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#CleverlyinThe Kitchen: Three easy breakfast toast recipes for busy mornings!

Three easy breakfast toast recipe for busy mornings!
Three easy breakfast toast recipe for busy mornings!

Hi everyone,  

Since this week, I am excited to start a new series on blog named “Cleverly in the Kitchen”. The series has an aim to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.  

We lived in an incredibly busy worId, where we all have less time and more responsibilities. Meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and clean up, it takes our so much of time and energy in routine and left us exhausted too. with hectic life schedule, no one wants to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. However, we all want to eat healthy, homemade meals often to maintain a healthy lifestyle routine.  

So, as a small effort to relive your kitchen stress and rekindle the love of home cooking, I am starting the series’ “Cleverly in the Kitchen”. In this series, I will share: 

Easy, quick and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will save your time in kitchen with no compromise in health and nutrition. Along with this, I will also share some useful tips and hacks to eat healthy with busy lifestyle and in budget.  

I hope this series will help you eating healthy while enjoying the cooking process. And you will feel less stressed by spend your time #CleverlyinThe Kitchen.  


As a first Excited for series, I am sharing three easy breakfast toast recipes. Read the post to know more! 

Why toast is an excellent breakfast option? 

We all know, breakfast is most important meal of day. But at the same time, with busy morning it is not always possible to serve different varieties of breakfast to our family. Whether western style breakfasts like oatmeal or cereal or Indian style routine recipes like poha and paratha, we all get bored with these routine recipes.  

We all want: 

Something new varieties that get prepared in less time, taste good and of course made up with healthy ingredients.  

By keeping all these factors in mind, breakfast toasts recipe sounds like a great option for busy morning breakfast. Breakfast toasts can be prepared in less time and we can make various versions as per our individual taste and preferences.  

Here, I am sharing three easy breakfast toast recipes that will be a great breakfast option for busy mornings. 

Avocado toast  

avocado toast
Avocado toast

This is a healthy recipe, high in nutrition and full with fiber. Avocado is good source of fat. It is quick to make. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a yummy avocado toast. We can create various interesting versions of this recipe as per our individual taste and preferences just by adding different toppings and seasoning. 


Ingredients for making avocado toast
Ingredients for making avocado toast

For making this recipe, you will need following basic ingredients:  

  • Avocado: take ripe avocado (not over ripe). It should be mushy and ripe enough. Raw or overripe avocado will not give a perfect result.  
  • Bread: though you can use any type of bread for making avocado toast. But try to pick healthier options like multigrain bread. Taste wise, sourdough bread gives the best result.  Also, do not use soft breads for making avocado toast. It will not give good result.  
  • Toppings and seasoning: you can try various topping, seasonings and even other spreads like hummus and cream cheese to make interesting versions of avocado toast as per your taste.  


step by step process for making avocado toast
Step by step process for making avocado toast

There are various methods to make avocado toast. Here, I am sharing my personal way to make avocado toast. I feel, it is easiest way to make avocado toast.  

  • First take bread and toast it on skillet for few minutes. Keep the flame low. You can use toaster too, for toasting the bread.  
  • Now, take a bowl and add avocado slices. Mesh them gently, till it turns into semi-solid consistency.  
  • Next, add finely chopped onion and tomato. Mixed all things together gently. If you want, you can add crushed garlic too. Now, add finely chopped coriander leaves and 1-2 spoon of lemon juice to prepare mixture.  
  • Add salt and black paper. And prepare a smooth mixture. Spread this evenly on toasted bread.  
  • Your yummy avocado toast is ready to enjoy.  


Here are some interesting variations for avocado toast recipe.  

  • Use greens, fruits or other veggies and nut for toppings: if you want to add extra nutrition to your avocado toast, then after applying avocado spread, add bunch of greens, sliced fruits or veggies of your choice and sprinkle any seeds (pumpkin or sunflower etc.). your nutri-dense avocado toast is ready to enjoy.  
  • If you want to add extra protein in your breakfast, then add fried egg as a topping to your avocado toast. If you are vegetarian, then use chickpeas, panner or tofu as a topping. Your protein packed avocado toast is ready to enjoy.  
  • Looking for another variation, then make change in your spread. Add hummus (you can try green or beetroot hummus too) as a basic spread for making avocado toast. And then add sliced avocado as a topping for create another exciting version of avocado toast recipe.  

