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Latest happening on blog: launching of new section, upcoming new series and much more!

New series on the blog
New series on the blog

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all will be having a relaxing thanksgiving break. Here, in Pleasanton, there is again a surge of Covid-19 cases during last 2 weeks. And government has again issued the restrictive guidelines for various outdoor and group activities.  

Though all these sounds so boring  but somehow, we are trying to keeping our spirit high and waiting for “Corona vaccine arrival”. Hope everything gets normalized soon.  

On blogging front, I am feeling happy and satisfied with my last month’s #MyFriendAlexa completion and overall growth (reduced Alexa and increased India rank) of blog. This result has inspired me to do more hard work and write consistently.  

So, during last week, I had planned upcoming series for blog. And with this post, I am excited to share this with you all.  

Latest happening on blog 

Launching of new section “Queens of Bloggi-wood” 

Exclusive interview series
Exclusive interview series

Yes, this one is my latest exciting project for blog. And I am feeling super excited with the launching of this new section. As the name suggested, “Queens of Bloggi-wood” will be a special section on blog, where I will share exclusive interviews of renowned womenpreneurs/bloggers from our blogging industry whom I consider “Queens”.  

I am sure you all would be agree that blogging (and entrepreneurship) is a challenging journey. It is an overcompetitive field that has its own set of struggles.  

Of course, it is not easy to maintain same level of enthusiasm (for different aspects of blogging and entrepreneurship) for longer years. 

But there are some women, who had maintained that excellent consistency with constant hard work and firm determination. These are the women who inspired many budding bloggers and entrepreneurs (like me) with their never-ending zeal and passion for their work.  

Personally, I would love to call them “Queens of bloggi-wood”. Because I believe they had aced their blogging (and entrepreneurships) game with excel.  

Definitely these women are an incredible source of inspiration for me and I would love to learn their secrets about “How they overcome their challenges and keep themselves motivated despite various odds and struggles”.  

This thought has given me an idea to interviewed them and share their inspiring journey with my readers too.  

So, I had approached and asked them to share their “Real journey with me and my readers”.  

And now, I am super excited to share this with all, with this new section on blog “Queens of bloggi-wood”.  

I am not keeping this as a one-time running series. Instead, this will be a new section on blog, where I will share inspiring journey of these amazing women in timely manner.  

So, stay tuned. First, few interviews are already scheduled for this section. I am sure you will like it.  

Would love to know your guess for first “Queen of bloggi-wood”. Comment in section, if you had guessed it.  

Latest series on blog 

Delightful real food 

Delightful real food
Delightful real-food

“Diet and nutrition” had always been an area of interest for me. I love to explore nutritional secrets and effective ways of adding “Real food” in our day-to-day diet.  

Since last few weeks, I had spent a great amount of time in researching and reading various “Real food recipes”. In fact, I had tried few innovative ways too, for adding more fruits, vegetables and healthy grains in our routine diet.  

Many people have a preconceive notion that “healthy food is boring”. In fact, I used to think same way before but after this latest learning experience, I had realized that this is not true. If we put some extra efforts, we can make healthy food tasty too.  

So, with this series, I will share those “Nutritional secrets “and “Delightful recipes”. I am sure these recipes will help you in making your routine diet healthier and nutritious.  

In this series, I will share 

  • Healthy and easy salad recipes 
  • Soup recipes 
  • Smoothie recipes 
  • One pot healthy meal 
  • Innovative ways to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet 
  • Kids friendly healthy meal 

And much more. 

I am sure these recipes will be suitable for “Winter season” too where we all want to add more seasonal fruits and vegetables in our diet.  

So, stay tuned for this series. I am sure this will inspire you to eat healthier and cleaner.  

So, this is all for now.  

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

(One quick clarification for last week’s post. Many of you had commented and thought that I am running a “Winter health care” series on blog, this month. I believe confusion is caused by use of wrong image that says “coming soon”. Actually, I had already executed this series last year. If you are interested in checking out “Winter health care” series, then check out this series here )


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