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5 Ways why “Opposite attracts” and stay Together!

Before sharing the exact thoughts on this post, I want to share an honest confession.

Being an introvert, I rarely write or share my feelings about close family members.

Personally, I believe when it comes to share or express your love for your dear ones, “A deep silence” is more powerful than words.

Just a pause and mild teary eyes express a lot,

And you can convey your all love and care your closet family members.

It is a kind of unconditional love and uttermost care (for our most loving family members) that cannot describe in the words.

It is a bond that is way easier to feel than express.

But now, it’s time for a change, and reasons are multiple.

First it is the month of February and with valentine day celebration and all, “Love is in the air””

Second, this week, on 15 Feb, we had celebrated our 15th marriage annivarsary.

And last, I am participating in the V day blog train hosted by Vartika from Vartika’s and Prerna from

So, itna share karna to banta hai.

Our story

We got married 15 years ago. And during these 15 years of amazing journey, we had spent all kinds of moment together. Lots of up and down and lots of joy and happiness

If I define our relationship in term of differentiate in personality trait, I would say we share more a kind of “Opposite attract” equation.

I am a typical driver kind of person, and he is so patient and calm.

I am a planner in the family and he is the executer.

I am stubborn by nature and he is more adjusting and flexible

I get bored so easily with things, and he always like the same kind of set-up and routine.

I am a multitasker and can manage various things all together and he is exact opposite it.

Despite these different personality traits, we have a stronger relationship and most of the time we do understand each other’s feeling and concern even without expressing with words.

This “Opposite attracts equation” helps a lot us in expanding each other’s horizon. Here are few things that I truly enjoyed about this equation.

I had learnt and adopt the habits that I always wish I had

Of course, as an individual we all want to improve ourselves and want to adopt the habits or practice that is not the part of our existing personality. When you had a partner you possess a trait or characteristic that is opposite to you, you will get a chance to learn or adopt the new habits and practices.

Personally, I had observed the same thing in our relationship. I was an impatient, spontaneous person years ago, but during these last 15 years, I had learn a lot from him, I become a more patient and hard working person. Now, I would be able and judger more the practical aspect of any problem.

And all these improvements are definitely due to our “Opposite attract personality trait”

You will have a higher level of compassion and tolerance in the relationship

It is a well-known fact that when we make friends or build a relationship, it is way easier to get along well with the persons who have similar kind of personality trait as we had. Of course, initially it is hard to make a loving bond and in depth relationship, with the person who has opposite personality trait than us. But in longer run, this opposite attract equation helps you to understand and adore the differences, that results in building a higher level of tolerance, compassion and love in relationship.

It create a sort of spice and spontaneity in relationship

Life and relationship will be boring if we had everything as planned or predicated.

Expecting the certain result happens when we have a partner who is carbon copy of yourself.

Having a partner who has opposite personality traits added unpredictability to your life and extra spice to our relationship.

You will have a balanced life with better co-ordination in sharing responsibilities

Of course, we all want a happy family that have a stronger foundation of love, faith, belief and care as core values.

When a couple share a strong relationship that complements each other, have fair chances to run a happy and balanced family.

I think, with this opposite personality traits we complement each other so well and share a good level of co-ordination in handling the parenting and household responsibilities.


As a conclusion I would say,

“No relationship in this world is perfect. We all have our own flaws and differences as an individual and as a partner too. It does not matter whether you are “Opposite attract “or “great minds work alike” kind of couple?

It is all about the trust, understanding, unconditional love and passionate care that you share for each other.

A great relationship is about the find out the similarities and respecting the differences of opinion.

Relationships get stronger when both partners are willing to understand mistakes and forgive each other.

With these tiny steps we can build a stronger foundation of relationship and can run a happy, healthy and loving family.

I truly believe in the power of these mantras?

What are your thoughts on it? Please share!

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(I had written the post on prompt, “Opposites attract, great minds think alike-what types of couple are you?)

