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Product review: Saker electric mini chainsaw: An effective tool for courtyard, household & Garden!

In recent years, technological advancements have had a strong impact on various areas of life. From food to fashion and education to health, every aspect of life has been upgraded due to the involvement of technology and the latest gadgets.  

It is great that now we have several amazing gadgets and tech tools that help us in completing important household tasks and reduce our day-to-day hassle and  

If you have a small garden or backyard in your house, you know how hard it is to cut tree branches that grow in awkward places. Of course, chainsaw can be a great tool to solve this problem. However, handling a big chainsaw is not everyone’s cup of tea.  It is inconvenient to use and may cause injuries, if not handled properly.  

Thankfully, now we have a better option to cut the small trees, branches, shrubs and wood. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about mini chainsaw. A mini chainsaw is a perfect option for managing your minor household and gardening tasks like trimming the trees or cutting the branches.  

Recently, I have got an opportunity to review 2023’s top mini chain saw brand Saker’s Mini electric chainsaw. What are the special features of Saker’s mini chainsaw? And what is our personal experience with it? Read the post to know more! 

Product review: Saker electric Mini Chainsaw 

What is Saker mini chainsaw?

The Saker mini chainsaw is an effective tool for cutting tree branches, trimming trees, woodworking and helping in completing other handicraft projects. The Saker mini chain saw improves your work efficiency and helps a lot in various aspects of home improvement.  

What is in the box? 

You will receive a Saker electric mini chainsaw in a plastic storage box (suitcase style). The box has an electric mini chain saw, charging cord, two rechargeable batteries, a wrench, a screwdriver, oiling bottle and a user manual. It is important to read the user manual and understand all safety instructions before starting using the Saker electric mini chainsaw. 

About the brand  

Saker may be the new brand among many tool brands, but Saker staff are all passionate and devoted to cultivating this brand into a household logo in the American tool industry. 

Saker believes he can bring as much convenience and enjoyment as possible to every American family. Do our best to turn the troubles and dangers of industrial work in popular impression into high efficiency and safety in the modern sense. 

What are the special features of Saker mini chainsaw 

Lightweight and portable 

The Saker Mini Chainsaw is a light weight and portable tool. It weighs only 1.1 kg and is 4 inches in length. The Saker mini chainsaw is cordless and can be handled easily with one hand. It is a perfect option for completing small gardening tasks like cutting tree branches or trimming the trees. Due to lightweight, it can be used by women and elderly easily.  

Easy to assemble 

You receive all the accessories needed for assembling the chainsaw in a small suitcase. You will get a detailed manual guide with detailed instructions. The instructions are clear and help you assemble the Saker mini chainsaw in a few minutes.  

High quality guide chain for smooth cutting 

  The Saker Mini Chainsaw has a strong dynamic system. It is equipped with a high-quality guide chain that undergone a deep quenching process and helps in smooth cutting of wood and tree branches.  

Use of upgraded copper wire high efficiency motor 

The Saker mini chainsaw has a pure copper motor which offers excellent efficiency and gives the best results. With this powerful copper motor, you can perform different cutting tasks and can use it for several hours. High efficiency copper motor leads to less wear and tear and extends the lifetime of mini chain saw.   

Rechargeable electric batteries 

The Saker mini electric chainsaw is equipped with a 20V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Which provides a long charge time and reduces the need for frequent charging.  

Safe to use  

Saker mini chainsaw contains a safety lock which must be pressed before using a chainsaw. It provides efficient safety and reduces the risk of accidental injuries.  

Excellent Heat Dissipation and temperature reduction 

Saker mini chain saw has an Excellent ventilation and heat dissipation design. This design works great in temperature reduction and prevents the motor from burning out.  

Splash Guard Design provide great safety 

The Saker mini chainsaw has a safety protective bezel. It helps in protecting your safety when cutting and trimming branches. It can effectively prevent the sawdust from splashing. 

Excellent customer care services 

Finally, Saker mini chainsaw provides excellent customer care services. If you have any problem with the quality of the product or have a problem in using it properly. You can contact the customer care services and they will help you promptly to resolve the existing issues.  

How to use it & how it works? 

Before starting using it, you need to place the batteries in a mini chainsaw. After that, you should push the safety button and then, you all good to go for starting your first woodcutting or handcrafting project with Saker electric mini chainsaw. 

Here are some images to understand the functionality of Saker electric mini chainsaw. 

