7 Effective tips to learn a new language!

7 tips to learn a new language
7 Tips to learn a new language

Hi everyone,  

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year. Hope you all had a relaxing and enjoying winter break.  

Here in California, the winter break was dominated by stormy weather, so we had spent most of the time inside together by enjoying various activities.  

Two weeks ago, I had shared my last post of 2021 as my wish list for  year 2022 ( 8 things that I want to accomplish in year 2022) . I am glad that many of you have found my wish list inspiring and interesting.  

Honestly, after writing and sharing my wish list with you all, I felt a sense of dedication and determination for completing the list. In fact, during winter break, I had already started working on few of these.  

During last week, we three (me and both girls) had started learning “Korean language” and had a great experience. It was an amazing learning experience and we had spent some quality together as a family. 

What are some incredible benefits of learning a new language? And what are some ways to make this “Language learning experience” easy and interesting? Read the post to know more! 

Benefits of learning a new language 

Learning a new language offer many benefits for students and grown-ups both. For students, it opens the door of new career opportunities and for grown-ups, it is an excellent way to explore a new culture and literature.  

Here are some amazing benefits of learning a new language: 

  • It stimulates your brain and helps in preventing mental aging. Learning a new language act as a challenging activity for your brain cells and create a new neural pathway in brain cells. While practicing and learning new grammar rules and vocabulary, you automatically improve your cognitive functions.  
  • Learning new language is also help in increasing attention span and improve your memory. For small kids, it is a great way to enhance their creativity and build a new set of vocabulary.  
  • In practical over-competitive world, learning a new language increases your career opportunities drastically. Nowadays, bi-lingual and multi-lingual individuals are high in demand. Multinational companies always give a preference to bi-lingual and multi-lingual candidates who can help them grow and expand their over-seas market.  
  • It might be surprising but learning a second language helps you in master your own language too. It helps in multiply vocabulary in your first language and improve your communication skills too.  
  • Learning a new language also help in improving problem solving skills and boost your self-esteem and confidence level.  
  • This is great way to learn, explore and appreciate other culture. Learning new language widen your travelling opportunities and help you in making a deeper connection with wider range of people on both personal and professional front.  

Check out this informative by that summarize “language learning benefits” so well.  

Benefits of language learning
Benefits of Language learning

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Though learning a new language offer many set of professional and personal benefits. But learning path is not as easy as seems. Definitely, it requires a proper set of pre-planning that includes a solid action plan and defined goals.  

Here are some easy to adopt ways and practical tips that can help you in learning a new language with ease and less stress.  

7 effective tips to learn a new language! 

7 tips to learn a new language
7 Tips to learn a new language

Be clear about your motive/purpose (find out your “WHY” factor) 

keep a clear vision/motive
keep a clear vision/motive

Mental preparation is key to achieve success in any area of life. The same thing applies to your “Language learning journey” as well.  there could be various reasons for learning a new language for different individuals. For some people, it might be an essential thing for their Carrer growth and exploring new career opportunity, while some may want to learn it just a hobby or for fun.  

Finding a clear purpose (or reason) is mandatory to stay motivated in your language learning journey with consistency and for longer period. As another effective alternative, you can write down your purpose on a piece of paper clearly and firmly. This small step will help you keep committed and motivated for achieving your language learning goals.  

Make a practical action plan that includes short term achievable goals 

make a action plan
Make action plan

There are various ways to learn a new language. Along with traditional and offline approach, nowadays various online and digital options (like language learning apps and other online resources) are also available that can help you in learning new language vocabulary while you on the go.

In order to be consistent in your language learning routine, it is important to make a solid action plan as per your individual learning style. Explore and analyze all various learning options such as reading textbooks, using an app, joining a class, or following a YouTube language tutorial and observe that works best for you. If you are thinking about using online resources, you could take a look at resources like the GetEducated.Online’s Review to see whether or not this could be a good platform for you to consider for your online learning. 

After exploring all options, make a language learning action plan and set some short-term achievable goals.  This step will give you a clear vision and help you in stay motivated towards your language learning journey.  

Start with language basics and focus on learning basic phrases and commonly used words!

learn language basics
Learn language basics

Now, it is the time to get started with actual learning.  for easing the extra stress, it is best to Divide your language learning in various categories. Such as:  

  • Learning basics that includes history of language, alphabet etc. Learning alphabet creates a solid foundation that helps in building writing and reading skills related to selected language.  
  • Next focus on learning and memorizing basic and commonly used phrases and words such as: sorry, thank you, how are you? Etc.  

Take your time and keep practice the basics properly for few days. When you learn some basic phrases initially, it boosts your confidence level and you feel more encouraged to move on next level.  

Work on building vocabulary and learn basic grammar rules

build vocabulary
Build vocabulary

This one is next important step to take your learning journey one step further. Building a wide word vocabulary is must to learn and understand any language better. For being better organized, it is best to categorized words and vocabulary in different categories such as food items, animal-birds, emotions, body parts, etc.  