Suji toast 

suji toast
Suji toast

If you are someone who like to eat savory breakfast (Indian style) in morning, then Suji or Rava toast is a great option. It gets prepared in 5-10 minutes and made up with easily available healthy ingredients.  


ingredients for making suji toast
Ingredients for making suji toast
  • Suji or Rava 1 cup 
  • Curd ¼ cup 
  • Finely chopped onion, green chilly as per your taste 
  • Finely chopped veggies of your choice (tomato, capsicum, carrot etc.) ½ cup 
  • Salt as per your taste 
  • Bread 2 slices: you can use brown, white or multigrain bread as per your taste preference and availability.  
  • Butter or ghee for roasting the toast  


Step by step process for making suji or rava toast
Step by step process for making suji or rava toast
  • Take Rava or Suji in a bowl and mixed ¼ cup curd in it. Now, mix little water at a time and prepare a semi-solid batter.  
  • Next, add finely chopped onion, green chilies, and other vegetables of your choice one by one.  
  • Now, cover the bowl with a lid and put the batter for rest for 10-15 minutes.  
  • After 10 minutes, take the bread slices and put prepare batter gently on one side. Do not put batter on both sides, otherwise it will make your bread soggy.  
  • Now, heat the Tava or pan and apply little ghee or butter. Next, put the prepare toast on it and allow to cook it properly on slow flame for 5-7 minutes. When, it turns golden brown from my side, flip it, apply butter on other side and roast it properly from other side as well.  
  • Your tasty and healthy Rava toast is ready to enjoy. You can serve this with green chutney or tomato ketch-up.  
  • You can garnish with this roasted sesame seeds.  


You can use Besan or green gram batter instead of Suji to make other interesting versions of Suji toast. You can also add garlic or other veggies of your choice in batter as per your individual taste and preference.  

Nut batter & banana toast 

Nut butter & Banana toast

If you are someone who like to eat something sweet in breakfast, then nut butter & banana toast recipe is perfect option for you. This breakfast toast recipe is my personal favorite. It is so simple to make, even kids can this by themselves.  


Ingredients for making nut butter and banana toast
Ingredients for making nut butter and banana toast
  • Bread 2 slices (multigrain bread works best in this recipe) 
  • Nut butter of your choice: you can use almond butter, peanut butter or cashew butter as a spread 
  • Banana 2 (you can use other fruits too as per your taste) 
  • Granola, chocolate chips or seeds of your choice (for garnishing)  
  • Honey or Mapel syrup (optional) for garnishing 


Nut butter & banana toast
  • First, take bread and dry roast to from both side on slow flame.  
  • Now, apply any nut butter of your choice as a spread. 
  • Next arrange banana or other fruits of your choice as per your individual preferences.  
  • Garnish with toppings of your choice.  
  • Drizzle maple syrup or honey if you like.  
  • Your tasty and healthy nut butter and banana toast is ready to enjoy.  


If you want to create a kid-friendly version of this recipe, you can use Nutella instead of nut butter as a spread. You can add any fruits or toppings of your choice to make various interesting versions of this recipe.  

So, this is all for now.  

I hope you liked these easy breakfast toast recipes. Which one is your favorite? Please share with me! 

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  • Sandy N Vyjay

    It is always a challenge to whip up a quick, tasty, and healthy breakfast. These toast recipes are really good. The soji toast is the best, as we like our breakfast with an Indian flavour.

  • Anjali

    Making a quick breakfast is a challenge. Avacado sandwich is my all-time favourite. I never tried nut banana toast; I think my daughter will like it.. I will surely try this.

  • Milan Singhal

    I really like the idea of nut batter and banana toast. shall try the recipe u shared; this would make a healthy addition in my kid’s tiffin too.

  • Hansa K

    You have shared some yummy recipes. I personally like Avocado toast and make it often for myself. However my husband likes regular toast with tomatoes and cheese. Toast with butter itself taste so good. God I am feeling Hungry now :p

  • Gleefulblogger

    I am yet to try avocado toast, and planning to do this very soon now after seeing your post. Suji toast is my mom’s kitchen staple, though I make the besan version of it. But, these are some pretty handy recipes.

  • Roma

    I make all three of your recipes dear and so I loved the variations you have recommended they can come very handy when trying to add variety

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Very handy breakfast recipes, SurbhiIt took me a long time to like Avocado. It is an acquired taste I guess. My grandsons have avocado just like that with a spoon. It is very healthy and i think it is really highly priced in India. Suji toast is nice and crunchy. The banana utter would again be my grandsons favourite as both have a sweet tooth.

  • Neha Tambe

    My kids love eating bread toast and these are some nice healthy variations that I can try to make their breakfasts healthy. Thank you for sharing these. I am sure my kids would love banana butter while I can try the suji toast.

  • MeenalSonal

    Surbhi, loving your series of Cleverly Kitchen. I do make Sooji toast and they are well appreciated in home. My only concern is how to pack Hot toasts in tiffin boxes, I always pack cold sandwiches for lunch boxes.

  • jhilmildsaha

    Since my daughter has started going to school these days, I am constantly in search of good snacking and tiffin recipes. These will be great.

  • Tina Basu

    wow you have mentioned so many nice options. I do make the avocado on toast very often. I will try the other recipes you have shared. Such a help for busy mornings!

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