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#Myfriendalexa, #themereveal- “Incredible Homeopathy”- All you need to know about it!

Finally the wait is over and it’s time to get start with #Myfriendalexa season 4.

I am so happy and excited to be a part of this awesome blogging campaign once again . Thanks a lot to blog chatter for hosting this campaign and hats off to whole blog chatter team for the excellent format of #Myfriendalexa and I am sure it’s time of high adrenaline rush in blogging community.

What is MyfriendAlexa?

Myfriendalexa is a yearly blogging campaign hosted by team blogchatter with an aim to support bloggers by increasing the Alexa ranks of their respective blogs. The campaign is not only about writing blog posts but reading, interesting with other bloggers and most importantly taking your blog to next level with all these one month effort.

You have to write 8 posts compulsory for being eligible to be a part of it and along with you have to read 10-12 blogs everyday for making your participation complete and successfully. Sharing, interacting are other fun part of this awesome blogging campaign.

With this 1 month long campaign, you will a chance,

  • To share your areas of expertise with others
  • To learn something new from each other’s experience
  • To explore new blogs and make new friends
  • To take your blog to next level

All and all a win- win situation for all bloggers.

My Experience with MyfriendAlexa season 3

I had participated in this last year and had a great learning experience with so much fun.

My theme for campaign was “Diabetes awareness” and I had received so much love and appreciation for my blog posts. Thanks a lot to all my readers and blogging friends for appreciating my efforts. And again a big Thanks to blog chatter for providing us a such an excellent platform for sharing our areas of expertise.

Theme reveal for this year’s Alexa

Now, we had reached on most exciting part of this blog post and that is again a subject that is close to my heart, in fact it is my professional identity.

I am a homeopathic therapist by profession with more than 5 years of clinical and teaching experience in same field.

I am sure you all would be agree that homeopathy is one of the best alternative mode of treatment and people are nowadays adopting this mode of treatment because of its various advantages such as,

Free from side effects

Cure from root

In expensive and easy to take

And so many others.

Another side, it is little bit a subject of controversy too in some countries. There are group of people who think that homeopathy has only placebo effect and it’s not a good mode of treatment.

So, being a qualified therapist, I had thought to keep a theme that will revolve around all important aspects of homeopathy and that is,

Incredible homeopathy”

I am writing 8 blog posts for Myfriendalexa that will cover all important aspect of homeopathy. Such as,

What is homeopathy?- An overview

Learn the basic principles of homeopathy

Why case taking is so important in homeopathy?

Ways to dispense medicines in homeopathy

Homeopathy for hair and skin

Goodness of homeopathy- why it is a good alternative choice of treatment ?

Homeopathy- Pros and cons

So, ya I am all set and requesting you to stay tuned in month of September, I am sure you will learn a lot about homeopathy.

My writing hashtag is #HomeopathywithSurbhi and reading hashtag is #Surbhireads

The series is also about asking any questions or doubts about homeopathy. Please feel free to ask any questions related to theme and I will try to answer it with my best possible efforts.

Also, please share your feedback too, it means a lot to me

.stay tuned!

I am taking my blog to next level with #Myfriendalexa season 4, hosted by blogchatter.


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