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#Sayinghelloto2022- My Wishlist for year 2022 ( 8 things that I want to accomplish in year 2022!)

saying hello to 2022
Saying hello to 2022

2021 is about to end. we had passed another year by facing pandemic stress bravely. Though the pandemic life has not ended in year 2021 but it had improved in many ways.  

On various levels, things got better in year 2021 compare to year 2020.  

 With higher rate of successful vaccination, we had overcome the nerve-racking anxiety and fear that we had faced during initial phase of pandemic.  

Hope in year 2022, we would be able to get rid of the covid virus completely and can enjoy our normal life without the pandemic stress and anxiety.  

In the last month of 2021, I am excited to be a part of blog hop “ Saying Goodbye 2021 & Saying hello 2022” hosted by my dear friend Swarnali from 

Usually, each year I write a reflection post during the month of December and it feels awesome to look back and analyze, “how was the passing year?” in term of overall achievements. 

Read my last year’s post as “ 8 beautiful memories of not so beautiful year 2020” 

But this year, I had thought to give this thought process a break and instead of looking back, I had thought to look ahead. I had made a simple wish list to welcome year 2022.  

In this post, I am sharing that Wishlist that I want to accomplished in year 2022. Read the post to know more! 

My wish list for year 2022 (8 things that I want to accomplished in year 2022) 

my wish list for 2022
My wish list for 2022

Visit India & meet my family 

India visit
India visit

This thing is my first priority for year 2022. It had been long 3 years since I had visited India and meet my family. Due to pandemic restrictions, I had canceled my India visit plan many times during last 3 years.  It feels really sad and disappointing that this pandemic has bounded our life in so many ways.  

But in upcoming year (2022), I am keeping my spirit high and hoping for the best.  

I am hoping things will fall into the right place. And I would be able to visit India and meet my family, in upcoming summer vacation.  

Re-start carrier as a medical professional  

re start carrier as medical professional
re start carrier as medical professional

This one is second important thing that I want to accomplish in year 2022.  though it is taking longer than I expected, but I am hoping that I will get my EAD (work visa) in next few months. Due to Visa restrictions (I am on H4 visa and cannot work professionally here in USA), I had waited long to work as a medical professional.  

Hoping this year, I will cross that barrier successfully, and would be able to re-start my carrier as a health care professional in year 2022.  

Publishing 4th e book 

eBook publication
eBook publication

This one is next thing in my wish list that I want to accomplished in year 2022.  

Since last 3 years, I had participated in #Blogchatterebook carnival and published three eBooks (Creative kidshealthy eating for busy moms & A2Z of common diseases & their homeopathic treatment). All the books got great response from readers and it was one of the most prestigious moment of my 6 years of blogging journey.  

I wish to continue the ritual this year too and want to publish my next eBook in year 2022. I already had a theme in mind, hope things happen according to plan and I would be able to publish next eBook in upcoming months.  

Learn Korean language  

learn Korean language
learn Korean language

Learning a new language is in my wish list since long but this year, I want to give this a try with sincerity. This year, I want to learn Korean language but the reason behind this selection is quite silly and funny.  

Actually, my girls are a big fan of Korean dramas and to give them company, I had also started watching K-Dramas with them. While watching, I just loved the Korean culture and language. Now, I want to learn more about it by learning Korean language.  

I am planning to learn Korean language with my elder one and hoping with this language learning time, we will spend some quality time together.  

Teach Hindi 

hindi teaching
Hindi teaching

I had started my professional carrier as a homeopathic lecturer in year 2004 but due to various reasons, I would not be able to continue this for longer. Teaching is my hobby and I love to share my area of expertise with others. 

Here in USA, there are many organizations that provide Hindi teaching opportunities. I want to join any of these organization and want to teach other people about our beautiful culture and language.  

Explore northern California & plan new travel goals 

Explore California
Explore California

California is one of the most beautiful state of USA. It is famous for its national parks and stunning landscape and beautiful natural places. 

 We moved here in year late 2019 and due to pandemic restrictions, we did not get a proper chance to visit and explore this beautiful state.  

I hope this year, we can visit, explore and enjoy these beautiful places and can plan new travel goals as a family.  


Volunteering at animal shelter
Volunteering at animal shelter

This one is next important thing that I want to make a part of our family ritual activities, this year.  

 I believe, Volunteering is one of the best way to give back to society and contribute to system from our side. This year (2022), I want to take it seriously.  

At my place, my girls are animal lover and they want to keep either dog or cat as a pet. Sadly, I am not comfortable with this additional responsibility but I do not want to dishearten them at the same time.  

So, as a convenient option, we are planning to joining an animal shelter as a volunteer. I am sure this step will solve many purpose all together. Girls would be able to have a great time with this activity and we as a family would be able to contribute something meangiful to the society.  

