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#Bookreview- “26 days 26 ways for a happier you”,An inspiring book by Priyanka Nair!

Before sharing exact thoughts on this post, I want to share one of my personal observation with you all.

Being a certified homeopathic therapist, I had seen, observed and treated many patients of different disease conditions, ranging from skin disorders to arthritis and heart diseases. During my clinical practice, I had observed one thing constantly as a common trait that “ when it comes to discussing or sharing any physical problems, people have no problem at all, they always explain their symptoms and complains with proper details, without any fear or hesitation. But when it comes to discussing or sharing any mental problem (like depression or anxiety), most of the people have a sense of apprehension. They had a strong fear of judging by society. They always had a hesitation to say and accept that “I am mentally ill”.

This observation is not just only related to my clinical practice. I had observed same scenario in my day to day life too. I had never seen that a bunch of people are talking or discussing their mental problems in group or asking for help with friends to deal depression, anxiety or other mental health issue.

Unfortunately, it is the real face of our so called modern society where metal diseases still considered as a taboo subject and people are not comfortable to discuss their mental problems freely.

But all these things are not end of hope or positivity.

There are some people who are doing excellent job in spreading mental health awareness. They had come up on front face and putting their best foot forward to making mental health a priority.

Recently during BlogchatterA2Z challenge, I came into contact of an amazing and talented blogger who is doing a great job in spreading mental health awareness. With her blog and Vlog, she shares useful and unique information that helps a lot to people dealing with mental health problems. And recently, she has published her first book on the same theme.

I am talking about Priyanka Nair from

And her book name is “26 days 26 ways for a happier you”

I had read this book recently and I am so excited to share my honest review about the same.

Book name- 26 days 26 ways for a happier you”

Author- Priyanka Nair

Genre- Mental awareness

Pages- 72

Rating – 4.5\5


The book is a collection of 26 chapters that is related to mental health. Author has included not only mental health problems but she has offered effective solution as well in this book. All and all the book is all about spreading mental health awareness, spreading self-love, self-help, focusing on breaking societal stereotypes and overcoming them.

Author info

Priyanka is a masters in finance and has worked with renowned multinational companies in her professional career of eight years. Until she received her calling as a blogger. Presently, pursuing doctorate in psychology.

My take on book

Here are some highlighting points of this book, I really liked so much.

Selection of theme

As I said earlier that mental health and mental diseases are still a taboo concept in our society. In this scenario, Priyanka has accept this challenge so bravely and choose this subject to write her first e book. Hats off to her for this step and I really appreciate her efforts in spreading mental health awareness.

this is first highlighting point that I really admire so much.

She has covered wide range of topics in this book (related to mental health and mental diseases.

The book a wide range of topics related with mental health. She has started off with simple topics like acceptance and being yourself and in next chapters, she has shared more complicated mental issues like depression and poisoned thoughts.  I am really impressed with the fact that book gives you chance to learn about different aspect of our mental health, with proper details and excellent narration.

The book is not only about mental problems but also about providing effective solutions as well

Yes! Another impressive point of this book. The author has not only talked about mental problems but she has offered some easy to adopt and practical solutions too, for solving complexity of mental problems.

Such as in chapter 8 “How to control negative emotions”. She has shared really effective tips to control the negative emotions. She offers easy three step plans as “Change your focus, change your thought process, and change your reaction”. She has explained these points so well, with practical examples.

In the same way, in chapter 14 she has talked about one more complex issue “narcissism”, and shared easy ways to deal with narcissist person.

These few are just examples . the book offer much more than this. Each chapter has a unique and relevant topic related to mental health and provides useful information to improve our mental, social and emotional well-being

Sharing of personal experiences” is another USP of this book

The book is not a theoretical approach or lesson plans to improve your mental health or dealing with mental problems. It is much more than this. The book is based on author’s personal experiences. She has shared about her critical illness, struggle with disease, depression and other ups and downs in this book with an open heart. She has talked about these issues without any hesitation and includes personal examples in each chapters. Narration of these personal experiences make this book more relatable for readers.

Personally I had felt each and every emotion of her journey and I really had a great respect for her for sharing her journey with all of us.

Also, she has includes some rare and interesting chapters in book, like “Log kya kahenge syndrome” and “Itchy sensations”.

These are some common social issues that we all had observed in our lifetime sometime. She has shared her interesting take on this subjects that I liked so much. Indeed, these are some topics that never get enough attention from us, but this book has covered this topics and offer some effective solutions to deal with them.


As a conclusion I would say, ‘ I had a great reader experience while reading this book, and I really appreciate Priyanka’s efforts to spreading mental health awareness. This book completely justify its theme and provides 26 days 26 ways for a happier you.

I will highly recommended this book to everyone and especially to those who are struggling with mental health problems. This book will surly help you a lot to deal with complexity pf mental health issue. And you will feel more happy and content with your life.

I want to congratulate Priyanka for starting her author journey and wish her much more success for future.

The book is available for free download and you can download your free copyhere

Note- this book is a part of Blogchatter ebook review program hosted by Blogchatter. You can know more about it here


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