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Enrich your child’s learning experience with puzzles, quests and much more!

enrich your child's experience with puzzles, quests and much more!
enrich your child’s experience with puzzles, quests and much more!

Do you know, according to a recent educational report, innovative teaching strategies help in enhancing student engagement. Education experts suggest, using Innovative and creative teaching methods is best way to enhance creativity and imagination power in kids. These things are key to involved students in active learning and create a positive learning atmosphere for them.   

Since the time of pandemic (from year 2020), there is drastic change in teaching methodology. Although Digital tools and technology have become an integral part of educational system. However, the innovative teaching methodology does not mean only using technology and digital tools while teaching. Innovative teaching methods are much more than that. It starts from keeping a growth mind set and then includes applying creative and interesting ways to enhance curiosity among students and make learning an enjoyable experience for them.  

What are some innovative teaching strategies?  

Here are some popular innovative teaching strategies which help in enhancing student engagement.  

  • Inquiry based learning  
  • Project-based learning 
  • Use of Jigsaw 
  • Peer-teaching  
  • Blended learning  
  • Interactive lessons  
  • Using AI and virtual reality technology in classroom  
  • Promote the design-based thinking  
  • Using 3 D printing  
  • Flipped classroom  
  • Personalized learning  
  • Cross-over teaching  

All these innovative teaching methodologies have their unique features. These creative ways aim to enhance student interaction proactively and focus on making learning experience more enjoyable for students.  

If you are interested in learning about the innovative teaching methods, then read the post  15 innovative teaching methods with guides and examples to know more.  

What are the benefits of innovative teaching methods?

Here are some incredible benefits of using innovative teaching methods for students.  

  • Innovative teaching methods help in enhancing creativity and imagination power in students.  
  • It encourages analytical and critical thinking. Also help in enhancing problem-solving skills.  
  • Innovative teaching methods also helpful in increasing student engagement in classroom.  
  • It also improves research skills and inspire students to think outside of the box.  
  • Innovative teaching methods improve overall learning experience for students and encourage their participation and interaction in classroom.  

Personal experience 

Personally, I come from a family of teachers. We have many incredible teachers in family. Since childhood, I grew up in the atmosphere where my parents have focused on imbibing so much value for education and maintaining a tremendous learning momentum.  

Now, as a mom of two kids, I follow the same tradition. I always try to keep an innovative and creative teaching approach while teaching my girls or helping them in homework. I am highly passionate about learning and exploring innovative teaching methodologies which help in inspiring kids to stay motivated and also make learning fun and enjoyable.  

Recently, when I have received an invite from Lesile from Silverquicken.com for exploring their educational programs, I felt a sense of excitement and curiosity. I have visited their website and explored different enriched educational programs, membership options and live courses option. What is my experience with their unique initiative? Read on to know more! 

What is Silverquicken.com? 

Silverquicken.com is a fantastic world for your 9–13-year-old. They will love a hands-on kit, with monthly Quests. It is a secret school, preparing worthy students to save the world. 

 They are a team of teachers, parents, and education industry veterans, bringing their greatest skills and efforts to bear on a common purpose—igniting wonder and joy in education. Their instructors are experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning. They strive to awaken curiosity, encourage exploration, and help students tackle challenges and solve real-world problems. 

They believe in power of “Real learning, with magic inside”.  

What Silverquicken.com offers? 

They offer:  

Silverquicken quest club membership 

Silverquicken's quest club member welcome box of wonders
Silverquicken’s quest club member welcome box of wonders

Silverquicken quest club membership provides members with hands-on materials kits and new quests to solve for every month. You receive a welcome kit- A box of wonders within two weeks of signing up for membership. After that, you receive monthly quests which include a set of wax-sealed packages that will lead them clue to clue on their quest to solve each month’s mystery. Silverquicken quest club member also receives Silverquicken world map, Silverquicken quest club membership card and puzzle of acceptance, solver’s guide, detailed solving intro, puzzle solving tools, puzzles hints and solutions and information of live online events.  

