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#NYR2019- My New Year Resolution, “Be Grateful, Be Thankful”

Life is so unpredictable, so be grateful for every moment”

I am sure we all had heard this sentence so many times since our childhood.

But I had realised the true beauty and meaning of this statement this year.

In fact, this is my new year’s resolution that I meant not just for me but my kids too.

And here I am excited to share my post for New Year blog train as a topic, “Honey, I grew up the kids- resolutions not just for me but my kids too!”

Before sharing the exact thought behind my resolution, I want to share something about my personality trait. I am a typical “plan ahead” kind of person. I usually plan each and every kind of event, activity, to-do, on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

I had been doing this since my childhood days. And I could say confidently, that this habit has made my life way easier.

Another side, this “Planning obsession” has created some emotional issues too.

With this planning obsession, I had developed a tendency to get the things done in my own way (also on decided time). Over the time, this habit has made me a kind of person who always set a higher set of expectations for my family and me.

 With this obsession,

  • I had stopped enjoying random and spontaneous happenings.
  • I feel sad and disheartens if I did not get or achieve the things, which I had planned.
  • In fact, with my kids I had felt same kind of emotions, when set expectations did not meet those standards.

So, to overcome this “being planned and organized person obsession” I want to make a different New Year resolution not only for myself but for my kids as well. And I am hoping that this resolution will help me cultivate greater awareness about my emotions.

I want to commit myself that,

Life is so unpredictable, and you never know what is coming next. Sometimes it is a beautiful journey that makes you feel happy and positive each day. And sometimes it is a kind of struggle that will show lots of up and down each day. So, don’t ever get too comfortable. Always be ready for change.”

 Sometimes it is completely ok

  • To go with flow,
  • To not get the things done
  • To not achieved the set goals
  • To not be the part of rat race

Rather than being a typical planner of each and every moment, I want to learn (and teach the same thing to my kids as well) that,

Life is unpredictable. So it is just better to live every moment with gratitude and enjoy life to its maximum”.

This is my New Year resolution. What’s yours? Please share!

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