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#Scienceforkids- “Cloud in a jar”- An Easy Science Experiment for kids!

Hi friends, hope you all had a happy Halloween.

Last week was super busy. Kids have their Halloween party in school, I had done volunteering  for hallowen party, then trick or treat..we had loads of fun and great family time while celebrate this kids favorite festival.

And because of all these, we got little late in doing this week’s science experiment.

I already had few ideas in mind and when I had discussed them with both girls, they had selected same experiment and said excitedly that “Ya, we want to do this experiment, this week”.

So, now, no more suspense, and it is the time to get started with this week’s experiment.

This week, we had decided to do “Cloud in a jar science experiment”.

I think all kids love watching clouds and most of them have a curiosity regarding cloud formation in the sky. This experiment is an easy and fun way to answer their all quarries and they get a chance to explore clouds and rain in hands on and engaging way.


As the name suggested this is a weather science experiment, in which we will create a cloud in a jar, by using simple and available at home supplies. This experiment can be done by different methods and you can do other exciting elements to, increase fun. But for this time, I am sharing most easy and simple method to conduct this exciting experiment at home within few minutes.


You will need

  • A glass jar ( you can use empty mason jar or any other as per your availability at home)
  • Hot water
  • Ice cubes ( packed in a zip lock bag)
  • Match box
  • Blue food color( optional)
  • Hair spray ( optional)


  • First start the process by asking few simple questions to kids about cloud. Like, do you know how the cloud formed?, and how the rain happened in the atmosphere? Or what are the different types of cloud? By asking these simple questions, you can raise the curiosity level of kids about experiment. And they will become more curious and attentive before the actual process starts.
  • Now, gather all the supplies on table properly. This experiment requires you to perform some steps quickly, so it is always better to keep all supplies handy and organized.
  • Explain the importance of adult supervision. And tell them never try to do this without any adult supervision.
  • Now, start the experiment by pouring hot boiling water (about 1 cup) in a glass jar. Place the jar carefully on the table. You can add blue color in the water to give a more authentic look.
  • Now, lighten up the match box and keep this on top of glass jar for few seconds. After few seconds, drop the match stick in the jar.
  • Then, quickly put the lid onto the jar.
  • As next step, place the bag of ice cubes on top of the lid of the jar.
  • Now, watch the top of jar carefully and you will see that cloud will begin to form.
  • You may use flashlight to watch this phenomenon properly. And if you do not want to use the match stick, you can use hair spray too. It will also work in the same way and helps in condensation process. Make sure to perform these steps ( either lighting the match stick or using the hair spray) quickly, otherwise, it will be hard to form cloud perfectly.
  • Now, remove the lid and you can see how the clouds coming out from the jar.

you can use mason jar too for doing this experiment.

Why this happened?

This experiment is worked exactly the way clouds form in the sky. When we add hot water in the jar, it heat up the air inside the jar and some of it turned in to the water vapor. When we lighten the match stick, smoke helps in condensation process.

And then, water vapor rises to the top of jar and comes into contact with the cold air (because we had placed ice cubes on the top). The water vapor condenses, when it gets cool down. And with this condensation process, clouds get formed.

Principle behind this experiment

I am sure kids while have loads of fun while doing this experiment. And while conducting this experiment, you can explain them “Cloud formation” phenomenon properly.

In environment the same thing happened, and water vapor condense onto dust particles or pollens, and with the process of condensation, clouds get formed.

In our experiment, the water vapor condense onto either the match stick or on hair spray. This both things act as a helping factor for condensation process.

This experiment is a perfect small version of the same phenomenon that happens in the atmosphere, when clouds formed.

Extra fun

  • This is a weather science experiment and you can explore more experiments that belong to this theme.
  • This experiment provides a perfect opportunity to read, discuss and explore all about the clouds. You can read, how clouds formed? What are different types of clouds? How rain happens? Etc. read more about this here
  • There are so many different methods to conduct this experiment, like by using shaving cream and by using hair spray. You can try these different methods to enjoy this amazing experiment.
  • In same way, you can interesting elements like food color to make it more fun.
  • Do not forget to do documentation of your project.
  • Share this with your friends during play date.


My girls had a great time while conducting this easy science experiment.

Watch the video for step by step instructions.

Did you like this? Share your feedback, suggestions in comment box.

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