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#Productreview: Zoe’s One day detox review- A great way to get started with detoxification process!

Zoe's one day detox review
Zoe’s one day detox review

Detox is a popular trend in health-wellness and even in fashion industry. Nowadays, large number of people are opting and exploring new ways to cleanse their body system naturally and making this process a part of their routine lifestyle.  

As per definition, “Detoxification or detoxication (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.”  

In simple words, it is a process of short-term (usually) dietary intervention that involves a period of fasting, restrictions of unhealthy, processed food and inclusion of vegetable-fruit juices, herbal tea and water in diet. Detox aims to cleanse your body by eliminate toxins from body and adding more nutrition rich food in body. 

Claimed benefits of detox 

Though there is lack of scientific evidence, but it is believed and claimed that detox offers many benefits for our overall health and wellness, which includes:  

  • Detox helps in improving metabolism and digestion. And works great in relieving symptoms of digestive upset (like constipation, bloating etc.) 
  • Helps in cleansing your body system and flush out the toxins from body. 
  • You will have more energy and improved stamina. 
  • Great for reducing pain, inflammation and other muscular symptoms (like muscle aches, headache etc.) 
  • Promotes healthy, clear skin and improve skin complexion. 
  • Helps in strengthen immune functions and support natural detoxication by liver. 
  • Offer great help in weight loss process as it helps in eliminating unhealthy (and processed) food from diet and adds more nutrition rich food in diet.  
  • Improves mental health and uplifted mood. 

Being a holistic therapist and a health-conscious person, I was always interested in exploring more about the different aspects (mostly practical) of detox process and its amazing benefits. 

 Recently, when I got an opportunity to collaborate with India’s leading health-wellness brand Zoe- Nutrition for life, I felt a sense of excitement. They had approached me to try and review their “one day detox program” that aims to offer a natural cleanse to your body and improve your physical and mental well-being.  

As I am in USA, I had discussed this opportunity with brother (he stays in India and highly passionate about fitness things). 

He has said “Yes” excitedly to give a try to “One day detox kit by Zoe”.  

What are some unique features of Zoe’s one day detox kit?  what is our personal experience with this detox kit? Read the post to know more! 

Before sharing more on this, here is a brief information about brand Zoe and their impressive philosophy! 

About Zoe 

Zoe, meaning ‘life’ in Greek, is a nutrition-first foods, beverages & personal care brand. They are committed to enhancing your life by making nutritionally rich foods for you every day, foods that will remarkably improve your overall health, wellness, nutrition, happiness and well-being. Their foods have phenomenal life-uplifting properties, making it the best choice for you and your family. 

What is inside Zoe’s one day detox kit? 

Zoe’s 1 Day Detox contains 12 items to be had on the Detox Day. All products are made from clean, real and whole ingredients. They had kept a minimal processing approach for their products and don’t add anything artificial flavors or ingredients in this detox pack.  

This detox box covers the meal for whole day and you do not need to consume anything except what you get inside the box.  

Here is a list and timing of items that you need to consume with “One day detox kit” of Zoe.  

Feel the magic: sweet orange and sesame seeds oil oulling
Feel The Magic
Sweet Orange and Sesame Seeds Oil Pulling:  6AM-8 AM 
Feel the youth rose & sandalwood face pack
Feel the youth organic rose & sandalwood face pack      6 AM-8 AM 
feel the fuel almond and raisin muesli with yogurt .milk
Feel The Fuel Muesli with Milk / yogurt
  8 AM-10 AM 
feel the optimism organic kashmiri green tea
Feel The Optimism Organic Kashmiri Green tea
10 AM- 11 AM                  
feel the bliss bael juice
feel the bliss bael juice 
11 AM- 12 PM 
feel the win cinnamon & chia seeds detox water
Feel the win cinnamon & chia seeds detox water
12PM – 1 PM
Feel the goodness detox Darjeeling green tea
1PM- 2PM
Feel the Zeal organic sattu soup
2 PM- 4 PM
feel the growth carom and cumin seeds detox water
Feel the growth carom & cumin seeds detox water
4 PM- 6 PM
feel the passion phalsa juice
Feel the passion phalsa juice
6 PM- 7 PM
feel the purpose aam panna
Feel the purpose aam panna
8 PM- 9 PM
feel the love yoga tea
feel the love yoga tea
9 PM-10 PM

This detox kit is inspired by Ayurveda concept of fasting that stat: 

Fasting once a week is an age old Ayurvedic principle to a long and healthy life. Zoe’s detox is designed to give your digestive system a day’s break, without making you starve or feel hungry.” 

