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#GeetTurns3-“5 Powerful Habits that Keeps me going!”

 Hola friends!

 It is again a time of celebration…along with festive fun, it is time to celebrate third blog birthday of my dear friend Geethica form thoughtsbygeethica.com

I am glad that her blog has reached on another beautiful destination.

My heartfelt congrats to her for this amazing achievement and I wish her much more success and happiness for upcoming years.

And I am so excited to be a part of celebration by participating in blog birthday linky party organized on this occasion.

Also, a big congrats to Zainab and Ashwini for being such an amazing co -hosts.

Before starting and sharing my post for this, I want to say a big thanks to hosts for giving us great prompts to write.

I like all the prompts, especially the “One powerful habits that keeps me going..”

You know, during routine hectic life schedule, we all are busy in completing our multiple responsibilities and never get a chance and enough time to do a self-analysis of our personality traits.  Personally, I believe it is very important to do a self-analysis of our personality in timely manner, to know where we are doing good and where we need to improve ourselves.

This week, when I had participated in this awesome blog train and choose this prompt (One powerful habit..) to write, I had gotten an opportunity to analyzed my personality traits and habits.

This prompt has given me a chance to look into myself and to think about my positive personality traits and good habits and also, while doing that I had found my weakened areas too. Very soon, I will start working on that.

For now, I am sharing my 5 powerful habits that help me in keep  going. These are my positive personality traits that help me surviving even in adverse and harsh situations. What are they? Read on to know more!

Indeed, habits are one of the most important aspects of our personality. they are consistent and often have unconscious patterns. And express our character. It is also true that,

“Habits are safer than rules, you do not have to watch them. And you do not have to keep them either. They keep you.”- Frank Hall crane.

Here are my 5 powerful habits that help me in keep going.

Be active and keep myself engage in various creative activities

I firmly believe in old age saying “Empty mind is devil’s house”. And I feel depress and irritate, If I did not keep myself engage in any form of creative or intellectual activity. Being creative and active makes me feel alive and refreshed. It reduces my routine stress and gives a fresh energy to complete my other routine tasks and responsibilities. I love to do reading, writing, crafting, DIYing, creative photography and teaching.

So ya,” being active” is my first most powerful positive habit that helps me in keep going.

Plan and plan ahead

My father was a manager in a co-operative bank and he had exceptional managerial skills. Since childhood, I had seen him, to make lists for any kind of personal or professional work. With these organizational skills, he had achieved a lot in life and now, I am also trying to follow his path by planning things properly and ahead of time.

I also try to plan my personal and professional things in organized manner. I set my daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals in diary. These prior planning and goal setting gives me a good vision about my progress and inspire me to work hard to achieve them.

Being a planner is my second powerful positive habit that keeps me going, even with pressure of multiple responsibilities.

Look on the brighter side of any situation

I know, it is not as easy as sounds. But I firmly believe in the magical power of positivity and optimism.

And even science and research confirm the same thing.

 According to Metal health America , “Looking for the positives in a negative situation can completely change your perspective on the situation at hand. And with the power of positive thinking, we can re frame the negative happenings into something that actually offers positives.”

I cannot say that I always think positive or I never feel depress or sad..but, yes! I had learnt one thing from my personal experience that “Positive emotions” have immense power. They make our immune system strong and give us enough strength to fight with adverse situations.

Unfortunately, we cannot take control of all situations that happened around us, but we can change our way of thinking to looking them. At the end, it is all about our perception and reaction towards life situations that make a huge difference in dealing with them.

Never give up attitude

This is my fourth positive personality trait that had helped me in keep going even during darkest and hardest days of life.

“ Life is not a bed of roses..

It is a journey, travel it

It is a challenge, face it

It is a game, play it”

Yes! Life is beautiful journey that show us lots of ups and down each day. And take test of patience in best possible way.

Personally, from having recurrent pregnancy loss to moving to a foreign county, I had faced so many adverse situations. Sometimes I had felt that it is end of life and I did not have enough power to face it or deal it, but during those day, my mom had always supported me well and taught me that you have to develop a “Never give up attitude”, to deal with the adversity of life situations.

With her guidance and slow practice, I had developed this positive personality trait. Now, I did not feel sense of fear or insecurity easily and always had a strong fighting spirit to deal with difficult life situations.

“Never give up” is another strong positive habit that helps me in keep going.

Enjoy sweet tiny moments of life

Last but not the least this is another positive habit that I had learnt after being a mom. as a student, and even before having kids, I was a kind of highly ambitious person, who always want to achieve big in life. And with this obsession, I had missed to enjoy many sweet tiny moment of routine life.

But after being a mom, something has changed. I had developed a sense of gratitude for god’s blessings. Now, I complain less and feel more grateful. My girls had taught me that life is not all about achieving big dreams rather then it is more about appreciating what we have. With regular practice, now I feel immense joy and pleasure in little sweet tiny moments of life. Making a craft with my girls or going for a nature walk makes me happy and blissful.

Indeed power of gratitude is incredibly magical and I am so happy that I had developed this positive personality traits.

So, these are my 5 powerful positive personality traits and habits that help me in keep going. What are yours? Please share!

This post is a part of blog anniversary celebrations of thoughts by Geethica  turns 3, co- hosted by Zainab from https://slimexpectations.com/and Ashwini from https://www.fitbewell.com/


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