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Here is Why “Mothersparsh” is Best Baby wipe Brand!

Mothersparsh is one of the most trustworthy and genuine baby wipe brand of India. Why this brand is best for exclusive skin care of new born babies and infants? Why should you select these baby wipes for your babies? Read on to know More!

It has been said that,

A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, saving smaller and a home happier

And it is also true that a baby born with a need to be get immense affection, unconditional love and passionate care.  As a parent, we all want best care for our babies. And when it comes to taking care of delicate skin of our babies, there should be no compromise.  Because, it has been a proven fact, that baby’s skin is 10 times more delicate that then the adult skin which makes it prone to rashes and infections.

Experts say, that “New-born skin and their immune system both are so delicate. Chemicals, fragrances, dyes, perfumes and   repeated use of water or cloth may cause rashes, allergic reactions or other skin related issues to delicate skin of new born.  Hence it is very important to protect your baby from these skin problems.

As a responsible parent it is our responsibility to select baby care products with great care and precaution.

Along with other important baby care essentials, use of baby wipes has been increased tremendously during last few years. These are coming as a great option for baby cleaning, especially when the parents are travelling and needed a way to clean up on the go.

 Baby wipes are so handy and work great in cleaning and marinating a good level of hygiene for delicate skin of new born babies.

Though baby wipes are good and convenient option for baby cleaning. There are some factors that should be kept in mind while selecting a good and gentle baby wipe for delicate skin of your babies.

Factors to kept in mind while selecting a good baby wipe brand

Check the ingredients or composition

This is the first and most important thing for selecting a good baby wipe brand. As babies have soft and delicate skin, it is very important to check the list of ingredients before buying it. It is always advisable to select a baby wipe that contain natural ingredients, soft to touch and have good nourishing qualities.

Some of the traditional wipes may contain harmful chemicals and other ingredients that may not be suitable for delicate skin of babies. According to FDA, Some wipes may contain harmful chemicals as a hidden ingredient like formaldehyde and hydroquinone). These harmful chemicals are so toxic and irritants, they could easily assimilate through baby’s skin and may cause serious side effects on baby’s skin, such as dryness, itching, rashes and other allergic reactions.

So, it is very important to check all the listed ingredients before buying any baby wipes brand.

Check the texture

The second important point, the texture of baby wipes. If the wipes are too rough or did not have smooth texture then this may cause irritation and rashes on delicate skin of new-born and infants.

Clinically proven and dermatologically tested

Third and another important point, to check how trustworthy is the baby wipe brand? It is always better to select baby wipe that are clinically proven safe for babies and tested dermatologically.

Additionally, here are few more points that will help ensure that the baby wipes are gentle and ideal for delicate skin of babies. Such as, a baby wipe brand is a good brand, if

  • It is free from alcohol, paraben or other harmful chemicals
  • Have higher level of safety standards
  • Eco friendly
  • Comes in budget
  • User friendly
  • Construction material is of good (and thick quality)
  • Enrich with power of nature ingredients
  • Unscented (because scented wipes may cause allergies and other skin reactions)
  • Water based (because nothing can beat the purity and serenity of water)
  • Hypo allergic

I know all this information is somewhat overwhelming and may put an extra pressure on new parents while selecting a good quality, gentle baby wipe for your new-born and infants.

So, If you are feeling little confused about a proper selection of an ideal baby wipe brand, I am here to help you.

Mothersparsh baby wipe brand

Mothersparsh (India’s leading baby wipe brand) is one of the most valuable and trustworthy baby care brand. They had a noble mission that

They will create the products by keeping the safety and wellbeing of babies and environment both

They recently launched their premium unscented baby wipes.  These are best baby wipes and ideal for gentle skin care of your new-born and infant babies.

Here are some unique features that make this baby wipes brand most amazing and trustworthy baby wipe brand. Here are some unique features of this awesome baby wipe brand.

Unique features of Mothersparsh premium unscented baby wipes

Mothersparsh 99% unscented premium baby wipes

Eco friendly

These wipes are made up of 100 % plant fabric and bio-degradable material. These compositions make them eco-friendly too. By using these eco-friendly wipes we can put our contribution in saving the mother earth and our environment.

The construction fabric is 3 times thicker

Another excellent feature, these wipes are made up of 3 time’s thicker fabric material that makes it more durable and different from other routine wipes.


  • These are clinically proven to prevent rashes and skin allergies.  They had 0% alcohol and no paraben and polyesters.
  • Dermatologically tested, and ideal for gentle care of delicate skin of new-born or babies.

I am sure you would be agreeing that these unique features are so impressive. Apart from these impressive features there are some more factors that make this brand trustworthy and valuable for parents.

Did you know?

Mothersparsh has 100000 satisfied mother customers

Customers especially mothers satisfaction is very important for any baby care brand. And their satisfaction determines a success and trust factor of any brand. Mothersparsh has 100000 mothers as satisfied customers. Their satisfaction is one of the greatest satisfactions of Mothersparsh brand.

It is IBB award winning promising baby care brand

IBB is one of the most prestigious awards that have been launched to celebrate business excellence.  And the award is given to only those brands that provide some great quality products and services to their customers. And Mothersparsh has been awarded as “Promising baby care brand” that defines the trustworthiness of this brand.

So, these are some unique reasons that make these baby wipes best for using delicate skin care of babies.

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As a conclusion, I would say that

Being a qualified homeopathic therapist, a health and lifestyle blogger and a mommy of two cute dolls, I always recommended  those products to my readers that have higher level of safety standard and exceptional quality in term of construction material and overall performance. If you are looking for a gentle, ideal, free from side effects and eco-friendly baby wipes to do an exclusive skin care of your new born babies and infant, then must go for these premium unscented water based Mothersparsh baby wipes, I am sure you would not be get disappointed.”

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