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#Bookreview-“Bolly Talkies”- A Fun Bollywood ride with Impressive Movie Analysis!

I was a big movie buff during my teenage and collage days.  during those days, I had a great capability to intricate different aspects of movies like story, screenplay, direction, editing and even set design. I still remember those golden days of my college time, when movies and their magic was integral part of my lives.  

With changing time, my priorities also get changed and now, I get less chance and time to watch movies or making any analysis about the actors or movie plot.  

Recently, I got a chance to read and reviewed an amazing book from #BlogchatterEbook that has reminded me, mine past Bollywood memories. This book has taken me on the entertaining ride of Bollywood in a unique way. This book has a unique idea to explore movies and movie characters in an interesting analytical style. 

Yes, I am talking about recently published e book “Bolly talkies” written by Archana Shrivastava.  

What is this book all about? And what can you expect as a reader from this book? Read on to know more! 

Bolly talkies 

  • Name of book:  Bolly Talkies
  • Author: Archana Shrivastava 
  • Pages: 59
  • Genra: Non fiction, entertainment
  • Rating: 4/5  
  • Format- e book
  • Available on- Blogchatter website


Bolly Talkies is for Bollywood lovers! It is all about the famous movies/characters of Bollywood along with opinions and facts on the featured movies. These movies have imprinted their own mark in society. Bolly Talkies (ABCs of Bollywood) will surely win over a keen lover of movies. 

Author bio 

Archana is an MBA Graduate, former HR Professional and former Management Faculty. She took a career break when she moved to the US with her husband. Along with blogging, she loves dancing and singing. Celebrating festivals gives her immense pleasure. She is mom to 2 exquisite kiddos. 

My take on book 

Unique concept 

First and most impressive point of this book, “The unique concept”. The book has an amazing collection of 26 different movies/characters from different genera, with an addition of an in- depth analysis and take away points from that particular movie or movie character.  Despite being a die-hard Bollywood fan, I had never thought that movies and their characters could have a huge potential to tell us an inspiring message or guide us to solve different problems of our lives.  

The selection of this unique concept for writing her first book is indeed a praiseworthy effort. For me, selection of this unique theme is first USP factor of this e book.  

Author has included a versatile range of movies and movie characters in each chapter 

This book has a wide collection of versatile movies and movie characters. Author has added some amazing characters from our Bollywood like mute barfi to bubbly Chandni, and from sweet Sullu to caring Piku.  while reading each chapter, you feel amazed with the choice of movie or movie characters. Each of these characters have their own charisma and charm, and it is really interesting to read their in-depth analysis from a different angle. 

The versatile selection is not only limited to movie characters but this includes to emotion and relationship as well. Like in chapter 6, she has shared “friendship theme movies” and while in chapter 20, she has talked about three-wheel characters from famous Bollywood movies.  

The versatile selection of wide range of characters makes this book an interesting read 

In depth analysis and impressive take away points from different movies and movie characters. 

This one is one of the most impressive features of this book. Each chapter of book has started from a brief intro about the book that lead by synopsis of movie and end by the takeaway points from that movie and movie characters. 

In each chapter, author has shared some great takeaway points from every character. She has analyzed these characters in her personal style with great depth and maturity. Look at this example: 

Chapter 5 “English will not decide her worth”, (Reference movie: English-vinglish) ,she starts with a brief story telling of movie’s lead character “Shashi Godbole” (played by late Shridevi ji) who is a typical housewife and had a great fear of speaking English. In the later part of chapter, she explained important takeaway points from her journey. 

She concluded and say “Respect is always greater than love”, she also put a strong emphasis on maintaining self-integrity and give a straightforward, practical advice 

 “Never allow anyone to degrade your virtue. Proudly except for what you are and what you go and let others know your worth. Sometimes being vocal for your deed becomes necessary”. 

Indeed, it is the most beautiful piece of advice that many women need even during this recent time. 

In the same way, in chapter 9 “Little star on earth Ishaan”, (Reference movie: Taare Zameen Par), she has done an impressive analysis of movie’s lead child actor “Ishan Awasthi” (played by Darsheel Safary). in this chapter, she talks about the harsh reality of our so-called modern society where parents are in the senseless marathon of imposing their aspirations on their kids, regardless of kid’s peace of mind and real happiness. 

In this chapter, she requested humbly to parents to understand their child’s uniqueness and potential and conclude the chapter with this amazing parenting advice. 

 ” Each child is unique, and each one is blessed with some unique talent, do not ruin their uniqueness by comparing them with their siblings, friends or any other”. 

These two are just examples of her in-depth analysis and keen observation.  the book has so many great chapters with impressive take away points. After reading each chapter, you get inspired to re-think about that movie and movie character. And during this re-thinking process, you also learn some amazing life lessons too.  

I am really amazed to see the great analytical power of author who has done a full justice with each character that she has chosen.  

Ending of each post is a highlighting point that make this book a special read. 

My personal favorite chapter 

I am a die-hard fan of Shahrukh Khan and I was eagerly waiting for his entry in this Bolly based book, and luckily author has not disappointed me and dedicate a complete chapter on our very own “King of Bollywood”.  

In chapter 18, “Era when king of romance owned Bollywood”, she has included some of the most amazing characters of king khan and again done an impressive analysis of each characters.  

I just loved this chapter and she has made me nostalgic. I had re-called my teen age days memories with this amazing chapter.  


As a conclusion, I would say, “this book is an amazing attempt to take you on an awesome ride of Bollywood fun. With this book, you will get a new outlook for our favorite movie characters and their performances 

If you love Bollywood movies and had an interest to explore different movies and movies characters in most meaningful way, then go for it. I am sure, you will not be disappointed. 

My heartiest congrats to Archana for publishing her first e book and wish her great success for future for her upcoming projects. 

The book is available for free download for a limited period of time. Click here  to download it for free.  


  • Archana

    Surbhi I must say your detailed review about my eBook added an extra sugar to my day ?❤️can not express my happiness just by saying Thanks a lot dear?Love and Hugs?

  • Ruchie

    I have downloaded the book and still have to complete it but I can surely say that author has done Justice by selecting the kind of movies from Bollywood and detailed review of that

    • simisp

      Bollywood is always on top list and my favorite cup of tea great job dear picking some wonderful movies and reviewing on them is really amazing

  • Alpana

    I read her posts and then book too. She has done an amazing job. Bringing those movies and characters into our lives giving it a personal touch with her analysis.

  • Deepika

    Yes! You are right Surbhi, collection of our favourite movies at one place in the form of the book is a quite interesting idea. You did a great job Archana, many are my favourites.

  • Roma

    I agree with you Surbhi, i liked the way she picked up unique chapters each day and entertained the Bollywood buffs in us. Good work Archana

  • momtasticworld

    I have heard some raving reviews about this book already and moreover I am a die hard fan of bollywood. I am definitely picking up this book soon.

  • Judy Morris

    I am a big movie buff and when it comes to Bollywood I am like a crazy fan.. I would love to read the chapter related to SRK’s work.

    • jhilmildsaha

      I like watching Bollywood and I am sure this is a very interesting approach on Bollywood movie characters. I am surely going to get this book soon.

  • Rajshree Sawant

    This is such a beautiful book, I really need to pick this up. I am impressed with the unique concept behind it. My favourite so far is part about how the character from Chapter 5 didn’t let English define her

  • Roopika Sareen

    Indeed a unique plot by picking up characters that have influenced many through the film medium. You have got me intrigued and I am looking forward to read this book as I am a big movie buff!

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