Oreo ice-cream & Oreo truffles: Two easy dessert recipes for you & your family!

Oreo dessert recipes
Oreo dessert recipe

Happy spring everyone! 

Hope you all are enjoying spring break.  

Here at my place, we are having a fun and relaxing time after a long exhaustive school session. Last week, we had visited Stinson beach and had a fun time.  

For learning perspective, when I had asked girls, “What they want to learn during this holiday?”. They had said, we want to learn some basic baking recipes and easy desserts. So, without waiting any time, we had made some easy baking and dessert recipes.  

Yesterday, we have made two amazing, easy to make dessert recipes and had a great family time.  

We had made both these recipes by using kid’s favorite Oreo cookies. First, we have made three ingredients Oreo ice-cream and next; we had made Oreo truffles without using cream cheese.  

Both recipes turned out really well and now, I am excited to share both these recipes with you all.  

I hope you liked it. Read the post to know more! 

Oreo ice-cream & Oreo truffles: Two easy dessert recipes for you and your family

Let’s start with the Oreo ice-cream first.  

Oreo ice-cream 

Oreo ice-cream


ingredients for oreo ice-cream making
Ingredients for making Oreo ice-cream
  • Oreo biscuits :12 
  • Heavy whipped cream: 2 cups 
  • Sweetened Condensed milk: 1 can (14 OZ) 
  • Crushed Oreo biscuits for garnishing  
  • Electric beater or hand blender 
  • Mixing bowl 
  • Ziplock bag and rolling pin or food processor 
  • Ice-cream container 
  • Plastic wrapper to cover the container.  


  • First take Oreo biscuits and crushed them with the help of Ziplock bag and rolling pin or as an alternative, you can use food processor too. Do not make a fine powder, keep the mixture little coarse.  
  • Now, take a mixing bowl and pour 2 cups of heavy whipping cream.  
  • Beat the heavy cream by using an electric beater or hand blender into stiff peak, for 5-7 minutes. 
  • Next, pour the sweetened condensed milk and mixed both things with the spatula.  
  • As next step, add the crushed Oreo mixture and mixed everything gently.  
  • Now, pour the prepare mixture in ice-cream container and cover with a plastic wrapper. Using plastic wrapper will help in preventing ice crystal. 
  • Put the container in to freezer for 4-6 hours.  
  • After 4-6 hours, your tasty Oreo ice-cream is ready to enjoy.  
  • Garnish this with crushed Oreo biscuits.  

After making Oreo ice-cream, we had left some Oreo biscuits. So, I had thought to make another Oreo based easy dessert. After searching few recipes, we have decided to make Oreo truffles.  

Traditionally, Oreo truffles made by cream cheese. But we had made a simpler version without using cream cheese. 

Oreo truffles 

Oreo truffles


Ingredients for making Oreo truffles
  • Oreo biscuits: 12 
  • Dark chocolate : 1 cup or as needed  
  • Milk chocolate: 1 cup or as needed 
  • Food processor or Ziplock bag and rolling pin for crushing Oreo.  
  • Milk: 2-3 TSP 


  • First take 12 Oreo biscuits and crushed them with the help of food processor or by using Ziplock bag and rolling pin.  
  • Now, take the dark chocolate and melt this either by using microwave or double boiler method.  
  • Pour 1-2 TSP of melted dark chocolate in crushed Oreo mixture.  
  • Mixed both things properly.  
  • Now, add 1-2 TSP of milk and prepare a dough by mixing all things together. You can adjust milk quantity as needed. Do not add too much milk, otherwise you could not make a dough.  
  • Put the prepare dough in refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.  
  • Next, make medium sized Oreo balls by using prepare dough.  
  • Now, melt white chocolate too.  
  • Next. Dip the prepare balls into melted white chocolate or dark chocolate as per your preference.  
  • After dipping properly, put them aside for 10-15 minutes or until they little dry up.  
  • Garnish the prepare balls by using dark or white chocolate or colorful sprinkles. 
  • Your yummy Oreo truffles are ready to enjoy.  
Oreo truffles

Taste wise, both recipes turned both very well.  

Girls were really happy to enjoy tasty desserts that they had made by themselves. And I was happy that they had learnt something new today.  

Did you have tried any of these recipes. What was your experience? Please share with me.  


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