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#Scienceforkids (#Childrensday Blog train)- How to make an invisible ink?- An exciting science experiment for curious kids!

Happy Children’s day to everyone! (I know, it is little late to wish..)

And on this occasion, I am so excited to be a part of blog Children’s day blog train hosted by Vartika  from (Vartika’s and Prerna from (

I am all set to share my post for the blog train and equally excited to read what other awesome co-bloggers are sharing for the same.

It has been said that,

“If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy efforts and keep on learning.’’

And it is also true that,

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn”.

Being a mommy of two cute girls, I strongly believe in these statements and during practical(day to day)life too, I always try that my girls learn something new every day. I am sure you would be agree that childhood is golden and fundamental phase of life and as a parent we all want that our kids had a strong, positive childhood foundation that will help in making them a responsible citizen and good human being in the future.

 Unfortunately, we lived in a high tech era, where gadget addiction is a common thing among kids. And for parents, keeping their kids creatively engaged is a big challenge. So, to keep this factor in this mind, I always try to find some innovative ideas that can help us to solve this problem.

 After the good success of my first e book, “Creative kids”,this month, I had started a new education series on blog and on Youtube too.

The name of series is “Science for kids”

 In this series, I am sharing easy and interesting science experiments for kids. The series has a simple aim to make science, fun for kids. Along with learning, kids will have loads of fun, while doing this. And these experiments also provide an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids.

 Along with blog post, we are sharing video tutorial too, for step by step learning. Till now, we had shared 3 episodes of the same and got a great response from readers and viewers.

Thanks a lot to all for loving and supporting the series.

And now, I am sharing next episode of this series. I think, it will be a good addition to “Children’s day” blog train. Kids will have loads of fun while learning and we will be a happy parent for gifting joy of learning to the, on this Children’s day.

So, let’s start this week’s experiment. This week, we had performed a really exciting science experiment and the name of science experiment is “How to make invisible link”.


As the name suggested, it is a fun experiment that could be used as a trick too. In this experiment, we will make an invisible link by using simple available at home ingredients ( lemon and water), and in next step, a scientific magic will happen. when we will write a message with this ink, putting this paper on flame ( candle, iron or stove). With, the heat the invisible link (and message) will turn into a readable one. And you and your kids will be amazed to see the power of oxidation at the end, in last step.

Sound interesting, so let’s get started.


  • Lemon juice (2-3 Tbsp)
  • Water ( 1-2 TSP)
  • Plane piece of paper
  • Cotton bud or paint brush
  • Candle or iron


  • First start the experiment by making a quick discussion about the theme of experiment with kids. Ask the, did they had heard about how to make invisible ink? Do they know, what is oxidation process and what happen when Carbon di oxide comes into contact with oxygen? I am sure with these questions, they will get curious to know more about the experiment.
  • Now, take lemon juice in a cup and mixed little bit of water in it. Stir it properly.
  • Then, take a blank piece of paper and asked your kids to write any message ( not to long) of their choice on it.
  • In next step, keep the paper on dry place for 15-20 minute and wait until it gets dry completely.
  • Now, hold the paper and asked your kids that can they see or read their message.
  • The paper will look like almost a blank paper and no one would be able to read that message.
  • Now, lighten up a candle ( adult supervision is compulsory in this step, explain the importance of adult supervision to kids)
  • And hold the paper above it with a little distance.
  • Move the paper slowly above the flame and now, you would be able to see the magic of science.
  • The letter on paper will get start appear slowly and you can read the whole message in brown letters.

Why this happen?

Lemon juice is an organic substance that contains carbon compounds. These compounds are colorless at the room temperature. When we write the message with lemon juice on paper, it remains invisible or colorless. Adding water, helps in keeping this more invisible. But, when we heat this paper (after drying),  heat break down these compounds and release the carbon. When the carbon comes in to the contact of air, a process called oxidation happens. And the substance turns into black or brown. As soon as the oxidation happens, you would be able to read the message.

This experiment is an excellent way to teach kids the “Oxidation process”. Kids can learn this scientific phenomenon easily and in fun way while doing this experiment.

Extra fun

  • This experiment can be done by using other citrus juice like orange and grape juice.
  • As a heating source, you can use hot bulb, iron and stove top too, but be careful and always had adult help while doing this.
  • Read about oxidation process in detail either by books or using other web sources.
  • You can watch educational video too, to make this activity more fun and interesting.
  • Can be used a trick during play date or among family members to create some funny and memorable moments.
  • Documentation is always a good idea to keep it remember properly for future reference.

Watch the video for step by step instructions.

 My girls had loads of fun and lots of learning while doing it. Please try this at your home too, with your kids and share your experience with me.

Stay tuned, more exciting experiments coming on the way, in upcoming weeks.

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This post is a part of “Children’s day” blog train hosted by Vartika  and Prerna

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