Personal experience 

Here is our detailed personal experience regarding using the Saker mini chainsaw.  

Perfect packaging and arrived on time 

We have received our order on time with perfect packaging. All the accessories have been packed nicely in a mini suitcase. So, there is no issue with packaging or delivery of product.  

Inclusion of manual guide for easy installation  

At my place, my husband is highly enthusiastic about trying new tech tools and gadgets. When we received our Saker mini chainsaw, he assembled it quickly within few minutes, after reading the instruction from the manual guide.  

Easy to handle  

Next, the mini saw is extremely lightweight and portable, so we had no problem in handling and performing tasks. I believe anyone can use it efficiently because of its easy handling. 

Amazing functionality 

I had never used any kind of chain saw before, so I was little apprehensive how it works. To get a practical experience and check its functionality level, we went to our backyard and started using it for cutting small tree branches and it worked great. The Saker mini chainsaw cut the tree branches within a few minutes without putting much effort.  

Powerful battery life 

I have observed previously that many rechargeable gadgets often have problems with battery life and create a problem while using them. However, the Saker mini chainsaw is an exception in this aspect.  We would be able to use it for a longer time, due to powerful battery life. So, no issue regarding repeated or frequent charging.  

High quality construction material 

The Saker chainsaw is made of high-quality construction material which makes it sturdy and looks like quite a durable option to use.  

Storage box is another great addition 

Storage box is also a great addition which helps in easy carry and storing the chainsaw. You can carry it while on the go and can store it properly with the help of this storage box.  

Great gift option 

 Saker electric mini chainsaw is a perfect gift option too. You can use it as a gift for your friends or family members who love DIYing or are passionate about gardening.  

Check out this video to understand more about the functionality of Saker electric mini chainsaw. 

Will save your money 

Cutting and trimming tree branches is an important aspect of backyard and garden management. You might require professional help for this task which may cost lots of money. The Saker electric mini chainsaw works great in this aspect and completes various gardening maintenance tasks with minimum effort. It does not only reduce your stress but saves money as well.  

Great option for women and elderly 

Lastly, because of being lightweight, it is a great tool option for women and elderly. They can easily use it and complete various gardening and DIY tasks without any extra help.  


In conclusion, the Saker mini chainsaw is an effective and useful tool for cutting tree branches, tree trimming or for performing other handcrafted projects. It is lightweight and portable and has a long battery life. The great quality copper motor and high-quality chain system make it an efficient tool for performing various household and gardening tools. If you are a DIYer or a passionate gardener and looking for an efficient and easy to use mini chain saw, then you should check out the Saker mini chainsaw for prompt help. I am sure you will like it and will have a satisfactory experience like we had.  


Q. 1 What is the design and manufacturing process of the Saker electric mini chainsaw?    

A. 1 Saker electric mini chainsaw has been designed with a team of qualified professionals to ensure high-quality performance.    

Q. 2 How long It takes to fully charge the batteries?    

A. 2 Saker electric mini chainsaw uses the latest battery technology. The batteries get fully charged in 2 hours. Saker electric mini chainsaw also provides effective over-temperature, overvoltage, overcharge and overload protection to maintain quality performance.    

Q. 3 How to charge the batteries?   

A. 3 You will get a charger along with a Saker electric mini chainsaw. You need to insert the charger in the plug, and you can start charging batteries immediately. The best part, the charger turns the system off automatically, when the battery gets fully charged.    

Q. 4 Do you need to oil the chain of the Saker electric chainsaw frequently?   

A. 4 Yes, if you do not use the Saker electric chainsaw for a longer time, then it is important to oil the chain properly. You will get an oil bottle along with a Saker electric chainsaw. Apply the oil to the chain and start the chainsaw for a few minutes. This will help in the equal distribution of oil in the chain.    

Q. 5 What is the longest branch you can cut with a Saker electric mini chainsaw?  

A.5 You can cut up to 4 inches long branches with the Saker electric chainsaw. This tool is not recommended for cutting more than 4 inches longer branches.    

Q.6 Is the Saker electric mini chain saw safe to use for women and the elderly?   

A. 6 Yes, the Saker electric mini chainsaw is safe to use for women and the elderly. Make sure to turn on the safety button before using it to avoid accidental injuries.    

If you are interested in knowing more about the Saker electric mini chainsaw, click the following links:  

  1. Saker official website purchase link:

2. Amazon purchase link: 

Note: This is a sponsored post. However, all expressed opinions are mine. 


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