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Kaali Season 2”- A Nail-biting crime thriller, coupled with tension, action and drama

Image Source- An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

Indian mythology had been always a subject of great interest for me. Since childhood, I had read and watched various stories of ancient mythological characters. Ram, Shiva, Krishna, Laxmi or Kaali, each of these mythological characters have their own charisma and each one tells an inspiring story of power, courage, wisdom and faith. 

Among all these mythological characters, Kaali is one of my favorite character. Kaali means symbol of power.  Kaali is the most powerful form of shakti who represent the strong woman who can fight against all odds with her power and show great courage and bravery against evil forces. She creates an aura of undefine energy and positivism who can deal with any adversity of life. 

From another perspective, Kaali is a dramatic expression of a mother’s fierce, protective love for her children. She is the strong power who rise up to attack those who threaten her babies”. 

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It is always amazing to read, or watch the courageous story of Ma Kaali in mythology. Her stories taught us a deeper meaning of divine protection and courageous power of women strength. Now, time has changed, and we are getting a chance to watch Kaali’s story in modern style. 

With changing time, now we had varieties of entertainment options as different channels and web sources. 

Zee 5 is one of the most promising digital platforms that always had plenty of great options for entertaining her audience. In 2018, ZEE 5 had launched an amazing series named “Kaali” that truly define the real meaning of mythological character “Kaali Ma”. This show represents the story of a strong and brave mom who becomes a divine protector of her son, like goddess Kaali. She is ready to go up to any extent and can cross any limit to save her son’s life. 

A quick recap of Season 1 

 The plot of season 1 of “Kaali” revolved around a mother “Kaali” who is a beautician by profession and live with her son Sunny. Her son met an accident and she need 6 lakh rupees to save his life, in 12 hours.  her husband tells her a way to get money (3 lakh) by suppling drugs that he has buried in their house. to collect this amount for her son’s surgery, she encounters with the people involved in drug trafficking.  

Despite facing all odd situations., she has only one aim and firm determination to save her son’s life. As each episode progress, she gets pulled into the dangerous world of drug trafficking. The more the danger increases, she becomes more dangerous. 

In short, Kali delves into the unseen underbelly of Kolkata which is usually spoken about in hushed tones. Filled with hope, courage, danger and betrayal, kali was a multilayered show that has given us a jitter as it progresses towards the climax. 

Season 1 of “Kali” was a big hit and audience had just loved it because of its engaging storyline, amazing acting by actors and a crisp direction. The series was directed by Korok Murmu and produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay. The series was released on 13 November 2018 with an impressive star cast of Paoli Dam, Rahul Banerjee and Shantilal Mukherjee. It has a total of 8 episodes with an average of 20-24 minutes per episode.  

 After a huge success of season 1, Zee 5 is bringing the season 2 of “Kaali”, and the trailer of this amazing series had already created a huge buzz in the industry. 

Season 2 of Kaali 

                                           Image Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com 

Story plot 

With season 2, Kaali is back and her struggle to save her son continues. The 2.5-minute trailer of Kaali season 2, give us a glimpse of Kaali’s struggle to save her son.  

Kaali 2 shares a story of a single mother who is trying to save her disabled son who had been kidnapped by human tackifiers. In the journey of saving her son, she faces lots of ups and downs and gets caught up in drug cartel and gang war of dangerous criminals. And she must race against time to save her son. 

In short, “Kaali season 2 is an untold story of a single mom who fights against all odds to save her son’s life”.  

Star cast 

The impressive star cast was the big reason of success for season 1 of “Kaali”, and in Season 2 has again an amazing star cast with few new additions. Paoli dam is playing again the role of leading lady “Kaali” and Rahul Banerjee is also in the same role that he had played in season 2. in this season, you will see Abhishek Banerjee as a new addition, who is playing a role of an underworld don.  

Here are more details of the star cast of “Kaali season 2” 

Name of series– Kaali season 2 

Producer- Parambrata Chattopadhyay 

Director– Aritra Sen 

Actors– Paoli dam, Abhishek Banerjee, Rahul Banerjee, Vidhya Malvade, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Abhimanyu Mukherjee.  

Streaming on– Zee 5  

What can you expect from season 2 of “Kaali” 

Season 2 is expected as engaging as season 1. it has all different elements of entertainment that the audience will love to watch. 

Conclusively, “Kaali season 2 is a nail-biting, crime thriller coupled with tension, action and drama. It is a must-watch series that celebrates an amazing victory of women empowerment. The series promises you to entertain with the engaging storyline, amazing star cast and interesting twist and turns. 

The series will stream on ZEE5 original. And you can watch it on ZEE5 website and app. 

The launching date of season 2 Kaali is 29th May. So, stay tuned and do not forget to watch this show for an amazing dose of entertainment. 


  • Richa Sharma

    Your review successful inculcate the curiosity for Kali. By giving us the brief story of Kali ( part 1) you help us to understand the soul of the story. Will definitely watch this nail-biting thriller for sure. Thanks for such a nice review.

  • alpanadeo

    The name kaali itself grabbed my attention. How far a mother can go for her son is beautifully shown in this web series. I have also checked the trailer of Kaali2 on YouTube and I am sure it will get the same success as season 1.

  • lifewithmypenguin

    Reading the descriptive plot of the thriller I am itching to check it out. I have seen the first season so probably I would start from there. Watching fierce strong women in lead role is always exciting and rare to watch in Indian entertainment platform.

    • admin

      Yes I agree Pragnya, this kind of plot always a treat to watch. thanks a lot dear for reading the post and sharing your view.

  • Cindy DSilva

    I have heard that this is quite a good series and many of my friends are hooked on to it. Have put it on the watchlist. So once I’m done with the ones I’m currently watching, I’m checking this one out too.

    • Varsh

      Kaali sure sounds like a series I would love watching. The story is gripping and is sure to have some good performances as well. Adding it to my watchlist.

  • Kavita Singh

    I am not very keen on watching Indian dramas but your post has piqued my interest for this one. Not only this, I have also heard some raving reviews about this one. Looks like, I will binge watch it this weekend.

  • Anita

    I have watched season one of Kaali.The season 2 sounds equally exciting. Looking forward to watching the drama unfold.Great review

  • Neha Sharma

    I heard about this series from my friends too who loved it & now recommended it to me as well. Well, I won’t lie, I stopped watching hindi series a while ago since I don’t find them interesting enough but I am surely gonna check this one out, everyone is talking about it.

  • Zahra

    There is a unique strength that has described by you about this character, it seems to be very interesting. A worth to watch.

  • Tina Basu

    The plot sounds really good and I have been hearing good things about this series. I like watching thrillers and just know what to binge watch over the weekend!

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