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  • alpanadeo

    Marriage or ant kind of relationship needs adjustments. We rather call them compromises but I see them as finding balance and maintaining an equilibrium. It’s not about you or me. It’s about “us”. And to make it successful, both have to put sincere efforts.

  • Snehal

    Such a beautiful and touching post! I am glad that you shared it and I could witness you share your feelings being an introvert.. beautiful pics and god bless you dear! ❤️

  • praggattirao

    Very aptly put points Surbhi. I liked that idea of spontaneity and celebrating the differences that come with two opposite type of people bonded to a lifetime of love and companionship. I agree that nothing beyond trust and unconditional love matters more

  • Ramya

    My belated anniversary wishes. By the way, we are celebrating our 11th anniversary in a few days. Myself and my spouse have opposite traits and yes, as you said, this adds spice to the relationship.

  • jameela

    Hey Happiee belated 15th anniversary Surbhi, I’m sure all this year’s u’ve put a lot into Ur relationship with those 5 reasons of opposites attract, n evolved as d most loving n compassinate couple❤ I really liked d idea of writing down those 5 reasons… Gud work..?

  • Varsh

    I loved your points, Surbhi. Partners taking the best from each other and celebrating their differences is what makes marriages work through the hardest times. Enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    • Shivani

      Both the partners bring their traits in the relationship. Yours is a case of complementary association which seems to work beautifully for you. Nicely written

  • My Words My Wisdom

    very detailed and useful advice. relationships are easy and complicated both, depending on the way they are being handled. I really liked points you highlighted about celebrating the relationship over the years.

  • nooranandchawla

    I really identify with each point you have made here. It’s never a simple task to put couples in one of two categories- completely opposite or completely alike. They will necessarily be a bit of both. It’s most important to learn from each other and grow in tandem. Congratulations on completing 15 years together!

  • silja

    Wonderfully pen down. I totally agree with the opposite attracts works very well compare to alike… because somewhere u get to learn from each other & this process keep on renewing the love in relationship

  • Anagha Yatin

    Appreciate your courage to write about, analyse the relationship that is most sacred, intimate and private in nature, Surabhi.
    As rightly indicated by you, its doesnt matter if the relationship is true to any of the adage or the proverb. What matters is it continues to be a win win for both the partners.

  • lifewithmypenguin

    Being an introvert coming out loudly on personal fonts aren’t easy, I know that. But you shared it, and am glad to read it Accommodating other’s views and opinions and respecting them strengthen the relationships. And opposites do attract and stick together.

  • Aakriti

    Such an insightful blog post. It isn’t always a cake walk to handle a relationship when there are two different personalities. And what will fun if we don’t live on the edge ?

      • Maya Bhat

        No couples are ever similar to each other because both come from different backgrounds whether it be love or arranged marriage. Marriage becomes beautiful when we learn to respect differences and be open to some changes in life ☺️. Great write up ❤️

  • Anshu Bhojnagarwala

    So, so true, Surbhi! Opposites attract and stay together, I believe that too! And I agree every relationship is far from perfect and you need to work on it continuously, but the rewards you get are multifold. Congratulations on your 15th and hope you celebrate many more.

  • Vartika Gakhar

    First things first Surbhi, I agree this is the first post I read from you about the relationship and especially with your husband. You have beautifully portrayed the emotions. Thanks for being a part of this train.

  • AuraOfThoughts

    Your post pours out a great essence of how relationship of a husband and wife can go along with hand in hand. I too believe your each word…thanks for sharing a beautiful journey !


  • Prerna Wahi

    Loved your beautiful story and may God bless you. We too are opposites to a large extent and could so relate to your story. Loved the use of personal pictures in your post!

  • Keerthana

    Beautiful Surabhi!! You made it to 15 awesome years together. What else can prove that you guys are made for each other!! I loved the part that a pause and deep silence with slight tears conveys love. Just love it!! I wish you a best happy anniversary belated!!

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