Create a support group for women (specially for H4 visa holders) 

creating a support group
Creating a support group

Though being an introvert, I had not been active in any kind of group activities much in last few years. But this year, I want to come out from comfort zone and want to take a small step in this direction. I want to create a support group for women who struggled due to H4 Visa status. 

This thought has come up from a personal observation. I had observed that due to H4 Visa status, many educated women not able to pursue their professional carrier and suffer from various mental and emotional health issues (like depression and lack of satisfaction) 

I could co-relate with their emotions so well as I had gone through the similar phase in the past. So, as a small support step, I want to create a support group for women where they can share their personal struggle and can support each other to make this journey a little smooth and peaceful.  

So, these were some simple things that I want to accomplish in year 2022. What are your plans for upcoming year? Please share with me about it, in comment box.  

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year in advance!  


  • Anjali

    Loved all your wishes and wish you all the best for it. You are an inspiration for new bloggers like me. I can feel you when you wrote that visiting your family in India is your first priority, we are lucky to meet our family last month. Writing Ebook is also on my wish list, but I am not clear how, where, when to start. I think you should write about this too or if you have written any article do share the link with me.

  • alpanadeo

    Thats a lovely wishlist Surbhi. I wish a you all the best to achieve whatever you have planned for 2022. I haven’t made any wishlist yet but I have a few things in my mind that I want to do. A couple of them have already started which have given me a direction.

    • payel@Turtlegotwings

      That’s so many wishes, all poles apart from each other yet so.. so brave. I truly hope you get to meet your family sooner than before, my best wishes for your career.. hope you start not later than tomorrow.. and good luck with your travel plans!!!

      Best wishes for the New Year!!

  • MeenalSonal

    Surbhi, loved reading your wishlist that has personal, professional and community goals. Learning a new language shall be fun and that too with your child it is going to super fun. Good luck for all the wishes.

  • Aakriti

    As a lifecoach, I know that our goals are important for us to succeed and flourish in life. Glad you shAred your list to inspire your readers ??

  • Neha Sharma

    You are so sweet, Surbhi. Reading through your wish list made me a bit emotional and a lot more happy. May you achieve all your dreams and all your wishes come true in the new year. Wish you all the good luck! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • energeticreads

    I loved your wishlist. I always believe in picking something new and interesting for a year and learning it well. I hope you achieve them and many more. Great work. All the best.

  • Swarnali Nath

    This is so nice to know Surbhi. I am amazed at the plans you have settled for 2022. All the goals are so lovely. Teaching, back to career, voluntareeing, publishing.. All are beautiful. I was reading the list and your aspirations made me inspired because your list is a reminder for us that there is so much to do in this one life. If we can’t do one thing and fail, there are so many other things that we will still be able to do. It was an inspiring read and lots of best wishes for your new year and ne plannings ahead. Advanced Happy New Year 2022. ?

  • Jeannine

    Love how bold you are in manifesting your goals and sharing it with the world to inspire! As they say, when you put it in writing, and see it everyday, whatever you manifest, no matter how impossible it may seem, there would surely be a way to attain it! I’m really hoping you all the best on your plans for next year! I’m already looking forward on (hopefully) a continuation of this blog post on how your plans turned into reality! God bless and stay safe!

  • Tina Sequeira

    Very interesting and noble wish-list, Surbhi! Wishing you all the best in fulfilling your dreams. Happy, safe, and successful 2022 to you!

  • Daisy

    Great post! May you accomplish everything that you’ve planned for the new year. The support group for h4 is my personal favorite. I’ve been in the similar phase for 6 long years and completely agree that a support group will make the struggle a tad easier.

  • Varsh

    I’m impressed, Surbhi! From learning a language to travel and volunteering you’re sure going to have a busy but rewarding 2022. All the best, I hope you achieve lot more than you’ve planned.

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    What a wonderful wish list for 2022! Personally I’m on a weight loss mission and that’s where my focus would be for the remaining year. I’d love to catch up on your next India trip. Meeting a fellow passionate blogger is always exciting!

    • admin

      Thank you so much Rahul sir. your appreciation means a lot to me. would surly love to meet you when visit India in summer. wishing you a happy new year.

  • rakshanagaraj

    Such beautiful goals and I really wish you all the very best and I hope you accomplish them all. Unfortunately, I did not make any goal list for this year as I am not expecting too much from it because of all the things that we went through over the last two years. I think I should definitely make a small list so it keeps me motivated.

  • Snigdha

    You have really beautiful thoughts for 2022 .
    Over these past two years what I have learnt is to plan things in small batches and be happy by completing these .

  • Radhika Jindal

    Mostly the wishes are kept secretly. But i am glad that you shared it online. Hope you’ll be able to fulfill those this year. Eagerly waiting for your new ebook. Please upload on kindle too this time. :))

  • Rakhi Parsai

    Such a fabulous post Surbhi, we all need to have goals in life and new year is a perfect opportunity to have goals and wishlists. Eeven I have a goal of learning a new language preferably Germany. Hopefully soon.

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