6 Fun activity ideas for families during lock down!

fun activity idea during lockdown
Fun activity idea for lockdown

It is April 2021 and we had spent more than 1 year of time, by staying indoor due to covid 19 pandemic. Last few months were good, when we have seen a bright ray of hope with decreasing number of covid 19 cases. We all were hoping that things will get normalized soon and we would be able to enjoy our routine life like before with all outdoor fun and travelling.  

In fact, personally I had made a plan to visit India to meet my family during this summer vacation. And I was waiting eagerly for that time to travel India and have some fun time with my family after a long period of 2 years. 

But sadly, things did not go according to plan. Since last few days, we are hearing again a drastic increase in number of covid-19 cases with hospitalization and increase mortality rate, worldwide. With this news, I had canceled my India visit plan and of course, I am feeling sad too. For kids, it is equally hard who are feeling tired and exhausted being indoor since last many months.  

But as it has been said that “Life must go on…”. and we have to keep our spirit high and positive despite adverse situations.  

So, I am trying to be on track and planning to add various activities for whole family to beat this “Lockdown blue”.  

Indeed, staying indoor for long months is hard, and it is very important to keep some plan to keep ourselves entertained during lockdown.  

So, in this post, I am sharing 6 fun activity ideas for families, especially for lockdown period. Hoping these activities will help you to keep entertain during these hard days of covid 19 pandemic.  

Read the post to know more about it.  

6 fun activity ideas for families specially during lockdown  

Fun activity ideas for lockdown
Fun activity ideas for lockdown

Baking and cooking  

oats cookies
Oats cookies

Though this may sound little predictable but “Cooking and baking” are best way to have some fun time together as a family. These two are my personal favorite activity that I enjoy with my family so much. Luckily, my both girls love cooking and baking, and they are always ready to explore and learn new recipes with me.  

Recently, we had made oats and whole wheat flour cookies and healthy mango cake at home. With this family baking time, we had lots of fun and girls had learnt a lot about adding healthier nutrients in routine cookie and cake recipe. Will share these recipes in upcoming post, so stay tuned.  

So, cooking and baking are two best fun indoor activities to enjoy with your family during lockdown.  

Do it by yourself (DIY) projects  

Make up
Make up

DIY’s and crafting are second fun and creative activity that you can enjoy as a family specially during lock down period. There are various options to explore, when it comes to try new DIY project. At my place, we are trying something new this time. My girls are all most teenagers now, and they love make up so much. But as we already know that market bought make up products contain lots of chemical and they are not suitable for sensitive skin of young girls.  

So, we are trying to be little creative and exploring various natural DIY make up recipes. Recently, girls had learnt DIY lip balm and hair spray with natural ingredients and had loads of fun too.  

Re organizing your space  

Work space
Work space

Yes, this one is another great idea to spend some quality time together as a family. Same room and work space set up may feel bore and also create a sense of monotony in our routine. Specially, when we are staying more time indoor, it is a good idea to be little creative and make some changes in your work and study space. These small changes will make you refresh in no time and give you a new energy during hard days of lockdown.  

Check out this post to get some creative ideas to re organizing your space in minimum budget.  

Move around (walking, biking) 


Yes, due to lockdown we had a restriction on visiting our favorite places (water and adventure park, shopping malls etc.). and staying indoor since long time has reduced our physical activities in general too. This lack of physical activity may cause various adverse side effects for our mental and physical health.  

Despite adverse situations, we can go for a walk or for biking. This simple physical activity routine can offer various benefits to our overall health and wellbeing. It uplifted our mood, increase endorphin (feel good hormone) secretion and also help in maintain an ideal weight. Read this post to know more about easy ways to reduce pandemic weight gain



I am sure you all have heard amazing benefits of gardening before. Gardening is great for kids too. It helps in developing nurturing quality in kids and taking care of plants make them responsible too.  it is also a great way to spend some quality together as a family. At my place, I had a dream of having an indoor garden since long, but somehow it did not happen.  

Next month, we are changing the apartment and I am planning for a mini-indoor garden. I believe, gardening is another excellent way to beat “Lockdown blue”.  

Online gaming

I am sure you all would be agree that despite keeping a creative approach, there are some days, when we just want something simple to keep ourselves entertain during lockdown period. Though I strongly believe that screen time should be monitor carefully for whole family, but once in a while it is ok to have some fun with latest technology and digital options.  

Recently, I came across a fun online gaming website named,, and had a really great experience while exploring and playing these fun online games with my girls. This website offers a huge collection of fun and free online games which can quickly be played from the browser. Here is a list of some of these amazing fun games.  

  • Animal games 
  • Arcade games 
  • Board games  
  • Holiday games  
  • Special game category for kids  
  • Festival theme games like Christmas and Halloween 
  • Educational theme based games like physics and math games  
  • Sport theme games like soccer game  
  • And many others.  

All these games are browser based and you can play this on mobile devices like apple iPhones, google android powered cell phones from manufactures Samsung, tablets like the iPad or kindle fire. All games are stored in your web browser cache. These games work in apple safari, google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, opera and other web browsers.  

Also, each game has a proper detail information about “How to play it?”. This detail information makes it easy to play these games without wasting any time.  

Personal experience 

My both girls love playing different kind of online games, once in a while. They had played many games on this fun website during spring break (last week). And liked so many of these. 

One of their favorite game from website is ““Fight virus Covid-19 hospital simulation”  game.

Fight virus hospital simulation game
Fight virus hospital simulation game

In this game, players work to keep the hospital clean and sanitary to prevent the spread of COVID 19. If a patient is not helped in time, they may go undiagnosed and then spread the virus around the hospital.  

Players click to clean up virus and they click on patients to help patients get tested and recovered to prevent overloading the hospital.  

This game requires vertical and horizontal scrolling to view all parts of it.  

Players also need to look at the spots just around the door for cleaning up virus.  

If the hospital gets infected 70%, then the game is over.  

The theme of this game is so relevant to current situation. My girls had lots of fun while killing the virus and playing this game.  

I believe this online gaming website is another good way to keep our kids entertain during lockdown.  

If you want to visit this fun website, please click here.  

So, these were some fun activity ideas to keep ourselves entertain during lockdown.  

Which one is your favorite activity for lockdown? Please share with me.  


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