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#Bookreview- “Hats, Hood and Humiliation”- An interesting book by 10 year old budding author “Hiranya Verma”

We lived in a high tech, digital era. As a parent, we all want to raise smart, confident and intellectual kids. In fact, nowadays when we talk about kid’s overall personality development, it is not just about academic things or increasing their IQ level, now with changing time, it is sum of various factors like emotional intelligence, communication skills or learning the importance of healthy life style since at early age. 

Emotional intelligence is a wide term that define the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in a positive way to relive stress. An emotionally intelligent person is well aware of his/her emotional state and know the way, how to deal with this efficiently. 

As a responsible parent, it is our responsibility to pay enough attention on our child’s emotional intelligence and we should try to help them to manage their different emotions positively. 

I am a mommy of two girls (my elder one is 11 and little one is 8). I know, they must go through different experiences during school time and even when they go for different activity classes. It is a common occurrence to experience both positive and negative incidences, when kids start explore the outside world in their own way.  

Though as a caring mommy, I often try to explain them positive ways to deal with any adverse situation or negative emotions, but you know, sometimes I feel myself less competent for understanding the exact emotions, they had felt.

Of course, “generation gap” and “Pressure of multiple responsibilities” are one of the Prominent reason and kids may had a feeling that we are not understanding the exact emotions which they go through. 

As a parenting blogger, I usually love to read and research subjects that help us understanding these kinds of situations better, and specially from a child’s perspective. 

Recently, I came across a really interesting book, “Hats, Hoods and Humiliation”. The book is an eBook and available as a kindle addition.   

This book is written by a 10-year-old girl “Hiranya Verma”.  

What is the USP of this book and what can you expect as a reader from this book? Read on to know more. 

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation 


Just like the interesting name, this book has a nice and practically useful plot. This book is all about dealing different emotions (anger, bullies) and humiliation that kids usually faced during their day to day life. In this book, this sweet 10-year-old author has shared her personal experiences related to humiliation. Along with these personal experiences, she has also shared easy and positive ways to deal with these emotions and situations.  

Author bio 

Hiranya Verma is a 10-year-old girl, studying in standard VI, in Navy Children school Kochi. She was born in Mumbai (25 Jun 2009) and her parents are Dr. Rohit Verma and Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar. She has an elder sibling, who is three year older to her and she shares a brilliant equation with her brother Kaustubh. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, reading and writing. She also plays keyboard and loved the experience called life.  

I had read this book recently, and here I am excited to some USP factors of this amazing book. 

USP of “Hats, Hoods and Humiliation” 

Selection of theme 

I am highly impressed with the selection of theme by author for writing her first book. As in her own words, “looking back, on my life, I saw that I did get humiliated more than I thought. I wrote this book because it helped me realize and let go of the shock of knowing and feeling the times I have been humiliated. With this book, I am trying to help other people like me and to help them to realize and let go”. 

Don’t you think, this is such a praiseworthy effort from this debutant child author. Selection of subject is first USP of this amazing book. 

Impressive chapters with interesting narration of personal experience 

As a reader, we admire useful and practical information but narration is second most important thing that makes any book interesting to read. And this e book has that USP factor. The book is starts from a simple chapter “Daily life” and then it moved to more complicated things like dealing with complex emotions positively and why should you listen to your heart. 

Each chapter has an interesting narration of author’s personal experiences of feeling humiliated or feeling shy like how a boy has humiliated her in a tennis class or how she was shy to express her song creation with her music teacher, because of fear of not doing it correctly.  

She has narrated all these personal experience with complete honesty and as a reader, you feel connected with her experiences. Making a good connection with her reader is another important victory of her as a debutant author. 

Each chapter has an important “Point to remember” addition 

This book is not only about narrating her personal experiences but it is also about dealing with these emotions and situations effectively and positively. In each chapter, she has explained the positive solutions of different problems that she has faced and feel humiliated.  

She has summed up all these important points as a “Point to remember” addition in each chapter. This thing shows her maturity as an author at an early age. 


