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Celebrating Women’s day: Meet Roma Gupta Sinha- An Inspiring soul with many beautiful feathers in her cap!

Interview with Roma Gupta Sinha
Interview with Roma Gupta Sinha

Hi everyone, wishing you all a very happy international women’s day.  

Thanks a lot, Ruchi and Dipika for hosting #Speakeasy blogging challenge on this occasion with a special theme “Celebrating sisterhood”.  

Like always, I am so excited for participation and looking forward to reading amazing posts from talented co-bloggers.  

For those, who are not a part of #Speakeasy or new to blogging world, here is brief about this time’s #Speakeasy blogging challenge theme.  

With #Speakeasy women’s day special, our amazing hosts are giving bloggers an opportunity to “Make your Sistas” feel proud and happy by feature them on your blog for their achievements, life, drama, boldness or soaring high. This time, they want us to feature those who inspire us. It is an opportunity to be generous in appreciating them because this is the best way to celebrate international women’s day and #Celebratesisterhood. 

I just loved this theme and since beginning, I was so clear about my choice for this “Special feature post”. 

 On occasion of “International women’s day”, I am excited to be a part of this amazing blog hop and thrilled to feature my dearest friend, an award-winning blogger and author of 5 amazing books, Roma Gupta Sinha on my blog. This special feature post is a little effort from my side to make my dear friend feel proud and celebrated. I truly feel that she deserves this appreciation for all her achievements.  

Here are some interesting facts about Roma.  

Roma Gupta Sinha is an acclaimed writer who has won the coveted ‘Woman of the Year’ Award in 2015 for her writings on Women Empowerment, Equality, Rights and Liberation on her blog and the prestigious ‘Planet’s Pride Award 2018’ for her entrepreneurial venture RCA where she has been passionately grooming six- to sixty-year-olds for the last many years in her endeavour to give back to the society and aid in shaping the future of India.  

After a ten-year successful stint of working in Tata Motors, Honda Cars and IKEA of Sweden in different parts of the world, she eventually embraced her first love of aiding people bridge the gap between their intellect and expression. She is the brand ambassador of 21st Century Education and strongly advocates learning beyond books. She is an author of five published books and writing on her blog is like breathing to her. She believes she is born for a purpose and yearns each day to be the face of positive change in the society she lives in. She also writes exhaustively on Women and Kids Mental and Physical Health. 

Soulful Letters On COVID, To My Future Grandchild’ is her fifth book after her first release ’Dare to Defy the Destiny’, a Hard-hitting non-fiction anthology did really well and her second, a chick let romance, ’The Fragrance of True Love’ which was a soulful tale of two resonating hearts became a bestseller. Her third book ‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’, which is her candid autobiographical account, is her most read book so far. Women Empowerment is a subject closest to her heart and thus her fourth release was known as ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’ published in year 2019.  You can grab a copy of all five on Amazon any time. 

I am sure many of you had already read and admire Roma’s work and you may have curiosity to know more about Roma’s inspiring journey as a blogger, author and as an incredible individual who always believe in working hard and living life up to fullest.  

From writing 5 amazing e books to being a “Fitness role model”, Roma has many beautiful feathers in her cap.  

I am so thrilled to have her on my blog and wishing this interview will give you an opportunity to know more about her and learn more from her. 

Special feature post for “International Women’s day” 

Interview with Roma Gupta Sinha from 

interview with Roma Gupta Sinha
Interview with Roma Gupta Sinha

Q1. Tell us something more about “Roma” as a person? What is the difference between real-life Roma and a blogger-author Roma?   

A.1 Thank you so much Surbhi for this special feature on Women’s Day! Wishing you and your readers an incredible one! Now to answer you, Roma as a person is a high-spirited ever smiling woman who loves to spread cheer and joy and lift people up as best as she can. It really gives her a high if she can help other women either through her pen or her academy. She is the most approachable person and always ready to lend an ear to the one in need.  

The real-life Roma and the blogger-author Roma are exactly the same. They are the same soul with absolutely no bifurcation. Both are extremely hard-working, passionate, dedicated and goal oriented. Both are visionaries and both love expressions in any form. When real life Roma evolved into the author blogger Roma she kept no veils and bared herself out in her writings. All that she has ever penned or uttered has been absolutely straight from the heart. 

