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#Bookreview- “Empowered Women Empower Women- By Roma Gupta Sinha”

We all talk about “Women empowerment”. According to Wikipedia, it is the process in which women elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstances that previously were denied. In short, women empowerment is a process that creates power in women over their own lives, society and in their communities.

Nowadays the things are changing for better. And now, women in India have unique status of equality with the men as per constitution and legal provision. Still, on practical aspect we have a long way to go.

I always have a huge amount of respect for people who are doing great job in the field of “Women empowerment” indeed, it is really appreciating that some people actually want to improve women condition in our society and country by supporting them.

Recently I had gotten a chance to read, observe and analyzed the work of an amazing lady who is doing an exceptional job in the field of “Women empowerment”. She is a women who is multitalented and wear so many hats everyday to complete her responsibilities with amazing passion and determination. She is an award winning blogger-writer, and runs unique communication academy to groom people. She has helped lots of people and especially the women in achieving their dreams. Helping others and empowering women in our society is motto of her life. And she inspire so many people like me with her hard work and dedication.

Yes! I am talking about Roma Gupta Sinha, who is founder of blog and Roma communication academy.

She has an accomplished writer and author and recently she has published her fourth book, “Empowered women, empower women”.

I had read this book recently and I am so excited to share my honest review about the same. Hoping you will like it.

Book name- Empowered women empower women

Gener– Non-fiction

Author- Roma Gupta Sinha

Rating- 4.5\5



The book is a collection of real life stories of 26 amazing women who had faced so many difficult and odd situations in their life. Despite with their respective adverse circumstances they had achieved their goals and fulfilled their dreams. In each chapter, author has shared this story with an aim to inspire not only those women who want to achieve their goals, but she has put a strong emphasis and motivate all people across the society to put their contribution to empowered women. All and all the book, completely justified its tag line “Empowered women, empower women”.

About the author

Roma Gupta Sinha is an acclaimed writer who has won the coveted “women of the year” award in year 2015 for her writing on women empowerment, equality, rights and liberation on her blog www. and the prestigious “Planet’s pride award 2018” for her entrepreneurial venture RCA. She is the brand ambassador of 21st century education and strongly advocates learning beyond books. She is author of three published books too.

My take on book

The book has a solid beginning and author inspires you instantly with her positive thoughts

The book begins with a strong chapter where she says “inculcating the right attitude in her daughters…”. In this chapter author has explained the purpose of this book so effectively and clearly. Starting from her own journey, she has shared the importance of inculcating right attitude in our girls, since their childhood. As she says “Do not tell them, you are a girl sit properly, talk properly, be at home before it gets dark, learn to cook etc. instead enroll your kids in self- defense session like karate,etc. and teach them how to identify and act on bad touch”.

I am a mommy of two girls and honestly I have a sense of fear regarding my girls’s safety and overall wellbeing ( especially with the so many mishaps in our country). I also believe in the same principles like she has said and suggested. Indeed the book has a solid foundation that inspire you to read more and learn more from her experiences.

I completely agree with her that in order to empower every single girl of India, we have to imbibe in them gender equality valves right from the birth and stood behind them like a firm rock.

Each story is an inspiring tale of real life unsung sheroes

After this impressive and inspiring opening, each chapter has an inspiring real life tale of some amazing women who had achieved their dreams with firm dedication and determination. They had “never give up” attitude in their life and achieved what they want.

Like in chapter 2, we get a chance to read the story of “Saranya” who has faced so many emotional, financial ups and down in her life. Despite the serious illness of her son, and other adverse circumstances she has a strong will power and a desire to stand on her own feet. And at the end, she achieved her goals and complete her dreams too and become an inspiring example for others.

In the same way, in chapter 13, with the story of Prena, author shares a powerful message and inspire women to identify and acknowledge her desire and dreams. Prerna, who comes from a small village could have lost in the ocean of the big city but she instead adopted to its ways and wants to rise and shine. Her example shows that India is walking up from a deep slumber where women were often suppressed to discover the purpose of their lives.

These two are just examples, the book offers much more than this. After reading each story you feel inspired and motivated. You feel that nothing is impossible in life if you had strong desire and firm determination in your life to achieve something.

Hats off to author for sharing these inspiring real life stories with us. These stories are USP of this book and a strong reason why everyone should read this.

Strong narration

Of course book has a strong subject line and a Nobel purpose to share something good with the readers. Along with this, there is another point that is USP of this book, and this is the “Strong narration”. Narration is the main thing that grab reader’s attention and hook them up to end of the book.

Roma has mastery in this art, she has narrated each story with an engaging narration and a powerful emotions. After reading first few chapters, we feel that main protagonist is our dear friend and we become their partner in their respective journey. And feel each emotion and struggle that they had faced.

This is the power of Author’s narration that create such a magical impact on readers. So “Strong narration” is another USP of this book.

Ending of each chapter is so impressive

This is another point that I admired so much about this book.It is really inspiring to read a powerful message from author at the end of each chapter. Like in chapter 7 “Grit, preservance and determination will be your tools to achieve success”, she has shared an important message in the end. She concluded and says “English does not empower a woman, but her will to overcome all the obstacles in her path does

With this lines, she has made us understand about the importance of things that really matters in our life. This one is just example. In each chapter, she has concluded the message so effectively and positively.


As a conclusion I would say, “I had a great reader experience while reading it. This book has inspired me so much and I had an immense sense of respect for these amazing women who had achieved their dreams and goals in life despite adverse situations.”

I want to say a big thanks to author for sharing these inspiring real life tales with her.

And want to congratulate her for her fourth successful publication. I wish her all the best for great success and happiness in future.

I would highly recommended this book to everyone, this is not only a book, it is a mission that will inspire you to do better not only in your life for others as well.

This book is available for free download for a limited time period and you can grab your copy here

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