7 Things to consider for building a deck at your home!

7 Things to consider for building a deck at your home
7 Things to consider for building a deck at your home

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You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.”- Russell Conwell. 

So true! 

We lived in an incredible busy world. The pace of modern life is stressful and chaotic. It is a great idea to add an inviting outdoor living space at your home to reduce day to day stress of hectic lifestyle. 

In fact, a recent scientific study has confirmed that spending time outdoor helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Being in outdoor setting provide relief from mental fatigue and improve our mood and overall mental health 

Nowadays, creating a lively outdoor space are becoming immensely popular and people are searching new and innovative ways to extending their living space into beautiful outdoors.  

From decorating your small balcony to building a backyard porch or deck, there are so many incredible options are available to create an inviting outdoor space at your home.  

Building a deck is a great way to increase your outdoor living space. Having a deck allows you to spend more time outside and offers plenty of other amazing benefits too.  

Benefit of building a deck at your home 

Here are some amazing benefits of Buidling deck at your home: 

  • It increases your property value. A house with a well-built deck possesses great re-sell value and enhances the chances of getting great revenue from your property.  
  • Deck adds an esthetic appeal to your place. You can design your deck with beautiful color and accessories. With some efforts, you can create a lively outdoor space of your dream. 
  • It makes your living place more functional. From reading to grilling your favorite food, you can perform multiple activities in deck.  
  • Deck creates a special entertaining spot for your guests. You can use deck as an excellent option for social gatherings and can spend quality time with your friends and family by enjoying gorgeous view of nature.  
  • Deck can be a perfect place for spending some quiet and peaceful time. You can utilize this space for practicing meditation.  

Things to keep in mind for building a deck at your place!

7 Things to consider for building a deck at your home
7 Things to consider for building a deck at your home

Building a deck at your place require proper planning. Here are things that you need to consider before starting building a deck at your home. 

Start with basics and make a functional plan for a deck building 

Deck building could become an overwhelming project, if you did not plan well in advance. It is important to start with basics and be clear about all important aspects of deck building. Here are some pointers that you need to analyze ahead:  

  • What kind of deck project you are planning? Is it a renovation of existing deck or are you starting from the scratch? 
  • Consider the location, size and design of your deck? 
  • Are you doing it as a “DIY” (Do it by yourself) project or you want to complete it with professional help? 
  • In what time duration, you want to finish it? 
  • What kind of amenities (like hot tub or cooking station) you want to add in your deck? 

When you have a clear vision and planning about your deck project, it helped a lot in easy execution of entire project and also give an amazing end result.  

Be clear about your purpose (include both needs and want) 

As a next step, it is important to be clear about purpose. Deck is versatile in nature and can be multifunctional in use. Different people have different purposes, when they planned a deck addition for their home. For some, it is an exciting space for social gatherings, while some want to utilize it as a space for putting gardening containers and nurturing plants.  

Depending upon your motive and purpose, you can plan and buy different deck items for utility and décor. You can also purchase beautiful accessories and furniture in advance to make your deck space extra elegant.  

Know your budget 

Of course, this one in next most important step. Nowadays, wide range of material options are available in the market for designing and decorating deck. It is important to set a budget priorly and buy stuffs accordingly. You budget is the key factor that determine size, design and material options for your deck building.  

Check deck permit, deck codes and other local rules 

This one is another important thing to consider. Different states and cities have different sets of local rules and deck codes for building a deck. It is important to follow all the rules and residential design guidelines before starting your deck construction.  

You may need to take a special permit for building a deck which is over 3 feet above the grade.  You can take a help of professional deck designer who know the local codes and permit and can assist you in stay within local code requirements.  

Consider using high-quality material option for deck building 

This is next essential step to consider for building a deck at home. Using high-quality construction material for building deck will keep your deck strong and beautiful for years to come.  

If you are looking for a great quality hardwood for building your deck, you can check Brazilian wood depot. Brazilian Wood Depot is one of the premier importer and distributor of Brazilian hardwoods in the Southeast area.  they import wood directly from mills in Brazil and have a specialized store located in Atlanta (Georgia). The brand is well-known for providing great Brazilian hardwood for your decking, siding, flooring and even fencing projects.  

Here are some unique features of Brazilian hardwood from Brazilian wood depot.  

  • Brazilian wood depot comes in various colors and species like tigerwood, Ipe, Cumaru, Purpleheart, Garapa, and many more. Each variety has its unique characteristics. You can select any option as per your individual preference. This hardwood will add a unique aesthetic appeal to your decking or any other projects (flooring, siding etc.)  
  • Brazilian hardwood is incredibly strong and durable and rated to last up to 60-100 years. 
  • This Brazilian hardwood from Brazilian wood depot have high quality and require less or no maintenance. You just need to apply deck oil once per season to ensure maximum color longevity.  
  • Brazilian hardwood is 100% natural and they contain no harmful chemicals or addictive which is harmful for our surrounding environment.  
  •  Brazilian hardwood offers natural resistant against insects’ attack, rot and decay.  
  • The brand has a RealWood TM certification which ensures that it has been sourced with a focus on sustainability and responsible foresting.  
  • As another impressive feature, Brazilian wood depot offer excellent customer support for their customers and answer their concerns with superior experience-based knowledge and integrity.  

Additionally, Brazilian hardwood are equally effective for fencing. Typical domestic soft wood requires periodic maintenance to ensure the maximum lifespan, while Ipe fence from Brazilian hardwood did not require any specific Maintenace and offer great longevity.  

Lastly, Brazilian wood depot ship directly to your job site, at your house or business. They are best recognized for their quality, consistency, turn-around time and expert shipping.  

If you are interested in checking their services and hardwood collection, click here. 

Deck lighting 

This one is another important thing to consider for building a beautiful deck. Lighting can does a magic to your deck. You should pay a proper attention to both natural (sun) lighting and artificial lighting. You can use variety of beautiful lighting like string deck lighting or in-floor lighting to enhance the look and visual appeal of your deck.  

Read this post to know 12 ideas for lighting up your deck.  

Pay a proper attention to safety measures  

This one is next most important thing to consider. You should check all safety measures properly while installing the deck. It is important to make sure that your deck is durable and safe to use for years to come. 

You can read this article to know more about safety measures for  building your deck.  

Add your personal creative touch  

Last but not the least do not forget to add your personal creative touch to make your deck space cozy and visually appealing. 

So, these are some important things to consider for building a deck. Have you had built a deck at your house? What was your experience? Please share with me! 

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    • Alpana Deo

      Spending time with family definitely helps in easing up the stress. And having a deck is an add on feature one can have. They can be used for spending relaxing time with our family or entertaining guests.

  • Milan Singhal

    I remember when we were in US , we used to have great outdoor parties at one of our’s friend home deck. Anyways…U have mentioned some great planning pointers to build a deck at home.

  • jhilmildsaha

    The concept of deck in urban India is not that common and is quite difficult to maintain actually. However, I have seen houses on the outskirts and some cottages in hill stations having nice decks.

  • Gunjan G Upadhyay (@gungrg)

    Not sure if they increase the property value or not, but they look superb and also a great value to unwind and chill with a cup of chai or coffee in evening or with a book over the weekends. In india we only get the balconies or terrace but that is very relaxing too.

  • anurbannomadic

    Thanks a lot for writing this topic, I have been thinking to do the same but unable to decide whether it would be worth spending time and money…but now I have gotta reason and energy to set this up

  • MeenalSonal

    Maintaining a Deck is a huge responsibility, but looking at the advantages, I am getting inclined towards it. Have seen my friends chill in their decks and they are really happy about that decision.

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