Try to build a set of 100- or 200-word vocabulary in the beginning. Learning a good set of basic vocabulary will help in creating a basic foundation and increase your confidence level to move on next level.  

Along with basic vocabulary, try to focus on basic sentence structure and learn some basic grammar rules. Though, it seems like a boring part, but learning “Basic grammar rules” is must for making your language learning journey smoother.  

Practice basic & short conversation 

practice conversation
practice conversation

After learning basics, learning a new language is all about “Practicing the conversation” and making it a part of your daily routine. Creating a language learning atmosphere is must for keeping your learning momentum on. If you are learning a new language as a family, you can practice small and basic conversation with each other. Or you can take a help of your friend (if he/she is native speaker of that language), to be fluent in basic conversation.  

Many times, people feel hesitant in speaking new words and phrases in another language and feel stressed that “they will make mistake” but breaking this barrier is must to learn and gain a confidence in new language learning. The more you practice, the better you get end results.  

Consume media (movies, music) & read literature, books and get online help

consume language media
consume language media

This is another exciting way to make your language learning journey interesting. Consuming media like watching movies and listening music is best way to create a connection with language. Consuming media improves your listening skills and help you in understand pronunciation pattern. This small step teaches you many important skills that help in speaking and understanding a new language better.  

Keep a creative approach (like using language learning flash cards etc.) 

use flash cards
use flash cards

Language learning may become a boring and overwhelming experience, if you did not keep a creative approach while learning. This step become most important, when kids are involved in your learning journey. 

 Kids want something exciting and interesting ways to keep the learning momentum on. You can use flash cards or can make language learning charts by using colorful pencils and marker. Adding these visual attractions, keep kids creatively engaged and inspire them to stay motivated for longer period.  

Personally, I am using these ways to teach my girls Korean and Hindi language simultaneously. Last week, we had made some “DIY flashcards” for language learning. How to make this language learning flash cards? And how to use them to enhance your learning journey? Will share all this information in next post. So, stay tuned! 

So, these are easy tips to learn a new language. What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 


  • Alpana Deo

    That’s so cool. Learning a new language is also fun. I have learnt Spanish and the entire process was so satisfying. I gave watched a couple of Korean dramas and I like them a lot.

  • Tina Basu

    These are very good tips you have mentioned. Both me and my son are learning French and Italian currently on an app. I think daily practice also helps considerably.

    • Priyal

      These tips are very useful. A very insightful post when we want to learn any language. Thanks for sharing about it with us

  • Debidutta Mohanty

    Learning a new language is always fun and challenging. Moreover, learning a foreign language has several other benefits. I loved the way you have highlighted benefits for all the age groups.Lovely post and quite handy tips.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    It is always useful and fun to learn a new language, and more so if you travel around like we do.It alwys helps if you are familiar with the local language. Your tips are really useful tools to quickly learn the basics of a new language.

    • Neha Sharma

      These are such helpful & practical tips, Surbhi. I was not aware that learning a new language has so many amazing benefits. Since last few months, I have been thinking about learning the Korean language but I am not sure how & from where to begin.

    • energeticreads

      Thanks for sharing this. Learning new language is great but one should know how to proceed. It helps us learning alot about new culture, place, and much more.

  • Imagemakeover

    These are some very good suggestions. Recently I have started learning Kannada with my younger one as it has become her second language. And I tell you it is not just good for your memory but makes you feel empowered.

  • Indiacafe24

    After reading this post I am motivated now and on a serious note wish to learn a new language. Now tell me which language should I learn and can use the same in a new additional career path

  • Jeannine

    Interesting article! I myself have tried learning other languages but didn’t have the heart in doing so. I guess that’s the reason why I didn’t succeed as well. Having the will to learn is really important. I’m now married for almost 10 years with my husband who speaks a different Filipino dialect (Bisaya) yet I still just know a few words of it. haha…

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    Those are some handy tips. Did you know that I have a good understanding of two foreign languages – German and Korean? I had the privilege of living in Korea and also making some local friends, so my vocabulary improved faster than I had imagined.

  • MeenalSonal

    Learning a new language with a motive helps us to stay focussed in the goal. You have presented all the factors very well of learniung a new language. At initial stages it may seem tough but gradually we start enjoying the new language. I am learning French with my daughter.

  • Noor Anand Chawla

    I learnt and cleared my Level B2 in French when I was much younger. It definitely helps to have an action plan in place before you start this journey.

  • rakshanagaraj

    These are such helpful tips. I have been trying to learn Spanish for a very long time and I have struggled. Maybe because I did not focus on small and short phrases and I just wanted to jump and start talking from day 1. I will try this approach and see how I progress.

  • Radhika Jindal

    You’re right. One should learn a new language and build up the skills. I also wanted to learn but i focus more on learning the language English and keeps on improving the vocab.

  • Rakhi Parsai

    Learning a new language is utmost important and beneficial for everyone. I have been contemplating to learn a new language for a long while now these tips are quite helpful for me.

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