The Christmas that I Will Never Forget!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

We all love holidays.

Holidays means a true spirit of joy, fun, celebration and togetherness. it brings an immense pleasure in our life and we all eagerly wait for it, all year along.

It is the easiest way for most of the people for pursuing happiness in their lives. But sometimes, the holidays are not so jolly at all. In fact, they create memories that are so scary…even they hurt deep in the side the heart even after passing the long years.  

I also had a heart-rending experience during this amazing “Holiday season”, years ago. despite passing long 8 years, I still remember those memories, during this time of year.

I still feel sad and sacred, by recalling those moments. so, in today’s post, I am sharing those memories and trying to sending a message too..hoping you will like it.

It was 8 years ago when I was expecting my second baby. And as usual, we had been enjoying the pleasant holiday season, with friends, family.

This year “waiting for the arrival of new baby” was the most exciting thing for us. Good friends, family and most importantly “My parents” were the most integral part of my life. Everything was smooth and awesome.

It was 2 days after the “Christmas” celebration; I was alone in my house (my husband was out of town). It was 11 p.m.  And suddenly a call arrived with an annoying consistency; a shrill ring has waked me up from blissful slumber.

It was my mom’s call. 

She said,     “Sweetie  …papa had some health issues…and the doctor had recommended some tests. But do not worry, everything is fine”. She was sounding very low.

But as I had a highly emotional equation with my mom, I have realized one thing instantly that “Everything is not fine” and decided to go for my native place as early as possible.

I had packed my bags haphazardly and took the earliest possible bus with my little 3-year-old doll. It was the most wrenching journey of my life that I have ever done. Physically as well as mentally. I had felt an unaccountable sense of fear and anxiety.

A strong feeling of apprehension, restlessness and a persistent thought that “something bad is going to happen” were overwhelming my mental and physical status.

Somehow, I had reached my native place and got a temporary sense of relief after hugging my papa. after that we had wasted no time to reach the hospital.

Within few hours of arrival and after completing certain test doctor had provide us a complete diagnosis with some scary words,   “It is a straightforward case of myocardial infraction (Heart attack).

As your father is diabetic that’s why he had not gotten any typical acute symptoms (pain in chest, unconsciousness) except some mild digestive symptoms.

He had explained angioplasty and by-pass surgery as a treatment option with all possible pros and cons.”   Doctor’s verdict shatters our sense of well-being and security within few minutes.

We were trying to understand, what happened? Why happened? It was a feeling that left us emotionally damaged. It took a while to get over the pain and feel safe again.

For moving ahead and making a correct choice regarding further treatment, I had called my little brother.    Within few hours, he was also with us. We all had intense and really big scary emotion (fear, anxiety, frustration), but we all were trying to retreating ourselves to avoid a dialogue that might end up making feel us worse.

We were concealing our emotional fragility from each other with the fear that exposing it would make us look weak and helpless. We were trying to hide our fear and emotional pain from each other constantly. And while doing that, we had barely said two words to each other.

 We moved from one clinic to another for confirming the diagnosis and selecting the best treatment. And after two days, we had selected “Angioplasty” as a preferred treatment option.

Next day, we were in the hospital.   Doctors were busy in the pre-operative preparations. Very soon, papa was dressed in the hospital gown. He was looking very comfortable with a peaceful smile on the face (that he always had). He had not wanted his pain and struggle to make him like victim. And we all were trying again to control our emotions (fear, anxiety) forcefully. Doctors took him in to operation room within few minutes.

As soon as he left the room, our heart gets broken so badly.    This time we wouldn’t be able to control our emotions any more. We (mom, Bhai and I) cried simultaneously with a deep pain inside the heart.

We all had thousands of memories of being together as a family. His love, support, care…. get rememorized in few seconds. We were earnestly doing a prayer for his well-being. We just want a divine protection and provision for a successful surgery.

We had only a single emotion that we need him…we would be last without him.   Whenever our dear one has an illness that could be life threatening and when we lived in the uncertainty of not knowing whether he would survive or not…is the most unfortunate situation to deal with. It felt unreal and we just want that it is only a nightmare.

  It took almost 7 days from making a diagnosis then surgery and lastly the post-operative measures. But those 7 days were the most difficult, most complicated days of my life. I never want to feel the intense agony, the emotional pain of “those 7 days” again in my life. And wish no-body has those circumstances when they had a fear of losing to their dear one even for a moment.