 Personal experience 

My brother has used this “One day detox kit” last weekend and had a good experience with it. Here are some highlighting points about his experience with the kit.  

As per his feedback, here are some unique and impressive features of “Zoe’s one day detox box”.  

Unique features of “Zoe’s one day detox box” 

Proper packaging with inclusion of diet chart 

This detox box has been packaged with proper precautions and they had maintained a higher level of standard in packaging all stuffs. The box contains a diet chart that explained everything well and help you in follow this detox diet easily. Additionally, they also offer a free phone facility through which you can talk to their expert team and can clear any doubts regarding following this detox diet.  

All products are natural and have supreme quality  

This is second impressive point of this detox kit. All products that have used in kit have excellent quality. They had used all natural products and kept this box free from artificial ingredients.  

Quantity is perfect and well-measured as per one day detox schedule 

All products have been well-measured and perfect for one day detox schedule. It reduces your stress and anxiety regarding “quantity measure” and can be a great help if had a busy routine or an absolute beginner for “Detox process”.  

Great for beginners who want to explore “Detox” process with baby step 

This detox kit is great for beginners who want to give a try to “Detox” process and want to gather an experience, how it can work for them? This “One day detox” kit is a great option to get started with proper detoxication.              

Detox day experience 

My brother has planned well for this detox day and select the Saturday for following this one-day detox program. As this could be overwhelming and tiring experience with hectic routine, so he advised to follow this detox routine, when you have a day off to work or have a less pressurized routine. Also, prepare yourself mentally to follow the routine.  

First, in morning he had a great refreshing experience with oil pulling and face mask application. Oil pulling is great for removing toxins for oral cavity and he had a good experience with sweet orange and sesame seed oil pulling. Instant glow face mask is also amazing and give a refreshing feeling on skin after application. Both rituals awesome and give a great start to your day.  

Breakfast time, he has consumed “muesli with yogurt and milk”. Muesli has a great taste and gives a light-refreshing feeling.  

Since afternoon to evening, there is a combination diet of various juices, teas and soups, that he has followed as per given time. In afternoon, he has felt little weakness as there is no solid in diet. But he had maintained a good level of hydration by drinking enough water and take enough rest that helped him to follow the routine without interruption.  

Among all juices and soups, he liked the taste of “Bael juice” and “Organic satto soup” most. These both things help in managing hunger pang and maintain a good energy level despite not having any solid in diet.  

He has completed the whole day detox schedule successfully by following listed diet chart and found it quite manageable, if you plan well, it in advance. The one-day detox schedule has given him a good break from routine diet and he had an overall great experience with it.  

Tips to complete “One day detox schedule” successfully  

  • Plan ahead for detox day. Try to follow this routine on day when you have relaxed routine or off to work.  
  • Read and understand “Diet chart” properly and follow the timings as mentioned.  
  • Consult your doctor, if you have any chronic disease or have a not so good experience with fasting in past.  
  • Maintain a good level of hydration. Drink enough water to avoid a state of dehydration.  
  • Do not expect sudden or miraculous weight loss with one day detox. Take this “One day detox” as an experience, if it works well for you, you can make it a part of your routine lifestyle. You can try Zoe’s one month detox program that will help you detox once in a week with ease and less stress.  


As a conclusion, I would say “Zoe’ s one day detox box is a great option to get started with detoxication process. This one-day detox box contains high quality natural products that gives you a perfect opportunity to detox your body naturally. It is also an amazing option for beginners who want to explore detoxification process with baby step. We had a satisfying experience with this one-day detox box and detox schedule and would love to give this a try in future as well.” 

If you are interested in purchasing this kit, you can get:  

Get 20% off on Zoe detox products with code SURBHI20 
Follow the links given below for more information: 
Zoe Nutrition for Life – 
Zoe One Day Detox – 
Zoe One Month Detox – 


This post has been written for education purpose only. It did not intend to cure or treat any disease aliment or solution for weight loss process. Always consult your doctor before starting any new diet or make any changes to your routine diet or existing medication.  

This is all for now.  

Did you have tried “Detox” before? What was your experience with it? Please with me! 

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