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DIY Candle making: A beginner’s guide to get started!

DIY Candle making: A beginner's guide to get started!
DIY Candle making: A beginner’s guide to get started!

Hi everyone  

Hope you all had a relaxing spring break. At my place, we had a fun time together and tried some new creative activities to make the spring break a fun filled learning experience.  

I had given two options to my little one. first is tie dye and second is DIY candle making and she has picked DIY candle making.  

We made beautiful DIY candles after a few trials and errors and we both are so glad about the end results.  

How can you make beautiful DIY candles at home? What supplies do you need and what is the step-by-step process? Read on to know more! 

DIY Candle making: A beginner’s guide to get started!

DIY Candle making: A beginner's guide to get started!
DIY Candle making: A beginner’s guide to get started!


Supplies needed for candle making
Supplies needed for candle making
  • Wax (Bee or soy wax): 2/3 cup or  
  • Fragrance oils of your choice: lemon, rose, jasmine or any other 
  • Containers or glasses  
  • Thermometer for measuring temperature  
  • Double boiler or microwave (depending upon your selected method for melting wax) 
  • Pitcher or jar for melting wax 
  • Wick and holding clips  
  • Hot glue gun (optional) for drying up candles.  

You can buy these supplies separately or can order a DIY candle making kit for convenience.  

We have ordered a DIY candle making kit from Amazon after exploring a few options. (#Nonsponsered) 

The kit has above mentioned all supplies along with a manual. The manual card has step by step instructions and precautions that you need to follow for making candles.  

Step by step method to make DIY candle 

  • First gather all supplies. Read the manual with your child (if you are doing it with your kid) and watch a few YouTube tutorials to get a proper idea about the process. 
  • Now, get started. As a first step, take out wick and remove the behind sticker. Use a hold clip and place the wicks on candle containers. (If you are making more than one candle) 
Place the wick on container
Place the wick on container
  • Next, measure the wax with a cup or with a measuring scale. Take wax as per your container size and the number of candles you are going to make. We have taken two small containers and for them, we have used 2/3 cup wax.  
Measure the wax
Measure the wax
  • Placed the wax in a pitcher (which we will use for melting wax) 
Place the wax in a pitcher
Place the wax in a pitcher
  • Now, move on the most important part of making candles and that is “Melting wax” 
  • You can melt wax by using two methods, either double boiler methods or by microwave. We have used both methods. Here is a detailed explanation and our personal experience.  

Melting wax by double boiler method 

  • First take a medium size vessel and pour water up to less than half. Then start heating it. Do not boil the water up to boiling point (when bubbles start to appear), keep it at simmer stage.  
heat the water
heat the water
  • Now, place your pitcher inside the vessel and wait for melting wax. Stir the wax in between to avoid getting it stick.  
Place the pitcher inside the vessel
Place the pitcher inside the vessel
Stir in between
Stir in between
  • It is recommended to measure the temperature of melting wax. When the melted wax temperature reaches 185-degree F, then you are supposed to add fragrance oil. The logic behind following these temperature parameters is that the wax should have an optimum temperature to blend well with the fragrance oil. Following this parameter, give the best result. Remember, this temperature point can have slight variation as per type of wax that you are using for making candles. Make sure to follow the manufactured instructions to get the best result. 
Measure the temperature
Measure the temperature
add the fragrance oil
add the fragrance oil
  • Next, take-out wax from heat and allow it to cool down at room temperature.  
  • Measure the temperature in between, when the melted wax temperature reaches 140-degree F, pour it into candle containers.
Pour the liquid wax into containers
Pour the liquid wax into containers
  • Keep your containers at room temperature for 24 hours for drying up to wax.  
  • After 24 hours, cut off the extra wick and then. your beautiful candle containers are ready to use for personal use or for gifting your dear ones.  
Cut the wick
Cut the wick
DIY candle
DIY candle
DIY candle
DIY candle

Personal experience 

We started with this method and have some problems with maintaining temperature parameters. I believe we added wax a little early, so the wax dried up before pouring.  

Honestly, it was a little disappointing for me and especially for my little one.  

We waited for a few minutes and then, I mustered the courage again and asked her to try the microwave method.  

I have explained her,  

“Making any new craft or product requires some sort of trials and errors. Sometimes you succeed with one attempt and sometimes, you need to try more than one time to get good results. The same principle applies to life as well. You will face many situations or challenges in life, where you may face failure with your first attempt but keep remember, every failure is a good chance to learn from your mistakes and try again with more enthusiasm and positive spirit.”

She understood this thing and agreed to try again with the microwave method.  

We have again watched a few videos with the microwave method.

