DIY Language learning flash cards: A creative way to enhance your language learning!

DIY language learning flash cards
DIY language learning flash cards

Hi everyone,  

In previous post, I had talked about “7 effective tips to learn a new language”. Now, this post is the extension of previous one. In this post, I am sharing a creative way that will help in fastening your language learning journey and will make it easy and interesting. I am talking about “language learning flash cards”. 

 What is language learning flash cards? What are some amazing benefits of using language learning cards? How can you create your own “language learning flash cards”? And what are some simple ways to use this cards? Read the post to know more! 

What are flash cards? 

As per Wikipedia, “A flashcard or flash card (also known as an index card) is a card bearing information on both sides, which is intended to be used as an aid in memorization. Each flashcard bears a question on one side and an answer on the other. Flashcards are often used to memorize vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question-and-answer format. Flashcards can be virtual (part of a flashcard software), or physical”. 

Benefits of using flash cards in language learning 

Though flash cards are often considered as a best tools for kids to enhancing their learning and vocabulary. But they are equally useful for grown-ups as well. Here are some amazing benefits of using flash cards in your language learning journey.  

  • Using “Flashcards” add a creative touch (and routine) to your language learning. After initial enthusiasm, language learning may become a boring and may be overwhelming experience for many. Using a “flash cards” make this language learning journey easier and exciting.  
  • Flashcards can be used for various purposes and especially useful in memorizing complex phrases, words and even grammar rules.  
  • You can customize “Flashcards” as per your individual preferences. By using colorful pen, pencils and marker, you can create attractive flashcards that will add a visually appealing learning element in your language learning.  
  • They are easy to carry and you can keep and use them, while you on go.  
  • Flash cards also help in “space repetition” process. Space repetitions is an effective learning technique that involves increasing time intervals between each review of a flashcard in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. 
  • Building a proper vocabulary is one of the most important aspect of language learning. And this seems like a major struggle for many language learners. Using flash cards offer great help in this aspect. You can create multiple flash cards in separate categories (like food, weather, emotions etc.) in different colors and can use them for a quick revision of vast vocabulary.  

How to make your own “language learning flash cards” at home? 

Though nowadays varieties of ready-made flash cards are available in the market but making your own flash cards has its own fun. It is a creative process and you can enjoy this a “Group family activity” as well.  


supplies for making DIY language learning flash cards
Supplies for making DIY language learning flash cards

For making “DIY language learning flash cards”, you will need:  

  • Color paper: you can buy multiple color paper sheet in bunch 
  • Color pens, pencils, marker  

Other decorative material as per your choice (optional) 


Cut the color paper in card shape. You can keep size of cards as per content. For words and vocabulary, use small size cards. While for longer phrases, sentences or grammar rules, keep the card size bigger.  

Next select the content that you want to put on flash cards. Write gradually the content on cards by proper pronunciation. This step will help you in rememorizing facts later. After writing down your content, make a quick revision and use flashcards for checking your progress later on. 

Different ways to use “Language learning flash cards” 

Here are some effective ways to use language learning flash cards:  

  • You can use language learning flash cards for learning “language characters”. Write the “Alphabets” on one side of the card and write down pronunciation on other side. This is helpful in learning language characters and alphabets.  
  • You can also add a “visual element” to your flashcards. Put a relevant image of particular word or object one side and write down the meaning and pronunciation in foreign language another side. This will help in enhancing your memory power and you would be able to remind it quickly by recalling image or visuals.  
  • Additionally, you can create a mini chart or table on flashcard to memorizing grammar rules or verb form.  
  • You can also use flash cards for playing a “Fun quiz” among family members or with friends. This is a best way to have “Fun while learn”.  
  • You can shuffle your flashcards for adding extra fun. Shuffle your cards and test your language learning in random manner.  

Personal experience 

Recently, while learning Korean language, we have made plenty of flashcards. We had used color paper and pens and made following flashcards. 

  • First, we had created a series of commonly used conversational phrases like hello, thank you, sorry, how are you? One side we had written this phrases in English and other side in Korean. This flash card series has helped in quick learning of basic conversational phrases.  
common conversational phrases in korean
Common conversational phrases in Korean
  • Next, we had created a “Food item” vocabulary flashcards. And written common food items (milk, bread, rice, pulses etc.) on cards in both language.  
common food items flash cards
Common food items flash cards ( korean-English)
  • For Pranjal (my little one), we had created a special multi language (Hindi, English, Korean) flash card series and written common conversation phrases in all three language. This series has helped her to learn some Hindi phrases as well. (She need some more practice in Hindi speaking as well)  
Korean-Hindi words
Korean-Hindi words
Multilanguage flash cards
Hindi-Korean flash cards
  • Angel (my elder one) has created a series with formal and informal ways to speak common phrases in Korean. In Korean, many common conversational phrases can be speak in both ways (formal and informal). She has made plenty of flashcards to quickly revised both ways to speak single sentence.  
formal-informal Korean conversation
Formal-informal Korean conversation

All and all it was a great experience and we three spend some quality together with this “DIY language learning flash card” activity.  

Did you had tried any kind of flash cards in your learning journey? What was your experience? Please share with me! 


  • Alpana Deo

    When I was teaching Hindi to some non-speaking kids, we used to keep flash cards handy and it helped them a lot for reference. Now when my daughter has taken Spanish at school, she also uses flash cards.

  • Anjali

    Learning a new language is undeniably enjoyable, and flashcards are especially entertaining. When the lockdown began, My son and I began learning a new language, Japanese, and it was becoming difficult for me. Then I made a flashcard, though my son suggested that there are apps for flashcards, and I said a bog No.. Making handy flashcards was a lot of fun, and now we can learn and spend time away from the screen.

  • Imagemakeover

    Flash card is a great way of learning new things and remembering it for a long time. I am planning to make them with my daughter as It is fun with learning. Your post has motivated me to do it today itself. So here we go.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Flashcards are surely a very helpful way to learn a new language. Instead of buying flashcards from the market, the whole process of making them yourself seems really fun and also a good learning opportunity.

  • romagptasinha

    Absolutely flash cards can wonderfully aid in learning a new language. I am so loving this series Surbhi and also the fact that you have decided to learn a new language with your daughti.

  • rakshanagaraj

    This is exactly what I need for sure. I have been struggling to learn Spanish for so many years but I think these flash cards will surely help me. Thank you, I am going to prepare these now and try them out.

  • Neha Tambe

    This is super interesting. I am sure making these flash cards must have been fun and a great learning experience in itself. Looking forward to hearing more about your Korean learning experience.

  • Milan Singhal

    As mentioned in the blog, flashcards are definitely one of the effective ways to learn and memorise things. Have used the technique with my kids and it works!!

  • Jhilmil

    Wow , that’s a very interesting and easy way to make our kids learn a lot of things without spending a fortune buying them online . Flash card works well for my teenager

  • Neha Sharma

    Using flash cards for learning a language sounds superb. I will also try this method with my son, he’s showing interest in learning French. I really liked the idea of making DIY flash cards. Now that Nemit can write well, I will ask him to make some himself. Thanks for the idea, Surbhi.

  • Kavita Singh

    I have been a crazy have of K dramas since last few years and this post brought a smile on my face with those written words:) What a wonderful way to learn a new language.

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