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#Product review-Nature Sure Jonk Tail ( Leech oil)- An excellent alternative way to cure hair problems!

Hair loss is a very common condition that affects most people at same time in their lives. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs every day. But unexplained and excessive hair loss is scary and worrying. Hair loss has been seen both in male and female. But it is more dramatic in men. There are different causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss

There are multiple factors that can cause hair loss. This includes:

  • Genetics- hair loss runs in the family and genetic is a strong factor that often causes hair loss.
  • Poor nutrition- deficiency of nutrients like protein deficiency is one of the major factors that cause hair loss.
  • Higher stress level is also responsible for hair loss
  • Hormonal changes especially during pregnancy and menopause may cause hair loss.
  • Certain medications like chemotherapy may cause hair loss.
  • Systemic disease conditions like thyroid disease, iron deficiency anaemia can be a responsible factor for hair loss.
  • Harsh chemicals and ingredients present in your shampoo and conditioner may cause hair loss.

Among all these reasons, sometimes the true culprit may hide in plain sight. It is the presence of harmful chemicals and ingredients in your hair products (like in shampoo, hair oil etc.)

When I had researched some scientific facts about commonly used hair products, I was in shock. Scientific research proves that due to lack of government oversight many hair, skin and personal care products contain hazardous chemicals that many harm your health. These harmful chemicals are responsible for various allergic disorders and other health and hair problems.

And it is true that as a normal consumer we often don’t realised this harsh reality of everyday products. The ongoing research confirms that most of the hair products are not very safe. By using them, we expose ourselves to compounds and chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic and hormone disrupting elements.

Indeed, these facts are frustrating. And for a normal person (who already had tons of responsibilities) it is quite challenging to check the each ingredient of routine products. We all want a trustworthy brand that ensures good quality products that are free from toxins and side effects.

Using natural products that are made up with natural and organic ingredients are one of the doable steps that can help us a lot to dealing with hair problems ranging from hair loss, dandruff to alopecia and other form of baldness.

 Nature sure is one of the leading health-wellness and personal care product brand that offer wide range of completely ayurvedic and organic products for treating hair problems. Nature sure Jonk tail or leech oil is one of the best hair products from this trustworthy brand.

Recently when I had gotten a chance to review the Nature sure’s Jonk tail or leech oil, I was pleasantly surprised with the composition of ingredients and overall functionality. Here is my detail review about the product, hoping it will help you to select the correct oil for hair care.

Nature sure Jonk tail or leech oil

Product description

Nature sure Jonk oil is made of 100% pure ingredients and highly effective in hair growth and preventing hair related diseases. The product claims that

  • Nature sure oil is miraculous therapy for curing hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, and other hair related problems
  • With its curative properties it is also helpful is treating alopecia and other forms of baldness
  • Regular use of this oil helps prevent hair loss, promotes hair regrowth and nourishes the scalp and hair shaft.

What is leech therapy?

When I had heard about the use of leech oil for treating hair problems, I become more curious. And I had searched more about this excellent alternative way of treating hair problems.

“Leeches are used to cure many diseases and aliments from ancient times (in Egyptian, Indian and other medicinal system). It is one of the best alternative ways to treat difficult diseases and aliments. It has been said that leech therapy can prove a valuable alternative to treat alopecia and other baldness”.

Leech therapy works in two ways to treat hair problems.

  • First it improves blood circulation of scalp and improves blood circulation strengths the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.
  • Also this therapy and oil has excellent microbial properties thus helps in treating fungal infections, dandruff and other hair related problems.

What does science says?

In fact Scietific studies  confirm the same point. It says “Compared to other complementary and natural therapy leech therapy is comparatively quick therapy and can reduce the complications arising from excessive use of syntactic drugs. The scientific study results prove that leech therapy has great potential to treat alopecia and other hair related problems.

How to use Nature sure leech oil?

The application of leech oil is easy. You can apply it before going to sleep. Apply this oil on the roots of your hair and scalp. Massage gently for 15 minutes with your fingertips, leave it for the night and wash your hair with lukewarm water on next morning.


  • It is made up with 100% natural ingredients, so there are less chances of getting side effects and allergic reactions
  • The basic principle and theory of this oil the “leech therapy” is scientifically proven therapy and used since ancient times as an effective alternative way to treating hair related problems and alopecia
  • People are getting amazing benefits and giving positive review for this oil when using this long time and regularly
  • It is easy to use and apply


It is somewhat sticky in nature and its smell is not pleasant. Other than that, it has no negative points.

My take on Nature sure Jonk oil

My husband has some hair related problems since 5-6 years. He has thinning of hair and beginning stage of alopecia. He has started using this oil few days ago, as per my recommendation. He is doing a regular oil message every night and washing hair next morning. With the application of this oil, he is feeling reduction of itchiness and dandruff. The scalp is feeling healthier and disease free.

Regarding hair loss and alopecia, it is early to providing any firm feedback. Being a qualified homeopathic therapist, I know any kind of hair care product or hair oil should be used for a long time (minimum 6 months) and regularly to providing any positive visible results.

So, I believe he (or anyone who wants a good result with this product) should use this product for a long time and regularly.


As a conclusion I would say, “Definitely, nature sure is one of the most trustworthy and reliable health-wellness and personal care brand of India that provides excellent natural products. And this Nature sure Jonk oil is valuable hair oil from them. Indeed, this oil is an excellent alternative way to treat hair related problems like dandruff, alopecia and baldness.

For getting best results, use this product regularly for a long time and do not forget to take proper hair care by using other measures like:

  • Eat healthy and balanced diet (include proper amount of protein, vitamin and minerals in your diet)
  • Exercise regularly that will improve scalp blood circulation
  • Regular message of scalp for improve blood circulation (nature sure jonk oil is best for that)
  • Avoid harsh hair treatment (hair colouring, hair extension etc.)
  • Avoid using hair products that contain harmful chemicals
  • Do not share your hair comb or pillow with others
  • Wash your hair 2-3 times in a week with natural shampoo and conditioners
  • Do not expect immediate results after using natural products (like Nature sure Jonk oil), have patience and use them properly and regularly for a longer time.

So use this product and do a proper hair care by using these simple hair care tips, and let me know what your experience with it is?

You can know more about this product here

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