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Blogging for beginners: Handy guide
“Blogging for beginners” handy guide

Hi everyone! 

Today’s post is little different and I am nervously excited to share this with you all.  

Before sharing the exact thoughts, I want to say a big thanks to my dear friend Swarnali from for suggesting me this wonderful idea. I am so thankful to her for this brilliant piece of advice.  

As most of you already know that since last two months, I was running the series “Blogging for beginner” on my blog. The series was entirely dedicated to new bloggers who want to learn and understand different aspects of blogging.  

The series got excellent response and I had received many requests on DM to covert this blog posts in one single accessible form. Honestly, I was little confused about how to do that? I had thought about different options like e course, e-book but none of this has worked for me.  

Finally, after getting Swarnali’s suggestion, I had decided to make a “Handy guide” on same subject (with already available content from this series) 

Today, I am so happy and excited to share this “Blogging for beginner” handy guide with you all. With this post, I am sharing glimpse and highlighting factors of this guide. Hoping you like it.  

“Blogging for beginner” guide- An overview 

For all those who are new to this, “Blogging for beginner” is a handy guide dedicated to all budding bloggers. This guide has 14 chapters themed on different important aspects of blogging. With this guide, you will get a chance to learn basics of blogging, blogging tips and tricks and other essential skills that are required for being successful in competitive field of blogging.  

Highlighting points from “Blogging for beginner” guide 

Here is list of topics that has been covered in this handy guide. 

Chapter 1

5Cs (pillars) of blogging 

The guide begins with the basics. In the first chapter, I had talked about 5 important pillars (content creation, consistency, creativity, create connection and collaboration). I believe this chapter explain the basic foundation factor of blogging so well and budding bloggers will get great help to understand pillars of blogging.  

Chapter 2

6 common blogging mistakes that every new blogger make! 

This chapter covers another important (yet ignored) topic. During my 5 years of blogging journey, I had made many of these mistakes and slowly learn the way how to fix them? In this chapter, I had shared all those common blogging mistakes (and ways to fix them). I hope, it will help new bloggers to get work on them and fixed them with ease. 

Chapter 3

What is self-hosting and amazing perks of self-hosted website?  

“Self-hosting” is one of the most common term that bloggers heard when they get started off. Many newbies have various questions and confusion regarding “Self-hosting”. So, in this chapter, I had shared few basic guidelines and perks of “Self-hosting”. I am sure this chapter will help in getting an insight about self-hosting website and its perks.  

Chapter 4

“Guest- posting” and amazing benefits of guest posting! 

Guest posting is one of the wonderful ways to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Along with this, “Guest posting” also help in creating meaningful connection with fellow bloggers. For new bloggers, it might be confusing and overwhelming.

So, in this chapter, I had covered all important aspects and benefits of guest posting. I am hoping this will help them to understand different Important aspect of “Guest posting”.  

Chapter 5

Amazing benefits of joining Blogging communities!

Blogging communities are group of people who pursue similar kind of intertest and passion. having a support of blogging communities is must for blog growth.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of blogging communities (FB group, WhatsApp group, etc.) are available that could make a major difference in your blogging journey. In this chapter, I had shared more about different blogging communities and benefits of joining them. I am sure this chapter will help new bloggers to get an insight about blogging communities.  

Chapter 6

5 reasons, every blogger should participate in “Blogchatter campaigns”? 

This chapter is an extension of previous chapter.  in this chapter, I had shared important information about India’s one of the most promising blogging community “Blogchatter”.

Blogchatter organized different amazing blogging campaigns all year around. Personally, I believe every blogger should participate in these campaigns. In this chapter, I had summed up all important reasons for participate in “Blogchatter campaign”. I am sure this chapter will help new bloggers to get an insight about it.  

Chapter 7

What is influencer marketing? Let’s learn the basics! 

“Influencer marketing” is one of the most commonly used term in blogging and influencer industry. In fact, many new bloggers have a confusion between “Bloggers and influencers”. This chapter explain that difference and also cover some basic aspect of “Influencer marketing”.  

Chapter 8

Three common blogging insecurities and how to handle them? 

This one is one of the most straight from heart topic. In this chapter, I had talked about some of the common blogging insecurities ranging from not getting enough subscribers to not getting enough money-making opportunities.

This chapter is an honest confession too, where I had shared my honest experience and the ways how I had handled my blogging related insecurities. I am sure this chapter will help new bloggers in dealing with their blogging insecurities in better and effective way.  

Chapter 9

5 amazing websites to get free photos for your blog! 

Images are an integral part of blog post. It makes your post visually appealing and helps in increasing blog engagements too. In this chapter, I had shared 5 amazing websites to get free photos for your blog post. I am sure this chapter will help new bloggers to get beautiful images for their blog.  

Chapter 10

3 best practices to use free images in your blog post! 

Though there are various sources (free) are available to get free images for your blog post but before using them, it is equally important to educate yourself. This chapter covers all those basic important guidelines that will help you being safe while using free images and avoiding “Copyright lawsuit”.  

Chapter 11

What is media kit? And how to design it?  

“Media kit” is one of the important and efficient way for bloggers to share all your important stats (blog and social media) with brands. Media kit helps in being organized and avoiding presentation anxiety. This chapter covers a simple step by step tutorial about what is media kit? And how to design it?  

Chapter 12

How bloggers make money? A beginner’s guide to get an insight! 

“Money making” is one of the most exciting part of blogging. New bloggers often have lots of questions regarding “Money making” aspect of blogging. This chapter covers basic aspects of money making through blogging. I am sure this information will give a basic idea to new bloggers that “How bloggers make money”.  

Chapter 13

7 Tips to write a good sponsored post that doesn’t suck! 

“Sponsored post” writing is one of the most common way of making money through your blog. But for new bloggers, it might be confusing and overwhelming. They may have many questions, when they get a chance to write for brands.

I am sure this chapter will help them in answering their many questions related to sponsored post writing.   I had shared some important tips that will help them to write a good sponsored post with ease.  

Chapter 14

Expert round-up: 9 expert expert/bloggers share their #1 tip for blog growth! 

This one is last chapter of this guide. At the end, I had shared some important input and advice from experts from the “Blogging field”. I had approached few of these veterans and they had happily given their “Expert piece of advice” for all budding bloggers.

I am sure this chapter will help all bloggers (new and old) in improving their blogging strategies and blog growth.  

So, this was the quick re-cap of this series. These were the topics that has been included in this handy guide.  

Now, I am nervously excited to share this handy guide as a free giveaway (free download) with you all.  

Here is link to download this: 

“Blogging for beginners”- A handy guide for beginners to learn the blogging basics! 

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That’s all for now.  

Stay tuned for upcoming series, “Queens of bloggi-wood”. I am sure you will like it.  

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