Why having a band that matches your venue matters?

hiring band for party
hiring band for party

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Hiring the right band or DJ can make or break a party or social event. Beyond being talented, musical acts also need to fit the vibe of the performance venue or the type of celebration. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant and looking for bands for hire that fit the aesthetic of your space, or if you’re looking to hire a band for your next wedding, social gathering, or work event, consider these few tips before signing a performer’s contract.

Know your audience.

If you know your guests personally, you are already on a roll. For weddings and social gatherings where you’re close with the attendees, you may have a good idea of what musical preferences they have and what musician will be able to get everyone on the dancefloor at just the right moment. If you’re a venue owner and don’t know your audience on a personal level, don’t fret. Use your instincts and choose a musical act that fits the vibe of your space.

For example, if your coffee house hosts a book club each Thursday, you may not know each individual by name, but you know the attendees aren’t showing up drunk and ready to party. Choose a musician that sets a tone for having a relaxing discussion over a cup of tea – something not too loud or abrasive, like an acoustic singer-songwriter. If you know the bar you own draws a college crowd on Friday nights, look into DJs that spin the latest pop hits. 

Set the tone.

Music can do so much for our mood, as well as our minds and bodies. Studies show that it can have significant benefits, such as lowering anxiety and blood pressure, and music can even help us sleep at night. Because of the emotional and physical impact music can have, it’s a great way to enhance the atmosphere for your guests. What do you want them to “feel”?

Imagine a woman in a flowing gown playing a gigantic, gold harp. The tune is soothing and romantic. This is the perfect choice for walking down the aisle on your wedding day, or even to provide a peaceful ambiance at a couples spa retreat, but certainly wouldn’t be the right choice on the dancefloor during your reception. Classical music brings a certain posh quality to an event, while an energetic DJ or a full swing band may be the better choice to encourage dancing and merriment. Consider what type of atmosphere you’re looking to create, then set the tone with the right music.

Create a relationship.

Some musicians are incredibly talented, but lack in other areas, such as professionalism or personality. If you’re hiring a musical act for your next event, they are an extension of you, your company, or your venue. Get to know the act beforehand to develop a good rapport, and look for a musician or a group with whom you feel you can be comfortable and open. Especially if this is a long-term relationship, you want to ensure you have the same vision for the musical experience your guests will receive.

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