Product review

Hummel India’s core Xk poly women hoddie: A stylish hoddie with comfort & durability!

Product review: Hummel India's core Xk poly women hoddie
Product review: Hummel India’s core Xk poly women hoddie

Hi everyone  

I am back with another product review post. 

Recently, I got an opportunity to review the renowned international sportwear brand Hummel. Hummel has launched their sport wear collection in India just few years ago and got incredible success due to high quality sport clothing, shoes and accessories. 

What is brand mission of Hummel India? What have we ordered from their website? And what is our personal experience with their product? Read the post to know more! 

What is Hummel India website? 

Hummel India is one stop destination to shop stylish and comfortable sportswear, gym wear, and athleisure for men and women online. You can play and enjoy sports with Hummel India’s wide range stylish sport wear. 

What can you order from Hummel India website? 

Hummel India has an amazing collection of men and women sport wear, shoes and accessories. Clothing collections include an incredible variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, training pants, shorts and much more. You can choose any product of your choice from the comfort of your home. The website is clean and easy to navigate. It has different sections from men and women sport items. Also, the website has a dedicated customer service section which explains the brand’s policy regarding return, exchange etc. very well. 

All sport clothing, shoes and accessories seem of high quality and made of high-quality manufacturing material. 

Additionally, Brand has offered amazing discount on many of their products. So, you can get great quality products at a discounted rate.  

What have we ordered from Hummel India website? 

We have explored various sections of Hummel India website and finally ordered core Xk Poly Women Hoodie from their website. 

Here is more detailed experience regarding core Xk Poly Women Hoodie from Hummel India. 

Product review: Hummel India’s core Xk poly women hoddie 

Product review: Hummel India's core Xk poly women hoddie
Product review: Hummel India’s core Xk poly women hoddie

Product specification  

Type: black color hoodie  

Material: polyester  

Sleeve: full sleeve  

Special features of Hummel India’s core Xk poly women hoddie 


In recent times, surge of social media has made fashion and style accessible to everyone. Now, gone are those days, when stylish and trendy sportwear are only for celebrities and high-profile people. Brands like Hummel India has made it possible that anyone can buy stylish sportwear and can enhance their appearance wherever they go. Hummel India’s Xk Poly women Hoddie looks stylish. You can pair it with any comfortable bottom and can enhance your style quotient immediately. 


Hummel India’s Xk Poly Women Hoodie is not just only stylish, but it is equally comfortable as well.  comfort is one of the prime elements that most people focus while buying a sportwear and Hummel India’s Xk Poly Women Hoodie excel in this element. 

Simple Minimalistic design 

Hummel India’s Xk Poly Women Hoodie has a simple and minimalistic yet elegant design. If you are someone who believes that simplicity is the best policy, then this Xk poly hoddie can be a great option for you. 

Great quality fabric  

This hoodie is made of great quality polyester fabric. Use of high-quality fabric is one of most impressive factors of Hummel India’s Xk poly women hoddie.  


Use of high-quality fabric makes this hoddie durable.  

Provide good ventilation  

This Hummel hoodie features a mesh lining for extra air ventilation. The hoddie has ribbed hem and sleeve cuffs for keeping you warm on crisp mornings, 

Offer excellent breathability 

Breathability is one of the most important factors when selecting sportswear or gym clothing. Hummel India’s Xk poly hoddie offer excellent breathability and keep you comfortable while walking, running or doing workout.  

Personal experience 

As the Hummel India website is user friendly and easy to navigate. So, we had no problem while placing the order. We have received our order on time with perfect packaging. I have gifted this hoddie to my sister-in-law and she is having an overall satisfactory experience with the hoddie.  

Look wise, Xk Poly Women Hoodie look same as it looks on Hummel India website. It looks stylish and can be considered as a great sportwear option. Thus, we are completely satisfied with this factor. We had a little issue with the size of hoddie. The size is slightly bigger than expected. Quality wise, the fabric is high-quality and feels comfortable while wearing.  

My sister-in-law is wearing this hoddie for her morning walk and workout and loving it. She is getting amazing compliments from friends due to the stylish appearance of this hoddie.  

All and all “Hummel India’s Xk Poly Women Hoodie is a great quality sportwear. If you are looking for a perfect balance of style and comfort in your sportwear, then you should check out the Hummel India’s sportwear collection. I am sure you will love it and will have a satisfactory experience with your purchase like we had”. 

If you are interested in learning more about it, then visit  

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