Silverquicken courses 

Silverquicken courses provide immersive, imaginative and collaborative learning experience for pre-teens. These courses challenge them to solve puzzles and grapple with big issues. They are helpful in awaken curiosity, develop analytical thinking skills and help students practice empathetic leadership.  

What is inside the Quest club welcome box of wonders? 

Silverquicken's quest club member welcome box of wonders
Silverquicken’s quest club member welcome box of wonders

As a welcome gift, I have received the Quest club welcome box of wonders from the team of Silverquicken.com. I have received the box on time and with perfect packaging. The box contain:  

  • A welcome letter from the Silverquicken school’s (Fictional) director  
  • Map of Silverquicken grounds to orient you the world and help you envision your quests a solver’s guide 
  • Cipher wheel to aid in solving certain puzzles 
  • Membership card  
  • Puzzle of acceptance (with hint and solution)  
  • Small welcome box (which contains your acceptance and membership credentials) 
  • Silverquicken pencils to use in completing your quests  
  • Puzzle solving tools like a magnifying glass and an invisible ink  
  • SQ box to store your archived quests (once you have completed the puzzles each month) 
  • The world of Silverquicken booklet (this will introduce you to the story and characters)  

All the items in box are arranged aesthetically and look well-organized. The team have provided you all the needed information and instructions to get started. All the items are made of high-quality materials and express the passion of creators for their mission.  

 I have shared the box with my girls yesterday and they just loved it. They are so excited to explore quests and looking forward to having a fun and enjoyable learning experience with it. With the classy presentation, the box and membership option can be used as an excellent gift option too.  

I truly appreciate the passion, hard work and dedication of team members of Silverquicken.com and wishing them all best for great success for their creative endeavors.  

If you are interested in learning more about membership and live courses option, visit Silverquicken.com. I am sure, just like me, you will also have a great experience.  

Did you have heard about any other innovative teaching methodologies? What was your experience? Please share with me! 

This is all for now. Stay tuned for more informative and unique content.  

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    A great many new ideas are evolving every day in education. Learning in a fun way is good but I honestly feel that schools are nowadays going overboard with these and are ignoring the basic concept-building part. They have to strike a balance between the two.

    • shreemayeesdiary.com

      Being in the field of education, I see many pathbreaking changes in educational landscape. It seems Silverquicken seems an amazing enrichment program for children to provide them innovative learning through fascinating way.

    • energeticreads

      Wow, this looks interesting. There are different ways of learning and this one sounds like a great option. Thanks for introducing us to the silver quicken.


    A great many new ideas are evolving every day in education. Learning in a fun way is good but I honestly feel that schools are nowadays going overboard with these and are ignoring the basic concept-building part.

  • Jeannine

    It’s great to have this kind of new learning kits for children to enjoy. This for me helps them to learn more life skills and be creative rather than let them simply have their education from school which we all know nowadays isn’t enough. There’s much more a child can learn from outside those 4 walls and its up to parents to provide and help them be more open-minded to these ideas.

    • Varsh

      Wish there was such amazing fun learning stuff for us back then! Puzzles, quests and courses, Silverquicken has done their homework and come up with great learning content for kids.

  • Anjali

    Silverquicken courses sound fantastic, dear. It’s no surprise that teaching and learning methodologies are changing, and it’s critical for children to have such learning experiences. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  • kanchansingh1989

    With the rapidly changing world, technologies and environment, there are also great changes in learning methodologies. And keep up with change its important for the overall development of a child, and these skills mentioned above in fun way are best for the kids.

  • Meenakshi Kaur

    I’m glad there are new learning kits for children to enjoy. I think it’s more important for children to learn objectively, rather than subjectively. It’s no surprise that teaching and learning methodologies are changing, and it’s critical for children to have such learning experiences. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  • Samata

    Puzzles are something that make you think, the more you think the more the brain sharpens and develops the mind in a better way and I too believe its a wonderful choice for kids activities and their mental growth

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Kids need to be weaned away from screens and educational games and puzzles are a wonderful way to do that. I give my grandsons the best educational toys available. I am going to check out Silverquicken for them.

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