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#Bookreview- Childhood obesity and adult life, by Dr. Amrita Basu – An informative book that will tell you powerful secrets no one told you!

 Do you know “Childhood obesity” is world’s leading health problem, and around 30% of world’s population is overweight. It is a serious health problem that put children and adult at the risk of poor health. 

Look at these statistics: 

  • According to CDC (USA data), for children and adolescents aged 2-19 years, the prevalence of obesity was 18.5% and affected about 13.7% million children and adolescents. 
  • In India, 19.3 percent of children are fall in the category of overweight and suffer from childhood obesity. 

Both developed and developing countries have not so welcoming data of childhood obesity and indeed it is a condition that alarm us to make healthy lifestyle changes for whole family, as early as possible. 

As per definition, “Childhood obesity is a condition in which child is significantly overweight for his or her age. This condition can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level in future”.  

Childhood obesity has so many adverse effects such as: 

  • Children who are obese are more susceptible to some health problems like obese adult face such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level. 
  • Obesity also increases the risk of breathing problems (like asthma, and sleep apnea), joint problems and musculoskeletal discomfort. 
  • Also, this condition makes kids easy target for being bullies resulting in poor social and emotional health. 

Despite having these adverse effects, sometimes, this condition remains ignored. And people did not understand the causes, consequences or preventive aspects of this condition.  this is a condition that needs more attention and awareness. 

Recently I had gotten a chance to read and reviewed a book on this important subject. The name of book is “Childhood Obesity and Adult life- Powerful secrets that no one told you”.  and it is written by Dr. Amrita Basu. 

What is the book all about? And what is my take on this book? Read on to know more. 

Childhood Obesity and Adult life- Powerful secrets that no one told you 

Name of book: Childhood Obesity and Adult life- Powerful secrets that no one told you 

Author– Dr. Amrita Basu 

Pages– 39 

Genra- Health, nutrition, lifestyle 

Published on– Blogchatter website 

Format– e book 


This book is a comprehensive guide to understand the different important aspect of childhood obesity. According to author, “parents like us can take action like this, if you know the obesity problem starts in childhood, then you are much ahead in the game. It’s harder to move mountains than rocks and harder to change habits when you are older. The foundation stone of good habits for health, wealth, and wisdom starts early”. 
This book will change the questions you ask about weight loss, obesity, and, most of all, the action you can take. It will help you raise healthy adults by making kids healthy today. Your habits matter. Because you lead by example. 

Author bio 

Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon with over ten years of experience. Previously a teacher in a Medical College, she now has her own private practice. Dr. Amrita shares awareness about preventive healthcare through her books (eight and counting) and blog ( Say hi to her on Twitter @misra_amrita. 

My take on book 

I had read this book recently and I am really impressed with the way author has shared all important aspect of “Childhood obesity” in this book. Here are few high lighting factors that make this book an informative read. 

The book addresses one of the most complicated health problem (childhood obesity) that we don’t fully understand 

Of course, as a parent we always had a great sense of care for our child’s physical, mental and emotional health and we always try to paid enough attention on even their tiny issues but sometimes we forget to look on long road. Childhood obesity is one of such slow-moving, important issue that parents don’t understand fully. There are so many aspects of this condition that parents need to learn. 

With this book, author (who is a qualified doctor too) had taken this important step. She has selected this important health issue and written this informative and comprehensive e book that covers all important aspect of childhood obesity. Indeed, it is a great effort by author to help parents in dealing with this complicated health problem and raising healthy and happy kids. 

This book covers all important aspects of “Childhood obesity” with proper details and scientific research 

Author has done really a great hard work and proper research for sharing valuable and trustworthy information with her readers regarding this subject. In this book, she has covered different important aspect of childhood obesity. Such as: 

  • Causes 
  • Consequences 
  • Assessment 
  • Prevention  
  • Diet and nutrition tips 
  • 4 stage plans to tackle this issue 

Author has covered each of these aspects so well in this book. She has used reader friendly language and explain everything well with input from proper scientific research and her personal medical experience. 

Book also has practical action plan and effective tips to make positive life style changes 

Third and most impressive point, this book is not merely a theoretical guide of childhood obesity but it has included a practical action plan and effective life style tips that will help you to tackle this serious issue with ease and comfort. 

The later part of book has “The four stages of tackling childhood obesity”. In this plan, she has shared a systematic approach to tackle childhood obesity, such as: 

  • Check height, weight and BMI regularly 
  • Realized the problem and accept it 
  • Change the diet, activity and lifestyle that involve as a family, not just for children. 
  • Monitor the progress, assess and reevaluate. Seek the professional help if feel overwhelmed.  

Along with this 4-stage plan, she has shared effective diet-nutrition tips and easy ways to become more physically effective as a family.  


Being a certified homeopathic therapist, I do understand the complexity of this condition “Childhood obesity”, so well.  I am glad that my blogger and author friend Dr. Amrita has come up with this idea and has picked this subject to write her next book.  

As a conclusion I would say. “Childhood obesity and adult life- Powerful secrets no one tell you” is a great informative e book that covers all important aspects of this condition properly. This is a book that will guide you and help you to tackle this condition with ease and comfort. Making healthy and lifestyle changes will become easier after reading and learning nutrition secrets with this book”. 

All and all a great informative and comprehensive book that has a noble aim to make our kids healthy and happy. 

I want to say a big thanks to Dr. Amrita for writing this informative book and wish her lots of good luck for her future projects. 

Book is available for free download for a limited period of time. Click Here to download it for free.  


  • Alpana

    Child obesity is becoming a concern for parents. Change in eating habits, lifestyle has a lot to contribute when it comes to the health related issues not just in adults but kids too. I am happy that Dr.Amrita picked this topic for her ebook. I wish her loads of success.

  • Archana

    Book and your honest review on it seems promising Surbhi, I must say Dr. Amrita has picked very current topic actually much needed at this hour when lockdown has hit badly our kids outdoor activity. i will definitely download and read.

  • The Champa Tree

    What an honest and thorough book review. The best part is that you have captured the essence and unique points, such all the practical action plans and effective tips that one can include in their daily diet plan.

    • Jhilmil

      Child obesity has been a problem in the last decade and it needs to be understood fully. Thanks for sharing about this book by Dr. Amrita. I’m sure it is a useful resource.

  • Varsh

    As a mother of two kids I understand the need to know about childhood obesity. This was a good review and I’ll surely download Amrita’s book to know more about it.

  • Roma

    This is such an important subject and this book has been on my mind for some time now. Thank you for this review, I will read it at the soonest

  • Snigdha

    I do watch the youtube videos of Dr. Amrita and lovecthe way she explains things. This book is definitely a great one as it covers a very common issue which child obesity..

  • momtasticworld

    I have read this book and absolutely loved it. Obesity in kids is such a topic that in Indian culture we don’t even talk about it much. We must pay attention towards this. From her books to videos, I love all the information we get from Dr. Amrita.

  • Judy Morris

    I have always believed in being fit. Childhood obesity is not just a physical cause of worry but also mental. It affects the kid’s self confidence. I will suggest this book to my sister-in-law who’s son is little obese.

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