Product review

Local sparrow spices and cold pressed oil: Great quality products to elevate your culinary experience!

Product review: local sparrow spices and cold pressed oil

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art” 

So true.  

Making a healthy and wholesome meal for your dear ones is an art. It requires a combination of various amazing skills ranging from shopping for the right ingredients to creating a perfect balance of taste and distinct flavors.  

If you are a healthy cooking enthusiast like me, then you must know that selecting high quality ingredients is key to making your food tasty as well as nutritious.  

Especially for Indian cooking, it is important to use flavorful, fresh spices and great quality cooking oil to create dishes that suits everyone’s palate and at the same time provide balanced nutrition as well.  

Recently, I have gotten an amazing opportunity to review India’s leading brand for spices and cold pressed oils, named on my blog. 

As I am in USA, so my family has received these products on my behalf. My sister-in-law has been using these spices and oil for quite a few days and having a great experience.  

What are the unique features of local sparrow’s spices and cold pressed oil? And what is our experience with it? Read on to know more.  

Before diving deep into it. First, let’s talk about the brand and its mission for creating clean, authentic spices and oils.  

About the brand  

Local Sparrow is here with authentic, flavorful, Spices and oils form the foundation of our everyday food. Local Sparrow is an attempt to offer you superlative aroma, flavor and food which is clean and full of life. They have an audacious goal of bringing in the same year spice harvests, spices which take pride in their provenance. Their oils are made in small batches and extracted from the choicest of heirloom seeds. 

They invited us to join in this journey of slow food, curated with love. They promise us it will change the way you look at spices & oils. 

What can you order from the local

Local sparrows have an incredible collection of cold pressed oils, whole spices, ground spices and natural sweeteners. Their website is clean and easy to navigate. You can scroll each section to explore different spices, oils and natural sweeteners.  

Here I am mentioning a few items for each category to give you an idea what you can order from this website.  

  • Whole spices: Kashmir kesar (saffron), sesame seed, alleppey green cardamom, Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, Malabar black pepper and many more. 
  • Ground spices: coriander powder, Byadagi red chili powder, Waigaon turmeric powder, Sankeshwari red chili powder. 
  • Natural sweetener: Sugarcane jaggery powder 
  • Cold pressed oils: cold pressed virgin coconut oil, cold pressed peanut oil, cold pressed sesame oil and many more.  

What have we ordered from Local

We have ordered following products from 

  • Kashmir kesar 
Local sparrow kashmir kesar
Local sparrow kashmir kesar
  • Sankeshwari red chili powder 
Local sparrow Sankeshwari red chili powder
Local sparrow Sankeshwari red chili powder
  • Malabar black pepper powder 
Local sparrow malabar black pepper powder
Local sparrow malabar black pepper powder
  • Sugarcane jaggery powder  
Local sparrow sugarcane jaggery powder
Local sparrow sugarcane jaggery powder
  • Cold pressed sesame oil  
Local sparrow cold pressed sesame oil
Local sparrow cold pressed sesame oil

Here is brief information about each product:  

Kashmir kesar: It is ++ Grade, Mongra, 100 % natural saffron. It has High aroma, and it offers Earthy, sweet and floral taste with no use of adulterants or coloring agents.  

Sankeshwari red chili powder: it offers superior Aroma and rich flavor, 100 % natural, 100% pure.  

Malabar black pepper powder: it is premium graded, 100% natural black pepper. It is bold in size, and it offers a subtle fruity aroma, sharp biting taste. There is no use of adulterants.  

Sugarcane jaggery powder: it is heirloom Cane variety, 100 % natural, 100% pure. There are no additives and adulterants. It offers Sulphur less sweet, earthy aroma with a complex flavor 

Cold pressed sesame oil: it is made of heirloom Seeds, 100 % natural, 0% additives. It has filtered rich, almost neutral flavor but with some nuttiness. 

Unique features of local sparrows’ spices and cold pressed oil!

Local sparrow spices and cold pressed oil
Local sparrow spices and cold pressed oil

Wide range of spices and cold press oils collection 

As I mentioned earlier, they have a wide range of collection of whole spices, ground spices, natural sweeteners and cold press oils. From cumin and mustard seeds to turmeric powder and different types of cold press oils (sesame, coconut, peanut etc.), you can order anything from their website from the comfort of your home.  

Focus on following authentic and sustainable practices  

Local sparrows offer curated spices and oils which are made by following authentic and sustainable practices such as multiple testing sessions, field visits, natural farming and post-harvest practices. The cold press oils are extracted in small batches to retain freshness, flavor and nutritional profile.  

 The brand has a noble mission of offering clean, fresh and authentic spices and cold pressed oils to their customers.  