We were waiting impatiently outside the operation theater for doctors. We just want to listen that “surgery is successful, everything is fine”. And god was kind to us, within few time doctor came and said, “Do not worry, everything is fine”. Your father gets discharged within 2 days.

  With the grace of god, papa got a faster recovery. He was feeling well physically as well as mentally…and so that we also.

Now,   The long 8 years had passed. And we again had a loving peaceful family life. After that incidence I had realized the true depth of relationship in life.

After that incidence, I had learnt a life lesson to enjoy each and every tiny moment of togetherness with family.

Everything is fine…. But still I could not forget “those 7 scary days of holiday”. It was those days when I had realized that “My father is my whole world”   “Life is so short. We all love our family, but sometimes minor family conflicts and misunderstandings spoil the true joy of our relationships.

We used to behave in mostly ego-centric manner without caring for the feelings or desires of other.

We think that “I am always right”, and while flowing with these ego-centric emotions we forget to enjoy the most beautiful gift of god (our family, our relationships)

so,   “Love your family, spend time, be kind, serve one-another, make no room for regrets. Because tomorrow is not promised and today is very short”.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any experience like this? Please share with us.    


    • Varsh

      I can imagine the fear and pain you must’ve felt as my mother had undergone a bypass surgery too. Scary emotions when shared with family can be passed away too. Hope you only have good memories to remember henceforth.

    • Top5Listicle

      I got goosebumps when I read your story! Must have been so scary!
      I am glad your dad is back to normal!
      We forget our relationships when we are healthy and when we become sick or our near and dear ones fall sick, we realise how precious they are!

    • admin

      yes it was the hardest time of my life and thanks to god for being kind to us. thanks a lot for reading the post and comment.

  • Narinder Bhatia

    Life has its own wat of teaching us that we shouldn’t take things and people, especially our family and close friends, for granted. One should always feel blessed to have such people in our lives who love us unconditionally. I went through a much serious experience in my life about 2 months ago and unfortunately I lost my father. Sorry about ending my comments on such a sad note !

    • admin

      So sorry for your loss and I could understand how hard it must be. I agree life is the best teacher and we learn many important life lesson when we face that kind of situations. thanks a lot for your visit.

  • simritbedi

    Your post has touched my heart Surbhi… It is so is unpredictable… And it is very hard to see our oareparfall sick… M so haoha that he got the immediate care….. God bless your family always

    • admin

      Thanks dear for your best wises..and ya I agree that life is so unpredictable and we should be grateful for god’s blessing each day.

    • Cindy Dsilva

      That’s quite a scary holiday. Glad that your dad got better. I lost my dad when I was out of country. I didn’t even have a chance to see him in his last days. I was about to be 12 a week after that.

  • Harjeet Kaur

    I feel you should count your blessings and get over this incident.You and your family are blessed that he is with you.Cherish every moment.All are not so lucky…..I lost my husband in the blink of a second. God bless!

    • Sweetannu

      This was such an eye opener, we never know what can happen next. That means we must live each moment to the fullest especially with family. So sorry about this and cant believe it’s been 7years since.

  • Shilpa Garg

    Gosh! I can relate to those 7 days of agony and stress! Glad that those days are behind you though they have left you with some life lessons and learnings! Stay blessed and happy always!

  • Doctor mommy

    I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you and your family. Being a physician and an ICU intensivist, i can say only one thing, when it comes to the heart “time is muscle” the more time one wastes, the greater loss of heart muscle occurs.

    • mummatalks

      I can only imagine the hardship you being pregnant and your family had to go through for those 7 days. I could relate to it because I’ve seen my husband suffer the same for his parents health at both the times when I was pregnant and ready to deliver but my husband was running after his parents and their treatments.

  • LifeCoachPreet

    I can’t even imagine what you must have gone through that day. It must have been really tough I am sure. But I love how you rmember the positives from those memories. Love your attitude towards life. Great going.

  • Alpana Deo

    I agree, sometimes, life throws such situations in front of us for which we are least prepared. I can understand your mental state and why today also it gives you goosebumps when you recall those moments. We don’t want anything to happen to ur dear ones and when it comes to parents, it is very natural. I am happy that your Papa recovered from that situation.

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