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We lived in a high tech sworld. And nowadays internet and high tech gadgets (laptop, smartphones) are an important part of our life. Nowadays, smartphones works like a lifeline in our day to day life. And a larger number of people of different age groups spend so many hours by gluing on their smartphones.

Smartphones serve so many purpose and helps in completing various household and other responsibilities. From ticket booking to ordering food and from doing online shopping to paying bills. Smartphone does it all for us. No doubt with the advancement in technology, now life has become much easier than before.

In fact, so many people using the power of internet and smartphones for earning extra in come from the comfort of their home. Of course, it is not a solid or permanent income but you can earn an extra account of money to paying few of your bills or doing some online shopping.

Here are some easy ways to make money online

Different ways to make money online


Freelancing is one of the common things that can help you earn a good amount of money.  There are various freelancing sites that offer freelancing projects. You can do an easy sign up and approach appropriate clients as per your expertise and niche.

Content writing

There are various good sites like fiverr and upwork that helps in getting not only content writing jobs but others as well. You can create your account with your specilality and can set an appropriate gig to get hired.

Online survey

This is another easy option to earn extra amount of money.

Product reviewing

You can become a product reviewer and work with different brands. This is a great way to get some free products and with your product reviewing skills, you can share detail information and review about product with your readers.

Blogging and starting your YouTube channel

With the changing time now internet has become a powerful source to showcase your talent and skills. Blogging and starting your YouTube channels are two great options that require almost zero investment and offer you a chance to show your talent and share this with the world. Of course earing money is the one of the hardest point of this journey. And you need to put lots of hard work consistently for sharing something useful for your readers and viewers. When you build a reader base and have an enough number of followers you can earn good amount of money by doing brand endorsements and sponsored posts.

Along with these quite well known method nowadays apps downloading and sharing are quite trendy way to earn easy money online. In this post, I am sharing information about one of the most popular and trending app of 2019. This app has helped thousands of people to earn a good amount of money easily and from the comfort of their home. I am sure you must be wondering and waiting to know the name of app and its functionality.

I am talking about Roz dhan app. What is Roz dhan app? How it works? And how you can make a good amount of money every day by using this app? Read on to know more!

What is Roz dhan app?

Roz dhan app is one of the fastest growing apps of India that has a record 8 million downloads and 800k installation. It is a promising video sharing entertainment app that allows you to publish and share videos like YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing platforms like tic-tac.

Apart from watching, creating and sharing videos, this app has an excellent feature that is different from other video sharing platforms. This app gives you a chance to earn money too. You can earn an extra amount of money by downloading, and referring this app to others.

Unique features of Roz dhan app

  • This app is fastest growing app of India. It is present in Hindi, Telegu, Marathi and Tamil.
  • It has different category and sections like health, entertainment etc., you can select any category for creating, watching or sharing videos as per your choice and preference. Videos also have an option to like, comment and share like other social media sharing platforms.

How to get started with the app and earn money (step by step process)

  • Download the app from store.
  • Now open the app and do a sign up by mobile app
  • After verification click on profile icon

As soon as complete these basic steps, your journey of making easy money begins.

  • After doing sign up you get an instant 25 Rs.
  • You can check balance by clicking on “Me”
  • Invite your friends via invitation options and create your invite code
  • Whenever your friends enter from your invitation code after getting registration you will get 1250 coins ( Rs.5)
  • With this step, your friends will earn Rs. 50
  • Additionally, you can earn coins (means money) by sharing articles too.

Proof of record income with this app

When I had learnt about this app and its money making potential, I had done a little research to know the exact results that this app has provided. One of the best earning people is technical yogi who has earned about 800k by making, sharing and referring the Roz dhan app.

So this thing proves if you had a great number of following, you can earn great number of money too, by using this app.


Before sharing any firm conclusion, I want to put on a disclaimer that I am not a high tech person or techy blogger, who understand the minute detailing of how the money making apps work.  But I am a mom and a mommy bloggers who believe in the power of being economic independent or at least earning extra amount of money for yourself or your family.

As I had said earlier the money earn by this app is not any fixed or permanent income. Also, I believe the amount of referring is also less, it can improve.

But at the end, if you spend a good amount of time on smartphones and explore the online world daily basis. This app is a good option to earn an extra amount of money.  It is easy, fast and hassle free. With the increase number of followers or friends, you can increase amount of money too.

If you find this app interesting, you can click

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Note: this is a sponsored post.

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