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#Scienceforkids- “Potato and Straw”- An Easy Science Experiment for Kids!

Hi everyone and welcome back to #Scienceforkids series.

I know, it is hard to get back to work after festive fun and holidays.

So, this week we are trying to get back into momentum slowly by doing a simple and easy science experiment.

This experiment is easy, interesting and can be conducted at home by using only two supplies.

Name of experiment is “Potato and straw science experiment”


As the name suggested, the experiment will be conduct by using potato and straw.  In this experiment, we will try to stab a potato with straw and after few steps, we will learn the amazing power of air pressure. With this fun experiment, we can show how air pressure can be used in surprising ways.


You will need only two main supplies for conducting this experiment.

  • Potato 1
  • Straw 1


  • First start the experiment by asking a simple question to kids, “Can you stab this straw through this potato?” and most probably, they will answer no, it is not possible to stab a straw through a potato completely. If we try hard, it will go only up to a certain extent and then straw will get bend.
  • Now, as a first step ask kids to do this thing practically. Ask them to hold a straw by it sides (without covering the hole at top) and then quickly stab it through the potato, what will happen? It will not come out through the potato.
  • In next step, use another straw and now apply magic of “Science”.
  • Now, cover the top of straw with our thumb and again try to stab the straw through potato.
  • You will see a scientific magic, and this time straw will come out completely through the potato.

How this happen?

When we cover the top of straw with the thumb, the air get trapped inside the straw, and build a good quality air pressure. This air pressure makes the straw strong enough to pierce the potato completely. ( while in first attempt, when air is outside the straw , there is no air pressure inside the straw, so it is hard to pierce the potato completely)

The science behind this experiment

This experiment is an excellent way to teach kids “The power of air pressure”. With this simple and fun experiment kids will learn how they can use the power of air pressure by just placing the thumb over the straw. It is a kind of strange to think about the invisible air that is all around us. Normally, we did not realize the power of this invisible air power, but with this easy experiment kids get a chance to learn about it practically.

Extra fun

  • You can use this experiment during birthday party or play date and can amaze your friends with this amazing “Scientific magic”.
  • You can use more supplies to make this experiment more fun. You can use pencils, knife as pocking material along with straw. (adult supervision is always compulsory while conducting science experiments)
  • You can try this experiment with other fruits and vegetables too.
  • You can conduct some other experiment based on power of air pressure ( next one is coming soon!)
  • It is always a good idea to do documentation or journaling of your science work for future reference.

 My girls had great time while doing this easy science experiment. They had learnt the  power of air pressure practically with this project.

watch the video for step by step tutorial

Did you like this experiment? Please share your thoughts, in comment box.

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Stay tuned for next post, will share another easy and exciting science experiment in next post.


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