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#MyfriendAlexa- Goodness of Homeopathy and why it is a good treatment option?

Ahh..finally we reached in the last week of #Myfriendalexa and here I am ready to share the last post of #Incrediblehomeopathy series.

So far, I had covered most of the important aspect of homeopathy is this series and hoping it will help in understanding the insight of homeopathy and homeopathic treatment.

As I had mentioned in the earlier post, homeopathy had been a point of controversial view since ages. some people have faith in it and like the way it treats a disease gently without causing any side effects. while others may feel that it has only placebo effects and there is no scientific explanation behind it.

As this is my last post for the series, I want to end this with only a positive vibes. and in this post, I am sharing why you homeopathy is a good alternative treatment option ( with some strong positive reasons). read on to know more!

Here is why homeopathy we should consider a good alternative treatment option?

Homeopathic medicines are safe, gentle, and non-toxic and had no adverse side effects

The first and most important reason is that Homeopathy is the safest mode of treatment. When these medicines used as directed, they are completely safe for every one- including pregnant, nursing women and infants. They are given in such small doses that do not causes side effects.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center, the extremely diluted nature of homeopathic remedies removes risk of ultimately negative side effects.

Caution– sometimes, during first 1-2 week after administering the homeopathic medicines,there is worsening of existing symptoms occurred, it is called “aggravation”, it indicates that selected medicines has started its action. if you feel extreme worsening of symptoms, contact your doctor without delay, he will prescribed right medicine to antidote your symptoms.

Free from side effects

Homeopathic medicines come from a range of natural substances which can be either plant, mineral or animal based. And these natural substances make it safe and gentle to use.  These ingredients available in medicine enable the body to heal the problems naturally.

Unlikely conventional drugs, they rarely produce side effects, For instance,  antibiotics often causes diarrhoea as a common side effect. And most of the over the counter cough and cold medicines causes’ drowsiness. Nowadays we all are concerned about the side effects of conventional drugs.

In this scenario, homoeopathy is a wonderful treatment option. These medicines cure diseases in most gentle and safe manner, without any harmful side effects.

“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically & non-violently”- Mahatma Gandhi.

Cures a disease from the root and gives long lasting to permanent cure

 According to homeopathic principle, diseases occur because of imbalance of elements present insides our immune system and deranged our vital force. The imbalance of body’s element reduces the efficiency of our body to fight against the disease causing organisms and leads to several health issues.

 Homeopathy treats a patient on both physical and psychological level and helps in curing a disease from root instead of just treating the symptoms.

 Let’s consider the conventional form of treatment. If two persons suffer from the same disease and shows similar kind of symptoms, usually the treatment or medicines issues to them will be the same, but in the case  of homeopathy it is not just about the disease and symptoms.

It also taken in to the accounts the peculiar and individualistic symptoms of sick person that includes past history, mental and physical general symptoms, modalities , sensations, causation etc. after collecting these symptoms an individual similimum (most similar) remedy is prescribed. And this indicated remedy acts on individual symptoms and cures a disease from the root.

Easily acceptable and tolerable treatment option

  Homoeopathic medicines are administered in the form of the tiny sweet globule. Every one accept it very well, even they loved it.

It Increases immunity and resistance power of body naturally

 Another prominent reason, it increases immunity and resistance power. According to homoeopathic principle, when a person suffers from any disease his vital force (resistance power) get deranged.

When an indicated homoeopathic medicine is administered it acts on the vital force of the body and make it stronger. Then this stronger vital force eliminates the disease force. Thus, our inner resistance power is increased. By this way, it is an excellent method of curing a disease.

It does not interfere with other medications and can be easily used with other therapies

  Homeopathic medicines are believed to be safe when used with other medicines. Although homoeopathic remedies should not replace conventional treatment for serious health concerns, but they can be used as an alternative option.

For example, in the case of asthma, it is necessary to use conventional inhalers and other indicated medicines. But we can add indicated homoeopathic medicine along with them. When indicated medicine will start work on individual symptoms (it may take a time and patience is required) then the dose of conventional medicines can be tapered gradually. After a period of time patient can control his disease with homoeopathic remedy only.

A good option for at-home treatment

 Because it is a gentle, safe and permanent mode of treatment and its method of dispensing medicine is also very simple.

So after learning some basic principle it can be use it at home for treatment of common health problems. You only need to observe your and your family’s symptoms and any changes you might see in those symptoms. With this way, it is easy to get started using homeopathy at home especially for treating simple and common illnesses.  But for serious health concern, medical supervision is compulsory.

It can be used for acute and chronic conditions

 Homoeopathy works great in treating both acute and chronic diseases. In acute disorders(like common cough-cold and fever) acute remedies work rapidly with good success and in the case of chronic diseases (where symptoms are less severe than acute disease, but they can affect seriously affect the quality of life and may worse over the time) well selected constitutional remedies may provide significant relief.

Last but not the least homoeopathic remedies are typically inexpensive and radially available. Therefore, they provide an affordable approach to healing.

There are various great books are available to know the basics of homoeopathy. One is Homoeopathic medicine for children and infants is a great book written by Dana Ullman. In this book, he explains what is homoeopathy? How does it work? How it can be used correctly to treat common childhood aliments. He included a complete guide to the use of homoeopathy and valuable information on the important remedies that all parents have in their home medicine kit. (1)

Nowadays, homoeopathy is so well trusted. More than 300 million patients in over 80 nations are using it.

So you can also give it a try ( if not had done yet)

So this is all for now, I had a great time while sharing these posts for #Myfriendalexa seson 4. what was your experience? Do not forget to share with us, in the comment box. Until then eat healthy and live well.

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