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#BlogchatterA2Z- “H”- How to make your own Stress ball at home!

Its week 2 of #BlogchatterA2Z, and I am feeling so excited to share new activities each day.

And as “H”, I am sharing a fun-DIY project that kids and even grown-up will enjoy!

It is “How to make your Own stress ball at home!”

I am sure you all had heard about the “Stress ball” already. Stress ball is latest craze and claiming to relive stress and sign of depression. My little was insisting me to do this DIY since long time. But somehow I was not getting enough time to pay proper attention to her request.

But finally I had decided and done a proper research to make a stress ball at home.

And said both of them, “I am ready with all supplies, let’s do it today”

So we had started this activity with lots of enthusiasm. We had done this with two methods. Sharing both methods, hoping you liked it.

First method stress ball with beans, rice or lentil feeling


  • Balloon (use thick balloons for this project, thin water balloon will burst and you would not be able to do it)
  • Funnel or cut the empty plastic bottle in funnel shape
  • Rice, beans or lentil (you can use any one item as per your choice and availability at home)
  • scissor


  • First inflate the balloon a little by stretching  with fingers
  • Now, put this part on funnel or funnel made with plastic bottle
  • Start pouring rice, bean or lentil slowly into it.
  • You may use pencil or pen to push the beans towards bottom of balloon
  • Fill the balloon and leave the last end to tie up
  • Remove funnel and slowly secure the last part of balloon by tying it properly. You may make a knot or may use rubber band for same purpose.
  • Make both corner of balloon equal ( by cutting the edges with scissor)
  • Your stress ball is ready. This will be a firm kind of stress ball.

Now, with second method we will make a softer kind of stress ball.

Second method, stress ball with slime

My girls just loved playing with slime but for me, it is somewhat messy activity. This time I had thought let’s do it and make a stress ball with slime too.


  • For making slime (Glue, glitter and water)
  • Bowl and spoon
  • Balloon
  • Funnel
  • Rubber band


  • First prepare slime by mixing equal part of glue and water, mixed it slowly and properly and add glitter to this mixture. Now, mixed and rotate it, until a slimy consistency mixture get ready. When your slime gets ready, it is time to get start with next step.
  • Again inflate the balloon and attach this on funnel
  • Now starting pouring slime mixture slowly into it
  • Push the mixture properly to fill the balloon with it
  • Now, tie the both edges of balloon properly with knot or help of rubber band.
  • Cut the edges equally with the scissors
  • Your stress ball with slime is ready

We had prepared 4 stress balls and had lots of fun and learning while doing this simple DIY project.

I want to end today’s post with a special note,

“You know so many times so many people often told me that why you do so much hard work and research to just entertain your kids? And I often ignore the unwanted questions and advices from them regarding my parenting style. But today,  I want to say something.

I know crafting and DIY projects are not as easy as seems. It requires so much planning and preparation. In fact, some activities (like today) are messy and I have to do lots of work in post clean up but while doing all these I get the most precious reward of my life “The joy and cute smile on my daughters face”, as soon as the craft complete they hug me and said you are the best mom of the world.

These words, their hug and their happiness are the reasons why I never get tired to plan something new and exciting for them.

And now as an experienced mommy I would recommends to all new mothers to spend time with your kids by doing something creative. I am sure you will get immense satisfaction and joy as I did.

Until then, happy crafting!

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