed new member in our family. My brother and sister-in-law got blessed with a “Baby boy”.  we are so happy and excited with this news. I am so glad that Angel, Pranjal and Aahna (my brother’s daughter), now have a baby brother in their gang.  Cannot wait to see him, until my next India visit?  

New baby in family


News of “Coronavirus vaccine arrival” 

Covid 19 vaccine
Covid-19 vaccine

This month is so special and relaxing because of news of “Coronavirus vaccine arrival”. I had seen the complete coverage just 2 days ago and I am feeling so good and relaxed with this news. I hope that vaccine got proved highly beneficial in giving us protection against this disease. And we can start re-live our normal lives in upcoming new year.  

I hope, I did not make you bore with my personal stories.  

Feeling good after re-calling these “Beautiful memories of not so beautiful year 2020”. Would love to know, what was your “Feel good moments of year 2020”. Please share with me.  

This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.’ 


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