100% Natural and pure  

Local sparrow products are free from harsh chemicals, preservatives and any addictive. The brand is committed to providing 100% natural, pure and safe products to their customers. To enhance customer satisfaction, they have shared product source, farming and extraction practices for each product in product description and you can check that, if you are interested in knowing source of origin and other facts about product before making a purchase.  

Personal experience  

Here is our personal experience regarding local sparrow spices and cold pressed oils.  

Eco-friendly packaging  

It is a well-known fact that plastic containers and plastic packaging are not only harmful for our health but for the environment as well. Still, many brands used that. Here, local sparrow has kept a thoughtful approach and used glass containers for packaging their spices and cold pressed. These glass jars look aesthetic and are a perfect eco-friendly option for packaging. We love this aspect of packaging and appreciate the brand’s gesture for saving the environment.  

High in quality (superlative aroma and potent) 

I am sure you all would agree that nowadays spices do not offer the typical aroma that we used to observe during our childhood days. But here again the local sparrow products distinguish themselves from other routine spices. They give a superlative aroma as soon as you open the jar. This distinct aroma shows that the brand has offered fresh and clean spices.  

Black paper, red chili powder and cold pressed sesame oils all have a unique aroma.  


Just like aroma, local sparrow spices and oil are great in taste too. They are flavorful and good enough to enhance the taste of your recipes at another level.  

Here are some unique features of each product that we have received. 

  • Malabar black paper powder: it offers a great aroma. Perfect for using in salads and soups.  
  • Red chili powder: it is spicier than routine red chili powder, great for using in various dishes especially curry, lentil etc.  
  • Cold pressed sesame oil: It is great in quality. It has a nice smell and adds a great taste to your recipes.  
  • Sugarcane jaggery powder: great taste and nice texture, perfect for using as a natural sweetener in various recipes tea, sweets etc.  


In conclusion, “local sparrow is a great brand for buying authentic, clean and fresh spices and cold press oils. The brand has used natural and pure ingredients and followed authentic and sustainable practices to enhance customer satisfaction. We had a satisfactory experience while using local sparrow spices (Malabar black paper, red chili powder), sesame cold pressed oil and sugarcane jaggery powder. I would highly recommend you check out their website to explore the amazing collection of spices and cold press oils. I am sure you will not be disappointed”.  

Sounds interesting! 

Check out their website here. 

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    • Imagemakeover

      People are quite conscious about their health so they know what they should eat and what not but if you have healthier options like local sparrow available it will make their life much more easier Thanks for sharing this Surbhi would love to try them out.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    All these items are kitchen staples and judging by your experience with the Local Sparrow products I think they offer superior quality and good value for money with their pure products and sustainable practices.

    • MeenalSonal

      Cold pressed oils are a healthier alternative than the refined and double refined oils for cooking. I haven’t heard of this brand but yes would definitely like to try out most of them. Thanks for sharing.

  • jeetjinder

    Never heard of Sparrow spices before, Surbhi. I would love to try their Kesar for sure and later the other spices as well. How do you get to know about these Indian brands living in the US? 🙂 Thank you for sharing the brand and the goodness in it.

  • Ruchie

    This is new brand for me and happy to know about it, as getting organic products is really tough now a days. Thanks a lot for sharing honest review.

  • Ambica Gulati

    I am hearing about this brand for the first time. I would certainly like to try the black pepper and the cardamom. I also looked up heirloom seeds and I must say Local Sparrow does a good job of sourcing.

  • Monidipa Dutta

    Hey, your blog post about Local Sparrow’s spices and cold pressed oils is fantastic! You’ve beautifully captured the essence of cooking as an art and highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Your personal experience and insights make it an engaging read. Kudos! ????????????

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    We are always on Lookout for Authentic Kashmir kesar (saffron) and based on your recommendation going to checkout Local sparrow this weekend .

  • Gleefulblogger

    We must appreciate the local produce as not only it’s closer to being nostalgic and aunthentic flavours but also free from radicals. I am all in for cold pressed oils, using extra virgin coconut oil in cold pressed form.

  • Radhika

    Heard a lot about natural sweetners like coconut n jaggery ..gonna check out from the brand as Recommended by you.
    I appreciated your efforts for the detailed product review and spreading the brand awareness. Thanks for sharing!

  • Samata

    These Days we are quite conscious about what we are consuming that we all look for natural organic items for our intake. What I can make out from your review is that the products are real gems and offers 100% natural and pure product best for our health. Although the brand is new but still will love to give it a try based on your recommendation.

  • Cindy DSilva

    Oh new brand. Haven’t heard of this one. I want to try the sugarcane jaggery powder for home use and eliminate white sugar completely. I checked their website. Quite a few things I can get from there.

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