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“Mentalhood Review”- A Must Watch Series for New Age Parents!

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experience of any woman’s life but another side it is equally challenging too. After being a mom, your life revolves around your kids. And your kids and their well-being become your first priority. 

I am a mommy of two cute girls and I also have a similar journey like most of the moms, who gone through different challenging phases of raising kids. 

Of course, motherhood has changed me deeply in so many beautiful ways. Now, after 10 years of mothering experience, I become a strong, responsible and resilient person who can deal with any challenging situations patiently and peacefully. Read this post, to know more about mine, parenting mantrs that actually works!  

In fact, motherhood has changed my perspective towards entertain too. I remember years ago, I was a big fan of Yash Chopra and Karan Johar type cinema and larger than life things had attracted me a lot, but now as a mommy of two, I admire more realistic things, even while watching any TV or web series. 

Now, I believe in watching the content that are relatable to my day to day life either as a mommy or as a multitasker, who always have tons of duties and responsibilities to complete.  

Recently, I came across one of such web series. When I had watched the trailer of this series first time, I got impressed and felt an immediate connection with my mommy life.  

This series shares the story of new age mothers, their real struggles, and up-downs of their parenting journey in a beautiful way. I am sure, till now, you had must guessed the name of this web series. 

Yes! I am talking about ZEE5’s new web series “Mentalhood”. The web series marks debut of beautiful and talented actress Karishma Kapoor on digital space. With this series, she is making a comeback after a long period of 8 years. 

Name of the series- Mentalhood 

Director– Karishma Kohli 

Producer- Rupali Guha and Pintoo Guha 

Creator– Ekta Kapoor 

Star cast– Karishma Kapoor, Dino Morea, Shilpa Shukla, Shruti Seth, Sandhya Mridul, Tillotama Shome, Sanjay Suri. 

Streaming on- Zee5 and Alt balaji 

Image Source: An OTT Platform 

Story plot 

The series revolves around the five mothers and one single dad, who had their peculiar personality traits and different style of parenting. The series showcase and deals with different parenting issues start from simple ones like child nutrition to move on more complex ones like bullying and child molestation. The entire story plot is relatable and interesting that tackle so many relevant issues of our everyday life.  

Now, let’s meet the characters. 

Meet the characters 

Image Source: “An OTT Platform


First meet the Meira Sharma (played by Karishma Kapoor) is a loving, caring and stressed out mom of three children. She moved recently from Kanpur to Mumbai, and now learning the new ways of settling in the busy life of this dream city. This former miss Kanpur Miera has given up her carrier aspirations to raise her kids and now, she wants more from her life. Apart from completing her family and mothering responsibilities, she is ready to give auditions. At the end of the day, she writes blog as pen name “Mental Mom”. This blog is her personal space where she shares all ups and downs of her parenting journey.  

Namrata Dalmia 

Namrata Dalmia (played by Shilpa Shukla) is a carrier oriented, highly ambitious, working woman. She is strong headed woman who believes in maintaining her personal identity even after being a mom. Though she pretends to be perfect in maintaining work and family life balance but sometimes she suffers from “Mom guilt” and wants to spend more time with her daughter. She also gets judged by other moms because of her working status and tagged as a “Not a good mother” because of her higher carrier aspirations.  

Anuja Joshi aka Ajo  

Next mom is another interesting character Anuja joshi aka Ajo aka momzilla (played by Sandhya Mridul) is a typical tiger mommy who loves to lead all important aspects of life. She is the leader of PTA community and admin of all mommy what’s group. She is over dominating by nature and wants everything perfect in her life. Interestingly, she is obsessed with KJO and love to make her own “parenting rules” that defines the exact meaning of “modern parenting”. 

Preity Khosla 

Preity Khosla (played by Tillotama Shome) is a Punjabi mom of two naughty kids. The kids make her crazy and keep her on her toes. She also has a disturbed family life and she has to deal with a chauvinist and non- supporting husband. She gets no support from her husband in dealing with parenting issues and other parental responsibilities. This lack of support makes her an angry and irritable mom too. 

Diksha Shah 

 Next is one of my favorite character in the series Diksha shah (played by Shruti Seth) is an organic mom who believes in the concept of gentle parenting. She loves all things natural and runs a yoga studio too. She has left her toxic husband and now, she is enjoying single parenting with the help of spirituality. She is the face of fit and spiritual new age mommy who loves to keep her kid close to nature and follow an extremely healthy lifestyle that involves eating healthy food, practicing yoga and meditation and using alternative medicines as preferred mode of treatment.  


Aakash (played by Dion Marea) is a single dad of twins. He is very cool by nature. He stays at home and take care of his two naughty kids and completes his parenting responsibilities effortlessly.  

Anmol Sharma 

Anmol Sharma (Played by Sanjay Suri) is Meira’s husband and father of three kids. He is a scientist by profession. He is quite sensible and has a great temperament, and proved himself as a perfect partner of Meira.  

I had watched few episodes of this series and just loving it. In this post, I am sharing 3 important reasons why this series is a must watch for new age parents. 

Relatable story line 

I am sure you all would be agreed that parenting is a major part of our lives. We all want to raise good human being and responsible citizens but despite wishing all these, we all have our own sets of struggles and parenting issues too, while raising kids.  

And here the subject of this series becomes so relevant and addresses various important parenting issues like nutrition, bullying and child molestation  

So, the relatable subject line is the first reason that I liked this series so much. 

Amazing star cast 

 This web series has an amazing star cast. All actors had played their respective characters with complete determination. We can feel their sincere efforts while watching the series.  

Though all actors had performed their roles well, but for me, there are two characters who steal the show. First, Karishma as a Meira Sharma seems like a mommy next door, who always runs behind their kids and want best for them. Karishma has done full justice to her character and impresses viewers with her natural acting style. 

Next character is Deeksha Shah played by Shruti Seth. Nowadays, most of the new age moms believes in the fundamental principle of gentle parenting. And here, Shruti’s character create an immediate connection with viewers and get loved from new age moms.  

Each episode delivers an important parenting lesson 

Apart from entertainment, “Mentalhood” offers learning too. each episode shares an important parenting lesson at the end which is so beautiful. 

For me, ending of each episode is highlighting point of this series. With the ending scenes, we as a viewer get an emotional feeling and feel over selves connected with the journey of these amazing moms. 

Final thought 

As a conclusion, I would say “Mentalhood is a unique journey of imperfect parents who want everything perfect for their kids, in this competitive world. They always ready to put their best foot forward for raising perfect kids, while dealing with their own emotional insecurities.  The series is a journey that will take you on the crazy ride of motherhood in most beautiful way”. 

All and all a good show with some amazing parenting lessons.  


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