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5 Effective Parenting Mantras that Actually works!

It has been said that

 “Anyone can have a child and call themselves as a parent. But a real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants”

And I am sure you all would be agreeing that as a parent we all want everything best for our kids. We want to shower our unconditional love and passionate care all the time. But during practical life and with a hectic life schedule it is not as easy as seems. We all have hard and bad parenting days, when parenting seems most daunting and challenging task of the world.

Personally, I also had a similar kind of experience with my motherhood journey.

I am a mommy of two cute little girls (age 9 and age 6). And I could say confidently that “being a mom is most creative crowning experience of my life. Motherhood is a joy that is incredibly magical. I did not have enough words to express the eternal joy and immense satisfaction of this mothering journey”.

Another side, being a mom is equally hard too. It is not always easy to maintain an ounce of balance in handling multiple responsibilities all together, and feeling confused, tense, anxious and depressed is not so uncommon when we have so much to do,

And during my 9 years of motherhood journey, I had also seen those kinds of days, when I had felt that being a mom is hardest job in the world.

  I had handled those kinds of tricky situations (ranging from nonstop crying of infant babies to toddler tantrums and from picky eating to nail biting), when I had an emotion that I am not good enough to handle all these things.

 I believe handling hard parenting days and tricky parenting situations requires some kind of parenting strategies or secret parenting mantra.

In fact, scientific studies prove the same thought.

Experts say that “Parenting stress is a normal part of painting experience. And high level of parenting stress impairs warm responsive parenting and provokes harsh reactive caregiving”.

Nonetheless, many parents are resilient and can cope up with the parenting stress very well.

Appling coping strategies can mitigate the deleterious effects of parenting stress or caregiving.

This month, when with the momolgy blog train (hosted by Zainab from, Geethica,from, Roma from and Prisha from ),  awesome mommy bloggers are sharing their unique art of intrinsic mothering skills and parenting mantras, to bringing up their precious little ones. I am too excited to share my secret mantra.

Here are few things that work like a saviour for me, during hard parenting days.

To drop down my to-do list

I have always observed when I have a long to-do list and over busy schedule; I feel more impatient and lose my temper so easily. So whenever I feel that I have tricky parenting situations or any other parenting issue to handle, I first drop down my to-do list. And try to keep myself clam and composed.

I always feel that with a less busy schedule, I have better mood and positive energy to handle something that is hard and tricky.

Expert suggestions

Juggling between multiple responsibilities can lead to state of tremendous stress for parents. Expert  suggested that the best way to deal with this stress is “Slow down”, focus on one thing that you are doing at given moment helps a lot in relieving stress and solving parenting issues.

Take out a proper time for your kids

“The best thing that you give to your children is time”- J. D. Ghai

I am sure you all would be agree that during hectic life schedule, we offer so many things to our child which they want, but  forget to give the most important thing that is “Our time”.

Whenever I feel that my girls are not behaving properly or showing unnecessary tantrums, I always carve out some quality time to spend with them. With this little effort, I always got to know what they want and how can I ease any problem if they are facing.

Expert suggestions

Time is the miraculous solutions for the most dilemmas of parenthood. Expert suggested that “Taken in minutes or hour, the time you spend with your kids gives the opportunity to provide your kids all their essential needs”.

Shower unconditional love and passionate care

“A baby has born with a need to be loved. And never outgrows it”- Frank A. Clark

And I truly believe in the power of this statement. Again during routine hectic days and with the pressure of multiple responsibilities, we tend to forget shower enough love and tender care for our little ones. And sometimes this lack of proper attention becomes a major cause of parenting havoc.

So, whenever I feel that things are not happening the way we want as a parent, I plan some pleasant surprises or shower my love for my cutie pies by doing something special.

Expert suggestions

Nationally renowned parenting expert Dr. Harley Rotbart (MD) put a strong emphasis on importance of showing love and care for our kids. He says, “Showing love for our children can overcome almost any parenting mistakes. Even when your kids disobeyed or rebelled against you, show them that you love them.”

The power of unconditional love is purely magical and it always helps in solving any parenting issue or parenting anxiety.

Being involved (with positive communication)

Last but not the least, my most effective secret parenting mantra that never fails to handle any kind of hard situation, is

 “Being involve with your kids, with positive interactions

Yes! This one is the best method for me. I believe kids need our involvement; they have their voice that they want to be heard. They have so many feeling that they want to be acknowledged. And the easiest way of doing this is being involved with them by doing something creative or interactive.

I never skip a chance to do that, and whenever I felt that things are getting worse in term of any parenting aspect, I quickly plan so many things to being involved with my girls. Here are some of the examples:

  • crafting
  • Cooking
  • Doing a workout together
  • Going for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie

These simplest being involved activities give me enough time and opportunity to understand their feelings and help me a lot to solve any problem if they had.

So as a conclusion I would say,

There are no fixed rules or guide for parenting. Each family and each child is different and unique in their own way. It is very important to understand our child’s emotional need before making any reaction. But our unconditional love, passionate care, enough time and proper attention are the key parenting mantra that always works like a saviour even with most hard situations.”

I had won so many parenting battles with these tiny steps and positive emotions.

read this post to know some wonderful positive parenting tips. 

five essential tips for positive parenting 

These are my secret parenting mantras? What are yours? Please share!

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