Q2. In 2019, you had written an amazing and inspirational e book named “Empowered women, Empower women”. On the occasion of International women’s day, I would like you to take us through your book? What was the idea and inspiration behind writing this book? And how was the journey of writing and publishing this book that is dedicated to women empowerment?  

A.2 You may not know this but many years ago, I commenced by writing journey to do my bit for women empowerment as their poor plight in India has deeply pained my heart from since when I was a young girl. I had hoped of being their voice which has been muted by the society. I wanted to use the power of my pen to prick as many consciences as possible and make them change for the good. I was not sure what was going to be the result but my endeavour was extremely earnest and whole-hearted. By God’s grace the journey did turn out overwhelmingly satiating.  

Later, I opened my communication skills academy to aid these women stand on their own feet. Through my academy I came across several women whose stories touched me. They became my inspiration for the heartfelt tribute to them in the form of my book ‘Empowered Women Empower Women ‘. I just needed to lend a cushion of support and how they transformed their lives with a resolve as strong as steel was so worth sharing with the world. They fill my heart with pride. Writing this book was pure ecstatic joy of a different kind. 

Q3. As we all know, women need to prioritize their fitness and need to take out some time for themselves. What is your take on this? Tell us more about your “Fitness journey”? How it gets started and what are the changes you felt after imbibing a regular fitness routine?   

A.3 Oh yes! Our mental and physical health must be our priority particularly in the current pandemic times. Exactly a year ago owing to a chronic battle with endometriosis and major surgery and medication, my health was in complete mess, to an extent that I cannot even share with you. That’s when I decided to take things into my hands and became a better, stronger and healthier version of myself in the year which has tested people drastically. Not only did I loose around twenty kgs of weight but I also got rid of most of my medications whose side-effects were more dangerous.  

I now love this newer fitter version of myself and still follow my fitness routine and healthy lifestyle religiously. I also write exhaustively on this topic on my blog and my social media handles to inspire people and let them take advantage of my learnings from this extremely gratifying journey. 

Q4. From handling a communication academy to blogging and writing are an incredible multi-tasker? Please share some tips on how you maintain a healthy work-life balance and manage multiple responsibilities so well?   

A.4 Multi-tasking is my super power from my childhood. The busier I am, the happier it makes me. My time management power got to its best during my stint with my Japanese mentors in Honda. I start my day at 4 a.m. and that gives me ample of time to plan and execute my tasks to perfection barring a few days every month, when I have a terrible endometriosis flare up and can’t crawl out of bed.  

I believe women by nature are more efficient multi-taskers, they just need to identify their potential and plan their jobs at hand, well. Not losing precious time over social media is vital. For me it’s family time after 7 p.m. People who know me know that they will now get a reply in the morn. Earn the faith, love and trust with your acquaintances which comes over time as your relationships evolve and never ever give your precious time meant for your loved ones elsewhere. Keep 3-4 most productive hours of yours separate each day early morn or late night whatever suits you, this me time will fuel you for the rest of the day. Maintaining a time table is vital. Please do develop this habit at the earliest. 

Q5. Last, what is your message for international women’s day? What is the most important advice/message you want to give aspiring bloggers/authors and other young women about their career?   

A.5 My message to each and every woman out there is, please keep working hard to carve your identity in the field that is closest to your heart. It is important to your existence, your confidence and your financial independence, which will bring you inner joy and contentment.  

My advice to budding bloggers, authors and career women is focus on your core strength, don’t get lost in the huge sea of options available to you, left and right on social media which can easily sweep you off your feet. Be wise choose what shall aid you grow and pursue that field strongly. Set your standards and never bow down. Above all do what your heart says and what gives you true joy. Money is a by-product we will always earn enough to sustain and shall only grow from there! Just keep the optimism and the fire within burning at all times. 

Lots of love and best wishes to all of you and if ever you need someone please feel free to approach me. I am will always be there for all of you. 

Thank you so much Roma for always be so supportive.  

I had a great learning experience with this special feature post? What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

This blog post is a part of Speak Easy Blogging challenge by Dipika And Ruchi where we are “celebrating sisterhood”

Speakeasy blogging challenge
Speakeasy blogging challenge


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