Wax melting with microwave method

  • Now, precisely melted the wax by using microwave. This time, we heated the wax up tp 185-degree F and then added the Jasmine and lemon fragrance oils.  
Place the wax in microwave for melting
Place the wax in microwave for melting
Check the temperature
Check the temperature
  • After that we waited to cool down wax up to 140-degree F and then, pour the melted wax in containers.  
  • After a wait of 24 hours, our beautiful DIY candle containers were ready.  

Watch the video to learn step by step instructions

Tomorrow, Pranjal will give these DIY candles to her dearest friends Geethika and Maya as a gift. 

I am so happy that it was a great fun and learning experience for her.  

She has learnt a new creative activity.  

She has learnt an importance life lesson that “We should never give up in life” 

She has felt the warmth and goodness that handmade gifts carry.  

We both spent quality time together doing this activity.  

What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

Stay tuned for more exciting recipes and crafts.  

Stay healthy. Stay safe.  

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  • Harjeet Kaur

    A DIY candle making kit. Why don’t we have such things in India? Even i used to make with my daughter but with none of the items you have displayed. We just melted old candles, crayons for colour and some empty bottles for the candle.

  • Meetalikutty

    I am a big fan of candle making and have been doing it for the last year or so. I love how adding different scents, colours and flowers can change the overall look and feel. Love how simply you’ve explained the process so anyone can try their hand at it!

    • Kaveri Chhetri

      sounds like the DIY candle making was a big learning experience as well as a life lesson for your daughter Surbhi. Earlier I wanted to try it too but somehow the interest just waned off… after reading your post I am kind of motivated to try once again.

  • Anasua Basu

    I really love all DIY crafts and exercising each one of them by seeing you tube tutorials. And, I love candles. So, this is going to be an amazing treat to my shelves where I store my handmade products or crafts. Very true of what you said i you must watch you tube tutorials for a proper guide for our ventures.

  • Samata

    I am always inclined to creative work besides writing and painting and craft holds a special place in my life which I really enjoy and feel calm and relaxed. Its true that any craft when learning new there are chances of facing failure but we should not lose heart and work again to achieve the perfection. I will try out the DIY candle making as I have not tried yet … handmade gifts are unique and carries a true essence of love for the recipient. Thank you for motivating me to learn this art form.

  • Vasumathi

    I love DIY projects and learning something new. My college is off in May so it is a relatively free month and I had earmarked Candle making & Soap making for the holidays. Thanks for your tips, especially the personal experiences….iam sure that is gonna come in handy.

  • Shail Thosani

    I am very bad at making DIY. I have never tried making the candles but love using DIY candles. Reading your post even I want to give it a try now. Thanks for the detailed steps.

  • Zenobia Merchant

    Thank you for the detailed blog on making candles. I’m not much of a DIY person and my girls love making and creating stuff from scratch, will surely ask them to try candle-making through your post and update you.

  • Madhu Bindra

    We used to make candles when my daughter was younger. They are such beautiful and personalized gifts. The DYI sets are so convenient. Thank you for sharing the tips.

  • Anjali

    We engaged in soap-making activities over the spring break, and though I had initially planned to make candles too, my enthusiasm for the idea had waned. Your post has reignited my interest, and I am now feeling somewhat motivated to give candle-making another try.

  • Jeannin

    I’ve always want to learn how to make candles. This is a great personalised gift to make and something your receiver can also find useful. I’m happy you shared your experience and as much as I was sad as well with the outcome of your first trial, it’s also a great way to tell everyone that things can always go wrong when doing things. You just need to think outside the box to fix it (hence, using the microwave!) Great sharing!

  • Alpana Deo

    I have all the material for DIY candles at my home. I was going to make rainbow candles. Creating DIY is a great way to spend some relaxing time with our kids. They feel a sense of satisfaction seeing what they ave created and also learn many new life skills.

  • Ritu Bindra

    A DIY candle set is just so convenient. I recall making candles as a kid with mom. There is always a certain charm gifting handmade items to friends and family that any store bought gift cannot compare.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    I love candles and scented candles at that another level altogether can be therapeutic as once said by a celebrity too and maybe I will save some money when I make my own batches.

  • Shilpa Garg

    My sister tried her hands at making candles at home. But gave up after some attempts. Your steps and tips are really clear and elaborate and will help the beginners. Thanks for sharing, Surbhi.

  • MeenalSonal

    DIY gifts do carry the essence of true love. I liked the way you motivated your kids to keep going in DIY process. It do takes lots of patience to become an expert in particular thing.

  • Imagemakeover

    I will find DIY candle making kit as it looks so interesting and aesthetic too. My younger one will live it. I remember my summer vacation as a kid was full of creativity which kind of faded away. Thanks for this reminder.

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