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#Bookreview- “Memoirs of My Travel” A Travel book by Deepa Gandhi

Before sharing exact thought on this post, I want to share an honest confession with you all.

It was 4 years ago, when I had started my blogging journey, I came into contact with so many talented and wonderful bloggers. In fact, I had made so many awesome friends too. Among all these, Deepa Malhotra Gandhi is one of my favorite blogger. I admire her work so much. She has a precise and well-organized way of working and these qualities reflects in her work and  make her work unique and informative for readers.

She has a popular lifestyle and parenting blog “” and few years ago, she has started her author journey too. I am a regular reader of her blog and I had read her previously published books too. She has always impressed me with her passion and dedication that is USP of her writing.

Recently, she has published her third book “Memoirs of my travel- Travel tips, places to see and much more”.

I had read this amazing travelogue and I am so excited to share my honest review for the same,hope you will like it.

Book- Memoirs of my travel- Travel tips, places to see and much more”.

Author- Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

Genre- Travel

Pages- 48

Rating- 4.5\5


As the name of book suggested, “Memoirs of my travel- Travel, tips, places to see and much more!” is a collection of 26 amazing family trips that she has done with her family. She has shared her personal travel experience in each chapter. Along with this amazing personal experience, she has shared useful travel tips, travel information (like places to see etc.) in each chapter that makes this book more interesting and informative. All and all this book completely justice the tag line of book “Travel leaves you speechless, then turns into a storyteller”.

About the Author

Deepa Gandhi is a post graduate in foods and nutrition. She is a freelance dietician and a writer is many fields like parenting, health and travel. She shares her experiences as a mom and as a nutritionist in her blog

My take on book

Here are some highlighting points of book that I just loved so much.

You will get a chance to explore some beautiful places from the world (with this book)

The first most impressive point of this book. The author has an immense love for travelling. She has started travel since at early age and visited so many wonderful places with her family since childhood. She has followed her passion for travel with same dedication till now. And as a parent too, she enjoyed travelling and visiting new places with her family. In fact, as a first time mommy, she has maintained her travel enthusiasm and visited various beautiful places across the world. In the book, she has summarized all these places (from Amritsar to Los Angeles, and from Goa to Haridwar) so beautifully and effectively. In each chapter, you will get a chance to get a virtual tour of these amazing places.

Each chapter has an interesting personal story

Each chapter begins with her personal travel memories related to that particular place. She has shared her personal experience with an engaging and interesting narration. And you become her travel partner after reading first few chapters.

It is also about getting excellent travel information too

In each chapter, she has included excellent travel information in the form of travel tips and places to visit. This travel info is really precise and to the point. So this one is another USP of this book. You will learn a lot and get useful information while reading this book.

I had felt a personal connection too

I shared some amazing co-incidences with Deepa. Like we both are mommy of two girls, we both are qualified health professionals, we both are creative by nature and we both had stayed USA for few years with family.

So with this similarities I had felt an amazing personal connection while reading her book especially USA travel chapters. These chapters had made me nostalgic and I had felt that I am reading my own travel experience of visiting this amazing country.


As a conclusion I would say, “I had a great reader experience while reading this book. This book is a refreshing read that will inspire you to travel more, and have more fun while travelling.”

I will highly recommended this book to everyone.

The book is available for free download for a limited time period. And you can download your free copy here

I want to congratulate Deepa for great work her as author and wish her much more success in the future.


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