As a conclusion, I would say that “This book is an amazing attempt from a budding author at a young age. She has selected and tackled a serious and sensitive issue of “humiliation” so effectively in this book. The narration of personal experiences and addition of practical and easy to adopt solutions make it an informative and interesting read.  

As this is the time of summer vacation, and kids want something interesting and informative to read, so I would highly recommend this book to Childrens of 9-13 years. Go for it, I am sure you will find it relatable and informative. 

I will also recommend this book to parents for understanding their child’s emotion and day to day experiences better and from their perspective. 

Here is link to buy book. 

Note-  this is a sponsored post, but all the views are expressed here, are mine.


  • Richa Sharma

    Such a nice and descriptive review. You really explain the motto of the book. I will definitely purchase the book for my son. Thanks for Writing such an honest review. Keep updating us for new books.

      • Varsh

        Writing a book at the young age of 10 in itself is an impressive achievement. Kids will surely identify with Hiranya’s narrative style and as parents we can take a few pointers. Her parents must be so proud!

        • My Words My Wisdom

          Talking about emotions is not easy for adults too and this little author has spoken about such important topic like being humiliated or shy. While reading this review I went down the memory lane when I had gone through such experience as a child. Will find and read this book.

  • Mayuri Nidigallu

    Oh Wow! A 10 year old author writing about such an important topic is commendable indeed! Kudos to little Hiranya and her parents for this book. It is sure to help a lot of parents and kids. Thanks for introducing us to them , Surbhi.

  • Cindy DSilva

    Wow thats so awesome. I started writing in my diary when i was 7 but back then we did not have so many options to publish. my mom always asked me when i would publish my diary and i would tell her never as it had such personal things that i wasn’t sure i even wanted my mom to know them when i was that age.

  • Roma

    I find the writings by young budding authors very close to me heart. Thank you for sharing this Surbhi, I am sure gonna year what the 10 year old wishes to express

    • Debidutta Mohanty

      Wow!! I am at awe at the age of the author and the topic that she had chosen. Kudos to Hiranya and her parents. Surbhi you have given a detailed and honest review of this book. Loved your writing style.

      • alpanadeo this tender age, she has written a book on such a matured topic. kudos to her. Yes, sometimes life throwsa mtough times to us but how we deal with it is what makes us strong. Understanding emotions.state of kids is very important and such books becomes a soothing factor even for the readers.

  • Kavita Singh

    First of all, what a brilliant job this little author has done. Kudos to her. Secondly, the topic is so relatable and I am sure even went through such bullying phases at one point in our life. I will definitely pick this book up and would love to read to my child.

  • PrettyMummaSays

    What an emotionally intelligent child she is to be able to identify her emotions and feelings at such young age and moreover, pen them down too. I am super impressed. Kudos to the parents. Thanks for sharing about her.

    • TheMomSagas

      Wonderful book review. I haven’t read it yet but considering it’s written by a ten year old, it looks very interesting. Kudos to the child and his parents for this commendable job.

  • Amrita

    What a lovely book review .Children writing from a young age is great for many reasons.But completing a book is serious work.Will be looking to buy the book for my child

  • Neha Sharma

    I love the way you write descriptive reviews, Surbhi. The title of the book is quite interesting and I am truly in awe with this young author who has chosen this important topic to write about. I am definitely going to check out this book.

  • Zahra

    Wow Surbhi! This is definitely a cheering moment for you. The way you have expressed everything is really very appreciative.

  • freemindtree

    Looks to be an enterprising little author.. Though I really want to know what experiences she had in this tender age, this book is surely going to help the reader understand the way kids perceive the world and things going around them.

  • Tina Basu

    what! a 10 year old author!! wow this is so amazing to hear. I am going to check this out. Its so interesting to read something from a child’s perspective.

  • Amrit Kaur

    That is surely appreciable that a 10 year old attempted to write a book with real life experience and bring such topics out. I can relate to her a lot as we share alike stories.

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