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5 Effective Tips to Prepare your Child for first day of school!

Starting of school is one of the most important events of childhood. It is the mile stone for both parents and child.  Most of the parents often have mixed feeling when it comes to starting of school. A feeling of excitement, nervousness and happiness is normal and most children settle into school quickly without putting additional efforts from teachers and parents.

“Personally, I had a really great and positive experience for this important mile stone. Though I had a normal level of anxiety, and apprehension like other parents, when I had sent my both girls for their first big day. But with my girl’s positive response, good mood and excitement of starting of school, I had gotten a relaxation and peace. I was so happy that they are happily wanted to go school and meet new friends, since day 1”

As this is the week 3 of Momology blog train, and awesome hosts have given some great prompts for week 3, I had selected “Preparing your child for day 1”.

I am sharing 5 effective tips for preparing your child for day 1. These tips are based on my personal experience. These tactics has helped me a lot in making a smooth transition of my girls, and starting off their school journey. Hoping it may help others.

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5 Effective tips to prepare your child for first day of school

Talk to them (Positive communication)

Kids are innocent learner and they always have lots of questions and curiosity when something new get starts. They may have tons of questions about various aspects of starting school. Such as, why we need to school? What will happen there? How will eat without your help?

Or they may have a natural anxiety and may ask that, what if I did not feel good there? Or I cannot leave without you for those long hours? What if nobody talks me in school?

These are some examples but be prepared for more!

Here as a parent, it is time of testing your patience level. Listen your kid’s quarries properly and answer them patiently. If you have a trouble in answering your kid’s question, then take a help of other experienced members or visit reliable on line sources to get an idea. Here is a good questionnaire to be well prepared.

Personal experience:

I remember with my little one this step has helped a lot. She has lots of questions regarding her food, routine, and other things. We had a long positive conversation with her and solved her all quarries. This step has made her comfortable and she got settled very easily in school routine.

Pre-visit to school, explore ambience and meet teachers

Nowadays, it is a normal custom in so many schools before actual staring of school. And I think it is really an awesome way to make your child comfortable. If your selected school did not have this custom, try to schedule a pre-visit of school with your child. Explore the classrooms, playground and other important areas of school with your child.

Also, meet the class teacher and gather the daily school activity planner, syllabus and list of needed school supplies. This basic step has lots of benefits. Such as:

  • Your child will get an idea of school infrastructure, routine and other activities. This thing will help him/her a lot in getting familiarizing with the routine. And she/he will have reduced level of nervousness or anxiety when actually the school starts.
  • Meeting with teacher also helps in forming an initial bond that provides her/him an additional support when school starts.

Furthermore, it is also important to select a school in your school catchment area. This thing helps kids to get education in the same area where they live and work great in avoiding inconvenience caused by long-distance travel.  

Personal experience

 I still remember, when 8 years ago, my elder one has stared her school. As a first time parents, we were nervous and anxious. And then we had pre-planned the school visit. She got really excited after seeing the overall ambience. This pre-visit has raised a good level of curiosity for her. She had said that “she cannot wait to go school every day…” and we had no problem or adjustment issue when the school started.

Make them involved

Yes! Third most important thing that works wonderfully in easy transition,  Kids loved to be involved and responded very well if we incorporate them positively in any kind of activities. And when it comes to preparation of school and starting of first day, this step helps a lot in making whole transition process easier. Take your child along with you while buying school supplies, covers the books and notebook, ask him to help in labelling of school supplies, in short involve your child in every step. This small thing helps in creating a bond between kids and their school routine.

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Personal experience

I always follow this step with my girls. I follow these” being involved activities “as a ritual every year. And I am so happy that this thing works magically, without any extra efforts kids automatically get involved. And you will have less trouble or anxiety while settling them in school routine.


This step is very important if your child has higher level of nervousness or anxiety before starting school. It is not unusual that kids have fear or tension of feeling alone. And here as a parent our reassurance will help a lot in releasing tension and feeling confident.

“Do not afraid, I will be there if you need me…” or “do not worry, everything will be fine. Your school teacher and nurse are there to taking good care of you” are some of the positive statements that will work and your child would be able face his fear or tensions in more positive way.

Personal experience

I remember when we moved from India to USA, my elder one has some minor issue in making new friends due to culture, language and other differences. She has shared her feeling with us, and I had reassured her that everything will be fine. We met her class teacher and explained the problem and slowly with her teacher’s support she had made new friends in no time and got settled in new school routine very easily.

Maintain a balance

This step is equally important as showing your reassurance. It is good that your child knows that you are a caring parent and you will help him/her whenever he/she needed. Another side, it is equally important to maintain a balance while sharing or showing your love and care. Sometimes you’re over protective behaviour or extra passiveness may create a problem in getting him/her getting settled down. Along with your care, prepare your kids for solving minor conflicts with courage (on by themselves) is also an important parental responsibility that make your child strong and confident.

 Personal experience:

This is the point that is my biggest weakness. Despite understanding all practical aspects, I still get over emotional and over protective. It will be the 9 year of school of elder one, I still cry a lot when it is the first day of school after a long summer break. I need to work on my emotional side to make a balance.

So these are some tips from my side that has helped me a lot in preparing my girls for their first day. What was your experience? Please share!

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