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#MyfriendAlexa- Learn the Basic Principles of Homeopathy

It is week 2 of #MyfriendAlexa and I am so excited to moving one step ahead with incredible homeopathy series. Thanks a lot to all my dear friends for encouraging me, and I am so glad that you liked the Idea of #Incredible homeopathy series.

So, in today’s post I would love to share Basic principles of Homeopathy”.Though homeopathy has so many principles and philosophies.

Hahnemann strongly believed that it is must to follow these principles and guidelines to achieve a gentle and ideal cure.
Before explaining the basic principle, I would like to explain the “basic concept of disease according to homeopathy”

How Disease occur or How we fall sick?

According to homeopathic principle, vital force (in simple language immunity or resistance power) is the basic power of body that keeps body system alive and maintain its functionality. When vital force gets attacked by external forces (bacteria, virus, fungi etc.), at first instance vital force tries to fight with these external forces and try to eliminate disease force.

When the power of external force becomes stronger than vital force, vital force gets deranged (in simple words, when our body’s immunity get lowered), and produces sign and symptoms. These sign and symptoms are the indication of disease.

According to homeopathic principle, these should not be considered as a part of body got diseased. Instead, it indicates that a person got diseased; it is called the “Holistic approach” to treating a sick person.

Here I am sharing basic 4 principles of homeopathy that will help you a lot to understand this science better.

1 Law of similar
It is the basic law of homeopathy and all homeopathic remedies prescribed on this basic principle. It is also called “Simila similibus curenter”, in simple words like cures like. According to this principle, the substances that cause healthy people to get symptoms can cure diseases that have similar symptoms.

So, when a person got sick and produces sign and symptoms, a qualified physician collects his all symptoms and matches the symptoms with most similar remedy ( with the help of homeopathic Materia medica, a book that has vast collection of homeopathic remedies), then this most similar remedy is prescribed to treat the patient ideally and gently. When the symptoms match perfectly with the combination of skill of homeopathic therapist and proper narration of patient, an ideal cure happened.

2. Law of simplex

This is the second most important principle of homeopathy. According to homeopathic principle, a single remedy should be prescribed at one given time. It has been believed that if more than one medicine will be prescribed, it would become difficult to know the action of homeopathic medicine. It is always advising to collect all the symptoms of diseased individual and then prescribed only single remedy at the single time, to achieve an ideal cure.

Nowadays, with the changing time, this philosophy also gets changed especially during clinical practice. Increased pollution, hectic lifestyle, poor diet and so many other factors like this, had made it difficult to obtain the cure with a single remedy. And this is the reason that nowadays homeopathic combinations are in demand and homeopathic therapist prescribed them to get the desired result.

3.Law of minimum dose

It is always advisable that a homeopath should administer the smallest possible dose of indicated medicine to maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects. Also, it is better to avoid the unnecessary repetition of medicine. It is believed that unnecessary repetition reduces the positive response of indicated remedy.

4. Law of Potentization

This is the fourth important law of homeopathy, it is called the “Law of potentization”, and in simple word, it is a process where homeopathic remedy is gone through a series of process, where the remedy is vigorously shaken to arouse the dynamic nature and curative power.  With this process, the quantity of crude substance gets reduced and the healing power of medicine gets increased dynamically. ( will share more about it in the upcoming post)

So these are basic 4 principles of homeopathy, please feel free to ask me any doubt or questions regarding the basic principles of homeopathy.
In upcoming post, I will share about the “Case Taking in homeopathy…” so stay tuned!

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